A bit of this and that

I’ve read in blogs similiar to this about how you can sometimes slip and let people know a little more about your relationship with your wife than you intend.  I have found that I do it quite often.  Recently our Nosy Neighbor and self proclaimed “President” of an imaginary neighborhood group (to which she throws a large party in her own honor every year) came over while I was mowing the lawn.  She had several things she needed to tell me, first and foremost that I needed to trim my hedges so she could see my house better (for security reasons, of course) and also she wanted to know if she could put a sign supporting a politician in our yard.  I told her I planned on trimming the hedges when I was done with the lawn and that I had to ask my wife about the sign because she makes those decisions.  Nosy Neighbor stopped, looked at me and said “You are a smart man.”  LOL!  I didn’t even think about what I was saying, but clearly this is a woman who is used to being in charge and she knows that I stay home with the kids during the day and my wife works.  I think I actually made her think more of my wife when I said that! 

On a side note, she put the sign in our yard a few days later and when my wife got home from work she yelled “what is that in our yard?!!?!!”  I had seen it but didn’t want to take it out during the day lest I be attacked again by Nosy Neighbor.  My wife marched outside and grabbed the sign and took it inside.  It has nothing to do with the man’s politics, she just didn’t like the idea of Nosy Neighbor putting the sign in our yard without asking her first, LOL!

So, on that note, I just called a bookstore to see if they had Venus On Top or Around Her Finger in stock.  I figured this wouldn’t be too bad, it’s anonymous over the phone… It should be easy.  The woman who took the call asked for the titles, then the authors names.  No problem.  This is going to be easy.  Then she asked for my name…  I stammered a bit.  What the hell does she need my name for?  Then she asked for my phone number… What the hell is going on?  When I hesitated she explained that she had to go check the racks to be sure if they had the books or not.  I gave her my number and she said she was going to check and would call me back.  As I hung up I found myself blushing.  I can’t believe how embarressed I was after that call.  She called back to let me know that they did not have either book in stock.  I was already pretty sure of that since I had been there the day before, but I thought maybe I was in the wrong section.  Hell, it was more embarressing to call then it was to be standing in the stacks yesterday looking for them myself. 

On a different note, I woke up this morning wondering why I even had this blog.   I was ready to delete it all.  I was wondering if this is just a faze I was going through.  Clearly, I have always deferred to my wife, but was I trying to do too much here?  Anyway, my wife is out of town with the kids to attend a wedding.  She called me this morning and was telling me about how the bride had a HUGE “to-do” list and was running around frantic and the whole time the husband was sleeping on the couch.  She just couldn’t believe that this was going on.  I told her “That’s how a lot of people’s relationships are, babe.”  She said “I guess…”  I told her that it seemed strange to be making such a fuss for her third marriage.  I’d want something very low key and relaxing.  She agreed and said “When we renew our vows on some future anniversary we will do it right and make it very low key and relaxing”.  I agreed and added, “And this time I’ll say ‘to love, honor and obey'”.  She laughed and agreed that that would be good.

I think things are going pretty damn well.

It was a looooong week

Well, it was a very busy week.  I worked 6 nights in a row, which is very unusual for me.  Normally I don’t work more than four nights a week.  Anyway, by the time I get home the wife is fast asleep, which means that it has now been another 8 days since we were last intimate.  I didn’t work last night, but neither of us was feeling well, so we didn’t mess around.  I’ve found that after going a week without an orgasm doing something so simple as just hugging my wife becomes such a sensual pleasure.  I tingle all over when I touch her.  It’s really amazing.  So, last night as we caught up on some TV I rubbed her feet.  All I had to do was touch her shin and she immediately turned and put her feet in my lap.  When I was done I didn’t want to let go, so I just kept her feet in my lap and hugged them.

She told me how happy all the extra cleaning that I’ve been doing has made her.  She said that it released her from stress she didn’t even know she had until it was gone.  Yay!  I told her how happy that made me knowing that the work I was doing made her feel better.  I told her that I was trying to make a schedule for myself for some of the bigger jobs, for example, Monday night will be the night I clean the bathroom top to bottom, and Tuesday night will be kitchen top to bottom.  She is very eager to watch me work on the bathroom tonight, since I explained to her that I have to due it in the nude since I use cleaning products with bleach.  The thought of that seemed to make her VERY excited.  Of course, I should probably be doing some work right now… LOL!  Oh, well, a househusbands work is never done.

Sometimes you get what you ask for.

Well, it was an exciting weekend.  Friday afternoon the kids and I went to the airport to pick up the wife.  I brought with me a card welcoming her back and a small box of chocolates.  We went home, relaxed, and I made dinner while she spent time with the children.  After dinner she bathed the children and took them to bed while I cleaned the kitchen.  At this point there was some storm related story, but everything is fine, so I’ll skip ahead.

