A fun weekend

Friday night while eating dinner, and afterwards while I was getting ready for work, my wife had me ready to explode!  She kept kissing and nibbling and caressing and tugging and stroking, etc…  I told her that I hadn’t cum in 8 days and that I didn’t know how I’d ever be able to last until Sunday.  I could tell she was ready to jump me as well, but, alas, I had to go to work.  I wasn’t sure my erection would go away before I got there, lol.

Upon arrival at work I was informed that I wasn’t needed and could go home.  Yay!  I rushed home, but because of a serious traffic snafu my 10 minute drive took an hour.  Anyway, I arrived home to find my wife clipping coupons and planning the weeks menu and sorting through mail.  I got her and myself a beer and sat down to help.  After a few minutes I suggested that it might be more fun to do that after we took care of some business in the bedroom.  She agreed and off we went. 

I told her that I probably wouldn’t be able to last very long.  Just the thought of sex alone had me on the verge of orgasm.  We made out for a bit and I kissed her all over.  She had me climb up her so that she could give me a bit of oral.  I was afraid I was going to lose it right there.  I layed back down on top of her and slowly entered her.  I tried to move slowly and keep myself under control, but my wife started moving faster and grinding.  I warned her that I was close to cumming, so she told me to go down on her.  I brought her to the edge with my mouth before she pulled me up to fuck her again.  Within a few moments I was again telling her that I was close, but I was afraid to stop because I knew she was close as well.  I ended up having one of the most amazing and intense orgasms of my life.  It seemed to go on forever, even after I was done cumming.  As I regained my composure, I realized that she was playing with herself and had not cum yet, so I went down on her again which seemed to bring her to another level.  She ended up having a huge orgasm as well, thankfully.

After the super hot sex she took a shower and I waited for her in the family room.  When she was done she surprised me by asking if I would put lotion on her legs.  Wow, that seemed to be a big step.  Yay!  I lovingly rubbed the lotion on her legs and gave her a little foot rub at the end.  We briefly discussed how awesome the sex we just had was, lol, and both decided that my going down on her after cumming was pretty freaking sexy.

What an awesome night.

Saturday night I had to work, but we had planned a special night for Sunday.  We were treating ourselves to a special date because later in the night we were going to go over financial things, which would likely be unpleasant, lol.

So, we put the kids to bed early and I grilled up some delicious steaks and we had a quiet dinner with our good china and a bottle of wine and it was great.  After dinner we grabbed some beers and went to work.  When all the unpleasantness was done we were ready to relax again and also we were pretty drunk, lol.  We adjourned to the bed room and proceeded to fool around.  She sexily asked if I would go down on her again after cumming, but we both soon realised that the alcohol had taken it’s toll on us, and that neither of us were likely to cum any time soon.  So we called it a night.  Another awesome night.  Yay.

On a less sexy note, I also rearranged the kitchen table Sunday night.  It really wasn’t set up very well at all.  I’m not sure why we hadn’t moved it sooner.  Anyway, we had been sitting on one side of the table (a vintage dinette) while our kids sat on the other side.  After moving it around we now each sit on one side.  My wife was pleased at our seating arrangement as well.  I admitted that the seat I picked made it impossible for me to watch TV while eating, which I had been sneakily doing for years, while she now sat at the head of the table.  While that may be a bit obvious, she told me that it was a great idea.

What a great weekend that was.  My wife seems to be getting more into this!  Yay!

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  1. That DOES sound like a fun weekend. I like to do that sort of thing from time to time too! Thanks for sharing.

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