The first bump in the road

I hope everyone had a nice little holiday break and I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year, as well.

This past week has been mostly uneventful for me.  I was sick most of the time, and we all know that makes things so much more difficult.  I also found that having my wife at home threw me out of my routine and led to a few days of disappointment for my wife.  On Friday, just a couple of days after Christmas, she told me that I’d been slacking and hadn’t done any cleaning.  We spoke about it on and off throughout the day.  First she told me she wasn’t mad, just disappointed.  Then she told me if I wanted to go back to the way things used to be that would be fine.  Of course, at the end of that statement she added “but I know you don’t want that, do you?” in a sexy voice.  Finally, that night she told me that she was used to being spoiled now and didn’t want to go back to the way things were.  She likes things the way they are and wants to keep them that way.  I told her that I like them this way too and that once I was feeling better and back to my regular routine everything would be great again.

As I thought about it more I realised it wasn’t just me, though.  She really hadn’t been doing anything those couple of days after Christmas either.  I mentioned that to her last night and she agreed that she hadn’t.  We both agreed that we would put more effort into our arrangement.  She did add, though, that she wanted me to anticipate her needs more.  She doesn’t want to have to ask me to get things for her if I should be able to see that she needs something.  She pointed out that it didn’t just mean refill her drink if she needs it, but to anticipate things that might need cleaning and get those jobs done before she has to ask me to do them.  She expects this on top of my regular cleaning assignments and any extra assignments she gives me for the day. 

To be honest, I’m finding some of these developments to be a bit intimidating.  Not only does my wife not plan on going back to the way things used to be, but she wants more out of me.  So far anything she has asked of me has been balanced by her agreeing to do more as well, so perhaps she will surprise me with something more on her end.

Actually, after pleasuring her last night, she did let on that she has something special in store for tonight.  It involves playing darts and she gave a wicked little laugh as she teased me about it.  I’m afraid to even imagine what she has in store!

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone has a great holiday season!  I’m not sure how much I’ll get to post over the next week or so, so I’ll just leave you with a bit of a kinky update.  It’s my gift to you, lol!

 Friday night we spoke about the changes to my earning release.  My wife was fine with arbitrarily choosing when I would be allowed to have release and excited by the idea that I wouldn’t know when it was coming (no pun intended).  She was a bit concerned about my motivation for cleaning, however, if it wasn’t to earn a release.  I explained to her that my motivation to do well with all my chores was to please her, not to get a good grade so that I can earn my release sooner.  She seemed to understand and it made sense to her and to be honest was very excited about our new system. 

She had told me she had been horny all day, but it seems that talking about denying me for unknown periods of time really put her over the edge.  She told me to meet her in the bedroom and have her toys ready.  She prepared the room with candles and was waiting for me in bed.  She told me to hurry up and strip and I did.  I got in bed next to her and we began to kiss.  She stroked my growing erection a few times and told me to put my cock rings on and present “her cock” to her.  I did as I was told and got on my knees with my cock by her face.  She grabbed my cock in one hand and my balls in the other, gave a slight squeeze and gently sucked on the head of my cock for just a moment, although it was a bit longer than previously.  The feeling took the strength from my legs and I collapsed onto the bed. 

We kissed for a few more moments before my wife became bored and pushed my head, quite forcefully, down between her legs.  She had never been so dominant as she was this night. 

For the next hour or so she used me as she saw fit.  Before she would allow me to enter her she reminded me that I wasn’t allowed to cum.  She used my cock, my tounge, her mini-vibe and at one point even pushed me to the side as she masturbated herself.  She seemed oblivious to any wants or desires I had and her only communication to me was in short comments like “don’t move!” and “harder now!”.  When she was finally finished she had me stroke myself to the edge a few times before telling me that she had had at least six orgasms.  She again told me how she loved her new freedom to have sex just the way she wanted it without caring about my sexual wants and needs (which isn’t really true since those are my wants).

We woke up early the next morning and I gently began to stroke her pussy.  She pushed me down between her legs and minutes later enjoyed another orgasm.

We were both on edge all day.  My wife would whisper in my ear and tell me how much she wanted my cock and mouth at any chance she had.  She nearly made me cum from sucking on my neck in the middle of the kitchen.