When the kids were in bed she and I relaxed on the couch talking and catching up on TV (God bless the DVR).  We drank and I rubbed her feet.  I told her that I’d enjoy giving her a pedicure some time in the future.  She balked at this.  She explained that it wasn’t that she wouldn’t like a pedicure, but she said there are just parts of the pedicure procedure she would rather not involve me in (self conciousness).  She said she would love to have me paint her nails, though.

After a few more drinks, we went to bed.  The sex was amazing!  It had been a week since my last orgasm and 8 days since the last orgasm I gave her, so I was incredibly aroused.  After a fairly long session involving both oral and penetration I brought her to orgasm.  I asked if I could cum and she said yes, but quickly she became too dry.  I asked if I could still cum and she said yes and I rolled onto my back and masturbated.  I was very close, and teasing myself a bit because after a week I really didn’t want to be doing this by myself.  I was hoping she would include herself in some way.  After a couple of minutes she said “I think you had too much to drink”, and I said something along the lines of “I didn’t really want to come from masturbating”.  I wasn’t really thinking clearly, but I was trying to imply that I would like assistance.  She answered by telling me that I would have to wait until tomorrow.

POW!  I felt like I had been puched in the gut.  I stopped masturbating and somehow squeezed out a “Thank you” or something, it’s hard to remember as my head was swimming in irony.  Of course I had told her that I wanted her to control my orgasms, but this was not the time!  Not after 7 days of self denial!  Not when I was soooooo close.  But, of course, that’s not how it works.  So, I stayed true to myself and just curled up next to her, and tossed and turned all night craving release.  As I lay frustrated in bed, curled up next to her, I thought about how much I loved her and how amazing it was for her to tell me I had to wait.  Thank you my dear!

The next night after putting the children to bed we again adjourned to the family room and when she asked what I would like to watch I suggested that we go to bed early and maybe watch TV later.  She thought that was a good idea.  I was of course almost shaking all day from being on edge and she asked me a couple of times if I was OK when she saw me sitting or standing akwardly.  I just explained that it was blue balls and I was fine and the pain would subside soon, and it just made me think of how much I desired her.  So, we went to bed and instead of having me go down on her she switched it up on me.  She had me crawl up the bed so she could give me head “the way she likes to”.  She teased me for a few minutes and had me writhing and begging.  When she stopped I crawled back down and she grabbed my cock and brought it to her pussy.  I did my best to control myself and slowly began to fuck her.  After a few moments she started telling me how she wanted it.  She was getting herself off quickly and bringing me along too.  I told her I needed to stop or I would cum and she moaned and told me to cum.  It was the most amazing orgasm of my life.  It seemed to last forever.  I layed dazed on top of her tingling all over for I don’t know how long afterwards.  I asked her if she came as I metally prepared to go down on her pussy that I felt sure I’d just pumped full of a quart of cum.  She told me she had cum and kissed me and I rolled off of her.  We cuddled for a while and I asked if she wanted to get up, but she told me she wanted to sleep.  So I left her to sleep.

Sunday night I pointed out to her that I would have to work the next 5 nights in a row, so it would be a while until we could be intimate again.  She commented on that being unfortunate and later went to bed.  I followed shortly after to “tuck her in”, but was informed that she needed the night off.  I said “ok” but reminded her that it would be a while until we would be able to mess around.  Again she smiled and said, “yeah, that’s tough”.  OUCH!  That was almost worse than being denied to cum after sex.  She was fine so too bad for me.  Sigh, sometimes you get what you want, lol.

One more day… or not…

Well, the wife returns home tomorrow… maybe.  She is looking into extending her stay until Sunday.  I told her that she should do whatever she wants, and I understood if she wanted to stay a few more days.  I hope she comes back tomorrow, though.  I miss her sooooo much.  I’ve been trying to think of something special to have waiting for her in the car when I pick her up from the airport, but haven’t really thought of anything yet.

Oh man, if she doesn’t come home tomorrow I’ll burst, lol.  It’s now been six days since my last orgasm.  I had a serious case of blue balls yesterday.  They were a little tender in the morning, but started to really throb while I was at the gym working out.  By the time I left I felt like I’d been kicked in the groin, but in a good way… lol.  I thought I was going to break down, but I had told my wife a few nights earlier that I was going to wait for her.  She told me I didn’t have to, but I said that I wanted to.  She said “OK, then”. 

Well, I guess it’s time to get back to work.  I’ve got to get to the grocery store… again.  It seems like there is always something we need.  Maybe something special will jump out at me there that I can greet her with.  I hope so.

Four more days…

Well, the wife will be back in four more days.  It hasn’t been as difficult as I thought it would be watching the kids by myself.  I guess that’s because I haven’t really had to, LOL!  They had a sleepover with some other friends on one night, another night we had a relative drive up to spend time with us, and Easter we spent in the country with some friends. 

