Random bits

So, I got a new, rather second, part-time job a couple of months ago.  I only work 2 days a week there, so I’m still getting to know people.  This past weekend at work a fellow employee, a rather butch lesbian, called out my name.  “Yeah?”, I responded.  “Shut up!”, she said back to me.  My mind went blank as I thought of a witty come back.  Having taken too long, she walked up to me and said, “Just what I like.  A man who knows how to listen.”

I laughed, but the truth was I just didn’t have a comeback.  Frankly, I had barely met her, so I was taken aback by the comment.  This was part of the problem with not being able to find a comeback, lol.

Later, another female employee asked if I worked another job during the day.  I told her that I watched my kids during the day.  The woman from the above encounter threw in her 2 cents, “Oh, so you are a houshusband too!”  I wasn’t embarressed.  I’ve referred to myself as “Mr. Mom” many times.  I don’t see anything wrong with it.  If anything, I think she was much nicer to me after these encounters.  I dunno.  Maybe it’s my imagination.

Things have been going great with my wife.  I mentioned to her that my plan of a weekly list of chores to accomplish wasn’t working out quite as well as I’d hoped.  Sometimes we just don’t get to spend as much time together as we’d like, so I skip mopping the kitchen floor and instead spend time with her.  She told me that “everything you do around here helps the family”.  That was a nice way of putting it.  Although I enjoy the cleaning, it’s the little things like picking her clothes up off the floor and folding them and arranging them for her that really get me going.  It gets me excited to pick up her nightie, fold it, and place it on her pillow for her.  It gets me excited to wash the bath towels and put a fresh towel out for her by the shower, folded and ready to go.  Hell, just writing about it is turning me on, lol.  I think after this I’ll go mop the kithen floor, I know it needs it.

Well, it’s been a week since my last orgasm.  My wife took the kids out of town last weekend and I broke down and masturbated, lol.  Monday night, after a long day of driving she was too tired for sex.  She did let me rub her back a bit, which I think we both enjoyed.  Tuesday night we made love and I was able to bring her to an enormous orgasm.  She asked me to hold still inside her until it stopped a few minutes later.  When it had subsided enough I started to move again.  It took all my willpower to not just start hammering away.  I started very slowly and asked if I should stop.  “It’s up to you”, was her response, but I could tell she would rather not, so I stopped.  So, as I said, it’s now been a week without orgasm, and no prospect of it until Sunday night.  Not that it’s guaranteed, but chances are good, I think.  At this point, I’m almost growing accustomed to blue balls.  It’s like having a loving, yet slightly painful squeeze, reminding me of how incredibly awesome my wife is. 

I’m not sure if my wife knows that I’m doing this, not masturbating to climax that is.  I’ve told her I want her to control my orgasms, but we haven’t really talked about it and I’m not sure she knows that I’m trying to hold out and only cum after her, or more often with her.  But I know she is starting to notice how much more passionate I’m becoming.  Just hugging her or touching her has become something almost electrifying.  I mean, I literally feel like I’m being overcome with sexual energy when I touch her.  I shudder with pleasure when we hug.  I think she feels this energy.  The longer I go without, the stronger it gets, and the more it seems like she can feel it as well.  What might normally be a “welcome home” hug, has turned into mini make-out sessions.  I wonder if she has stopped masturbating as well?