By the time we got to bed we were exhausted from Christmas preparations.  My wife, however, still wanted to have at least one more orgasm and very quickly became even more dominant than the previous night.  So much so that I answered her with a “yes, ma’am” which I knew was a no-no.  She briefly scolded me, but was more interested in sex and soon put me to work.  Eventually she had me hold still as she fucked herself with my cock and brought herself to another orgasm.

As she came down she teased me about how I didn’t know when I’d be allowed to cum again and she had just had all those amazing orgasms.

With that we went to sleep.

Merry Christmas!

Following up on new feelings

At All Times made a comment to my last post that got me thinking.  Specifically one part of the comment: 

Can I ask you whether your idea for a “savings scheme” is more about you looking for a way for your wife to deny you your orgasm, so that you will remain unfulfilled, whilst she has had her pleasure, or just a way of getting something that you may not normally expect from your wife.

Yes, my wife has embraced the denial aspect of the dynamic and has come up with a merit system based on Lady Misato’s system.  As a matter of fact, she has incorporated many things from Lady Misato into our arrangement.

Having said that, I thought about this part of your comment and I think it has to do with wanting to be denied for longer periods of time.  I spoke to my wife a bit about this and also told her that I think I’d prefer to not know when I would be allowed to orgasm next.  I said that her merit system could still be used, but that I’d prefer if she arbitrarily chose how long I was to be denied and could even lengthen the time if she wanted to without even telling me.  She seemed to like the idea but told me she would have to think about it. 

Now, I appreciate everyone’s concern about not pushing things to fast, and I understand that.  But my wife and I are communicating very well about this and although some of it may seem a bit fast, we both understand that we are still figuring things out.  So, if I suggest something she isn’t up for she is honest with me and let’s me know how she feels about it.  “Maybe in the future, but not at this point”, is how she has looked at some of my suggestions, such as spanking.  I respect her boundaries and she respects my wish to find mine, so we are pushing a bit to see what I can take.

I’m looking forward to our time together tonight as my wife has told me she is really excited to talk about some things about the arrangement.  It’s become something we really look forward to, these talks.  We both really feel like this arrangement is bringing us closer together than we have been in years.  It’s not that we had grown apart, just familiar.  This is something new and exciting and we are both getting great pleasure from it and we enjoy sharing these feeling with each other and figuring out how we can get more out of it.  It’s a very exciting time for us.

Well, that’s it for now.  Time to get to today’s assignments.  They are fairly easy since I haven’t gotten much sleep the last two nights and my cold has gotten worse.  Ah, beautiful mercy from my Wonderful Wife!


I forgot to mention that we also spoke a bit about how I felt after the release session.  We came to the agreement that I should have waited until tonight (Friday) for my release since she had made it clear she wasn’t interested at all in sex.  Since I’m required to have releases only in her presense and had to work the next two nights I should have had to wait.  This is part of the reason we began discussing more changes to earning release and why I think she will agree to the “arbitrary release” system.  The idea is I’ll still be scored on how I perform my duties each day, but that will effect different rewards, such as teases or chances to please her with foot rubs, etc.  For example, if I’m not doing well enough should she really let me rub her feet?  Another part of my suggestion was that I wouldn’t know if I had earned a release until the moment of release, requiring me to ask permission.  I gave her an example of a situation similiar to my release session the other night (we she said she was really getting into, but the point was she said she wasn’t interested in sex that night) where at the end I ask her for release and she tells me “No” and then rolls over to go to sleep while deciding I had to wait two weeks instead of ten days.  I think that is where she really understood my desire to wait longer.  Until then I had never mentioned having to wait two weeks, and as it came out of my mouth I wondered if I’d said too much. 

Well, we’ll see, I guess.  Like I said, she seemed to like the idea, but we are going to talk about it more tonight.

More new feelings

It’s strange the new feelings I continue to experience as we move further along into D/s and our arrangement.  When I received my assignments yesterday my wife informed me that we would be wrapping Christmas presents in the evening.  When we were done it was late and she was tired and ready for bed.  Before going to sleep she sat down with me on the couch and informed me that I had performed my tasks exceptionally well and that she expected me to perform at that level every day.  She then went into detail about what a long, rough day she had.  She had gotten home very late and told me that in the past she would have had to prep and cook dinner as well as clean it all up herself while I would probably do something annoying like play games on the computer.  She told me how it was nice to know that she didn’t have to worry about that anymore as I was there to get dinner prepped and I cleaned up afterwards.  She also let me know that I had earned my release, but she was tired and not interested in sex, so I would be allowed to masturbate.  I asked if I could do it in bed next to her and she agreed.