I’ve kept up with all the chores.  It’s starting to lose it’s thrill without the wife knowing that I’m doing things for her, but there is still an urge to do them all.  She called me last night to have me transfer some money from one account to another.  She had to walk me through it since I have no idea what was what.  She has pointed out in the past where all of our important info is and where passwords are kept and what not.  I really should pay more attention to these things, but she takes care of all of it. 

A few nights ago she hinted that we may have a little phone tease and denial this week.  I sure hope so, but even if we don’t, the fact that she even suggested it really excites me and makes me think she is giving this a chance.  She has always had the tendancy to get a little kinky while travelling.  There have been a couple of times when she has come back from trips with magazines with “true” adult stories.  We just haven’t indulged in much kinky style play in several years, for the most part.  Of course, back before we were married we would regularly take turns tying each other up and giving and receiving spankings and fantasy talk during sex.  I think there are several reasons we strayed away from this kind play, but it’s been mostly vanilla since then.

 Damn.  I took a phone call and lost my train of thought.  Oh, well, I need to go feed the kids anyway.


She’s only been gone for 24 hours, but I miss her horribly.  Pathetic?  Maybe.  Despite that fact that she is gone for a 7 more days, I have been keeping up with all the house work.  I actually expected myself to slack for a few days and do lot’s of catching up just before she got home, but I’ve kind of gotten used the work.  And for some reason it still “feels good”.  I’m actually looking forward to mopping the kitchen floor tonight.  Hell, I’ll probably get down on my hands and knees and scrub it by hand in just my underwear.  She isn’t here to appreciate it, but it’s exciting me none the less.

Speaking of exciting me, I’ve been having this fantasy all day…

She returns from the airport.  I’ve already put the kids to bed and meet her at the door with a glass of wine.  I’ve prepared dinner for us both.  We eat and then off to the shower.  While she showers I unpack her bag and put everything away.  I wait for her by the bed, and when she is through I help dry her off.  She lays down and pulls me close.  We kiss and rub and feel and she tells me to make her cum with my tounge.  I’m ecstatic to be able to go down on her.  She urges me on, and slows me down.  She tells me to fuck her with my tounge, then to hold still as she grinds away on my face and cums hard.  I lay with my head on her thigh and so bask in her glory.  I’m so happy to bring her pleasure.  She pulls me upwards and we kiss.  I hold her close while she comes down.  She tells me to fuck her.  I get on top of her and slowly sink into her.  She is so hot and wet.  I slowly work myself in and out.  I tease her a bit before burying my cock deep inside her.  Slowly we grind together, working her clit.  I pull back, almost completely out, and slowly thrust into her again.  She is so close to coming.  She tells me how to fuck her.  She controls me like a toy.  It’s her cock I’m fucking her with.  She tells me not to cum and then it hits her.  Another orgasm.  I hold still, raised above her.  She writhes beneath me in ecstacy.  When she calms a bit I roll to the side and hold her.  She rolls to her side and we spoon.  My hard on throbs as we both fall asleep.

I awaken in the morning in my boxer briefs with a hard on.  She is lightly stroking my cock through the cotton.  She see’s I’ve awakened and tells me not to move.  She gently strokes the underside of my cock with her finger nails.  Then she strokes it a bit and squeezes my balls gently.  I cannot control myself as my hips begin to grind beneath her heavenly touch.  She brings me to the edge of orgasm, looks at me and says, don’t cum yet.  She stops and removes my briefs.  Again, she gently strokes me.  She leans down and kisses the tip of my cock.  She strokes some more, with a little more force.  I raise my hips to meet her.  She removes her hand and I hump the air, straining for release.  She again whispers, “don’t cum yet”.  I can hardly stand it.  She takes my member in her mouth and gets above me.  She lowers her pussy to my mouth and rocks back and forth on my tounge.  When we are both wet, she turns and lowers herself on my cock.  I am ready to explode and she again warns me, “don’t cum yet”.  She begins to ride me and I tell her I’m going to cum.  She tells me that if I cum before her I will be punished.  It’s too late, I explode inside her.  She rolls off me and lays on her back.  She spreads her legs and pushes me down.  Slowly, I go down.  She says nothing as I put my tounge on her mound.  I slowly lick up and down.  I try to concentrate on the clit, but she raises her hips and pulls my head into her hot, wet hole.  I give in to her and she rides my face.  She moans loudly as she comes again.  I’m once again hard, but she is sated.  It’s time to start some chores…

Warming up to it?

Just a quick little blurb today.

 I don’t know if it’s because she is going out of town, or if she is just starting to go along with it, but last night when we went to bed my wife stated something along the lines of “why don’t you make me cum with your mouth tonight”.  She didn’t ask and she didn’t order, but it was pretty clear that she enjoyed the fact that I would do it and not ask for anything in return.  What a great feeling!  I’m trying not to analyze it too much.  I just want to accept it for what it is.  But I sure hope she is warming up to this.  It really seemed like it when after her orgasm she rolled over, said “goodnight” and “don’t stay up too late, I’m going in to work early”.