We retired to the bed room and she got into her pj’s and got under the covers.  I stripped and got in the bed next to her on top of the covers.  She talked a bit naughty to me and moved her hand over my chest and within a few minutes it was over.  “Oooh, that was a lot”, was all she said before rolling over, turning out the light and going to sleep leaving me to clean myself up and let her get her rest.

I left the room and sat down on the couch and experienced some strange new feelings.  It was like guilt, mixed with embarrassment, mixed with relief, mixed with regret?  I’m not sure.  I know there was a little bit of guilt in there in there because I felt a bit like I had put my wife out.  She wasn’t interested in sex so I feel like she would have preferred if I either waited until Friday night with her or maybe just taken care of it by myself in a separate room.  I know she did it because she understands we both need to get something from our arrangement, but at the same time I don’t ever want to her to have to do things she doesn’t want to do just for me.  Of course, while I was doing it I wasn’t thinking about anything but my impending orgasm, but afterward there was this conflict of feelings.

I know I could have waited longer.  That, I guess, was part of the feelings too.  And being allowed to orgasm when she hasn’t was a strange feeling as well.

None of this is bad, just new.  The feelings were much more intense last night right after it happened.  This morning they are a bit more dull, but still there. 

There are some other feelings mixed in as well that don’t have to do with the release session.  There is a bit of anxiety again as I witness my wife evolve into her more dominant role.  I worked my butt off yesterday.  It was a tough, long day.  I’m not complaining, but just making it clear.  At the end of the day when my wife told me I had done an exceptional job, she actually didn’t seem too convinced of it and had me remind her of some of the extra jobs I had done.  Either way, as I said earlier, she told me that she expected that level of work every day.  Now, I’m half turned on by that and half freaked out!  Those are some high level expectations.  My life is going to get a lot busier, it looks like (although not as busy as Daryl Glenn’s – best of luck to you buddy!). 

I think this is starting to become natural to my wife.  On Monday night she began to make some chocolate/pecan candies for her mother.  She put the chocolate in a double boiler and the pecans in the over to roast.  She told me to keep an eye on them, stir the chocolate as it melted and every 15 minutes stir the pecans in the oven.  She then left to order Christmas gifts on the computer leaving me for the next 45 minutes to keep HER cooking process going.  When everything was done I mixed the pecans with the chocolate and she came in and spooned them onto trays to cool.  She never even thought twice about it.

Last night she had me come from another room to fetch her a drink.  Of course, she had to move out of my way as she was standing right in front of the refrigerator.  She’s also having me get things more often in front of the children, as well as saying things like, “We can have dessert after daddy cleans up from dinner”.

I also caught her a few times actually catching herself requesting things in a more dominant tone and throwing in “please and thank-you” at the end.  I know that’s a conflict for her.  She didn’t throw the “please and thank-you” in because she felt guilty, but because her brain caught it and did it automatically.  I’m sure in another week or so that will be gone.

Last Sunday night after giving her that looong orgasm I talked about in the last post, she commented to me how her orgasms were all so much better now that she was free.  I asked her what she meant and she told me she was free to be selfish about sex and not care about my needs at all.  I was there to make her cum and I was not allowed to.

So, it appears that I’m getting everything that I had dreamed of, which is why I’m anxious.  It looks to me as if there is no going back at this point.  I can’t imagine my wife accepting any laziness from me ever again.  I can’t imagine her performing sex again as an obligation.  I see her thriving in her new role and as much as I love it, it’s a bit intimidating.  This is completely exciting, but so new.  I’m thrilled and terrified.  OK, maybe terrified is extreme, but you get the idea.

I hope I’m up to the challenges that lay ahead of me.  What an amazing and wonderful wife I have!


On a side note, I have a half-formed idea that I hope some of you may be able to help me out with.  It goes along with the merit system my wife is using.  I had the idea that I could “save up” releases for something else in the future. 

For example, I’ve earned a release and my wife wants to have sex.  I tell my wife that I would like to put those points towards x and make love to my wife but am not allowed to orgasm until I’ve earned enough points again.  Perhaps to achieve xI need to have passed on three releases.  To me the idea is exciting because I would voluntarily forgo release to attempt to receive some other reward.  The problem is I don’t know what x is.

Granted this would be something that my wife and I would be into but I’d love to hear any ideas you may have.

Our weekend

Friday night started out with my rushing to get my jobs done before the baby sitter arrived.  It was raining and traffic was a mess so she was running a bit late, which was fine because so was I.  After she arrived I left to pick up my wife from her office.  I drove us to the Christmas party and held the small umbrella over her head while we walked to the home of the VP of her office.  Once there we headed towards the bar and she began introducing me to her co-workers.  Although the party had only started a half hour before we arrived the house was already filled with people which made moving around difficult. 

Once I had gotten us drinks we headed towards the food.  I built us a plate and we found a small corner where we could stand out of the way and eat and talk.  Basically, I held the plate while she ate at her leisure.  People would come up to us and I would be introduced and my wife would chat with them for a while before they moved on.  One woman commented to me, as I stood holding the plate out for my wife, that I was “quite a good plate holder”.  My wife commented that I had “many talents”.  Having worked in the service industry so long I told her that I could actually carry three plates on my arm without much trouble.

When my wife had finished eating (well, I snacked a bit as well) we began to circulate and I was introduced to more people, or, as my wife told me, I was shown off to her co-workers.  She thought of me as “arm-candy”, her sexy man that she kept at home.  I was introduced to a group of senior level employees and a high ranking older man asked me what I did for a living.  With my wife hanging on my arm I explained that I stayed home and raised our children and kept the house.  My wife beamed with pride. 

“Really”, he asked?  “Do you do anything else”? 

I explained that I worked two nights a week as well and he latched onto that and started asking questions about my part-time job.  It seemed odd to me, but I guess he was more comfortable talking about work than house keeping.

As I observed the people around us I realised that my wife and I were the only couple that had our arms around each other or were holding hands the majority of the time.  My wife also kept grabbing my ass, which didn’t seem all that appropriate, but hey, it’s her co-workers. 

After an hour and a half the party was coming to an end as it was really just a cocktail hour party, not a full blown shindig.  We left and headed for dinner.  I’ll skip that as we were both a bit disappointed in the restaurant we selected and my wife was distracted by a sinus headache. 

Since my wife wasn’t feeling all that well, but the night was still young, we decided to take advantage of having a baby sitter and did some Christmas shopping and we needed to get a gift for our children’s friends birthday party Saturday morning. 

When we were done shopping we decided to call it a night.  Despite my wife’s headache she was horny and wanted to get me home.  As she drove she told me to tell her about any  recent thoughts I’d had about our arrangement. 

I asked her if she felt like the more we “did this” the more dominant she was becoming.  She thought about it a moment and agreed that she did feel that way.  I told her I felt the same. 

My wife told me that she had thought it over and had decided that I should buy a rubber (or at least “stretchy”) cock ring this weekend.  She didn’t want me buying it online and instead wanted me to get it locally.  She told me she like the idea of it and would prefer to have me get a metal one, but to start out thought it best to get an inexpensive “starter cock ring”.  Once we used it a few times she would decide if she likes it and if so would measure me for a more expensive metal ring.

We also talked about how the emails we sent about my assignments were a turn on for us.  My wife explained the reason they got her so hot was because she had the time to phrase things in a dominant tone that doesn’t come naturally to her.  So, she wants to be and sound more dominant, but it doesn’t come easily to her yet.  When she has the time to compose what she wants to say she can figure out how to do it in more of a dominant tone.  It’s coming along a little better in conversation as well (especially when she isn’t thinking about it, in my opinion), but she admits it will take time.

I then admitted to her that I occasionally masturbate to the edge of orgasm.  It wasn’t that often, as I don’t get a whole lot of private time while watching two small children, but when the opportunity arises I take it.  Hell, I’ve got erections half the day anyway.  My wife commented that she wasn’t sure she like that and told me she would have to think about it and would get back to me on it.

We soon arrived home and as soon as the baby sitter was out the door my wife went to bed and told me to meet her there in five minutes.  When I got there my wife had me undress slowly for her.  She told me how sexy I had looked that night and how happy she was to “show me off” at the party.  When I got into bed she told me that I had earned my release but I was not allowed to cum until she told me.  We began to kiss and touch each other a bit before she told me to use my tongue on her. 

I took great pleasure in my duty and passionately made love to her with my tongue.  When she had had enough she brought me up and told me to get on my knees. 

“Show me my cock”, she demanded.  I moved closer to her and she grabbed my cock with one hand and my balls with her other.  “This is MY cock”, she said as she squeezed.  “MINE”!  She then briefly put her mouth around the head of my cock.  Quickly her mouth was gone and she squeezed again and again stated, “This is MY cock”.  Again she very briefly put her mouth around the head as if to remind me of what I was missing and only she had the power to offer.  She continued to hold onto her cock and as I shook with desire and the intense, if brief, feeling of her mouth on my penis and became overwhelmed by her dominance.  “It’s yours to do with as you wish”, I told her.  With that she let go and told me to “fuck me with my cock”.  She reminded me I was not allowed to cum until she told me.  I then lost myself in the pleasure of her pussy.  I couldn’t remember that last time it felt so wet.  She talked dirty to me a bit and I told her that I would do anything for her pussy and she smirked and told me “I know you will”. 

After she had cum she had me stop for a moment and explained to me that I had earned my release and was now allowed to cum.  By this point my head was swimming in subspace.  I made love to her with her as she reminded me of my position in our arrangement.  I wouldn’t say I had the biggest orgasm of my life, but it was definitely the most intense.  The knowledge that I came because my wife allowed it, because I had somehow earned it, added a dimension to my orgasm that I had never felt before.  It was as if the orgasm lasted for minutes instead of seconds.  It was utterly amazing, and it was all because I had been denied, and then allowed, release.  WOW!

We lay together and talked a bit, but she started feeling crappy again and I left her to curl up in bed and get some rest.

The next morning she still was not feeling well, but the children insisted on her getting up and making them breakfast.  I told her I would get up and do it, but she told me to stay in bed.  We both knew that it would just be easier as the kids would throw a fit if thier routine was interrupted.  So my wife got up with them for a little while before coming back to bed and my getting up with the kids.  I told her to get some rest and feel better and went about my day.

I was still on cloud nine thinking about the previous nights events.  I cleaned up a tiny bit in the kitchen which was trashed after breakfast and did some jobs on the computer.  I was slacking a bit, but I figured I didn’t have much to do that day and my wife wasn’t feeling well, so all I had to do was keep the kids quite and away from her and I had the rest of the day to do my chores.

Well, after a few hours my wife got up.  She came to the office where I was on the computer and said “You didn’t check on me”.  She wasn’t mad or disappointed, just matter of fact.  I apologized and told her “I thought it was more important that you weren’t disturbed”.

She left and I kept working on the computer.  She came back a few minutes later and said “You know you still have your regular chores to take care of”.  I told her that I was aware of that and that I would get to them when I finished what I was doing.  She then went into my children’s room and helped them make their beds.  I realised she meant business and stopped what I was doing and got to cleaning. 

That afternoon we took the kids to our friends child’s birthday party.  I only bring this up because of some interesting things that came up.  First, my wife actually seemed to Dom me a bit in subtle ways while we were there.  Nothing obvious to the casual observer, I think, but she had me fetch her a drink while we were talking with some others and took my seat in the process.  There were some other small things like that as well.

What was really interesting to me was that one of my closest friends has a new girlfriend.  This was my first chance to really get to know her (although we had already met).  Anyway, it quickly became clear who was wearing the pants in the relationship.  He’s told me over the last few weeks how amazingly happy he was to be with her, and how awesome she was, all while telling me how she was having him clean her garage, put up Christmas lights at her house, rake her back yard, etc.

At the party he told me that he had gotten in trouble because he tends to have angry outbursts.  Because of this she hadn’t given him any sex in four days.  So, he had quit dipping and hadn’t used a bad word all that day leading up to the party.  She was standing next to him while he told me this and told him to keep it up or else he wouldn’t be getting any sex any time soon.  I told her that I’d never seen him so well behaved and to keep it up because obviously it was working.

As we drove home my wife pointed out that clearly my friend and I have more in common that we thought.

When we got home my wife informed me that she looked forward to using her cock later that night, but first I needed to finish my chores.  So, after dinner I continued to clean as she put the kids to bed.  When she was done she played on the computer as I mopped the floor, which she told me to do that night instead of Monday as scheduled.  One of our children had spilled chocolate milk earlier in the day and “mopped” it up himself making a bigger mess.  So, as I mopped she played.

When I was finally done cleaning I made a fire and we sat down in front of it to have a few drinks and watch TV.  We talked a bit more about the arrangement and I was informed that I could no longer masturbate without supervision.  We talked about her reasoning and I was a bit surprised and upset to find out she had misunderstood me and she herself was disturbed by what she thought I meant.  Apparently she didn’t catch on to what I thought I emphasized, which is that I rarely get a chance to masturbate as I have the kids all day and no privacy.  What she concentrated on was that I had said I repeatedly bring myself to the edge of orgasm.  In her mind I was neglecting the children to sit around all day and masturbate.  I assured her that I couldn’t even if I wanted to as the children would destroy the house if left unattended for very long, and that what I meant was that on the occasion I do get to masturbate I’ll bring myself to the edge as many times as I can in the short amount of private time that I have.  She remained unconvinced and told me I was no longer allowed to do it when alone, but that it could be part of our time together.  I can live with that.

We talked about some other things as well, including my chores for the next day.  I had to go out and buy some things to get my handy man assignment done as well as purchase my cock ring for her cock and some other things that I needed to get.  When we were done she left for bed and told me to meet her there shortly.

After getting into bed she had me present her cock to her again before putting my tongue to work.  After a while she had me come up and fuck her with her cock, but reminded me I was not allowed to cum.  She used it to her desire, and although she didn’t cum she had satisfied herself and had me go get her some water and went to sleep.

Sunday was a great day and after cleaning up from breakfast and making the beds I left on my shopping errands.  My first stop was at the adult mega-store.  I was a bit disappointed in the cock ring options.  How can a store with about 10,000 dildos and vibrators have a selection of about ten cock rings?!?!?  Although I didn’t find exactly what I wanted I chose the next closest thing and went on with my shopping trip.  My wife informed me that the next time I need to purchase something I should go to the gay sex toy store where they concentrate on toys for men, not women.  She told me she knows they carry a large array of cock rings there.  I’m secure in my sexuality and even work in the “gay” neighborhood, but I’m not so sure that I’m looking forward to that day.

I got home later that afternoon and my wife decided she wanted to go grocery shopping alone.  It was a large list and although we normally go as a family on Sundays, she decided she would like the time alone.

While she was gone I did more jobs around the house and completed one of my handy man assignments.  I then started on a project of my own, which is to hang some Christmas lights around our covered patio in the back yard. 

When my wife got home we put away groceries and made dinner.  After dinner she put the kids to bed and I started cleaning up.  When she was done she got out her laptop and sat at the kitchen table while I cleaned around her.

“I think in the future I should have you do this with fewer clothes”, she told me.

“What ever you would like, I would be glad to do”, I responded.

She continued to play around and relax as I worked around her.  She commented on how much she liked our new arrangement and how she liked to watch me work while she could relax.  I told her I liked it that way as well. 

“I’ve been horny thinking about using my cock all day.  I can’t wait to try it out with my new toys”, she told me.  “Let me know when you are finished because I can’t wait”.

I soon finished and she allowed me to relax and sit next to her for a bit as she continued to use her laptop.  When she was done she went to our bed room and told me to follow shortly.

When I got there she again had me undress slowly and then get out the cock rings (it’s a set of 3).  I put them next to the bed as she informed me that from now on I’ll be working in the kitchen topless and that she can’t wait to watch me mop the floor that way.  She then reminded me that I was not allowed to cum before we started kissing and touching.  Once she had me hard she told me to put on the rings.  When I had done that she told me to get on my knees (our new routine?) and present her cock to her.  Again, as on Friday night, she grabbed it with both hands and squeezed and announced it belonged to her before briefly teasing me with her mouth on the head of her cock which again made me swoon.  I couldn’t believe how much larger my cock seemed to get almost instantly from the rings.  My wife put my mouth to work and brought herself close to orgasm with it before using her cock.  She rode it to the “longest” orgasm of her life.  She said it wasn’t multiple orgasms, but that the more she fucked me the longer her orgasm went on until she couldn’t take it any more and had me pull out. 

I took off the rings but stayed hard.  When my wife had recovered from her orgasm she asked me how I liked the rings.  I told them that I found them quite pleasing, especially the one that went behind my testicles and kind of pushed them forward.  The one that went behind the head of the penis didn’t seem to really do much, but wasn’t unpleasent.  I asked her if she felt anything from the little bumps on them and she said she didn’t, but as long as the rings did their job she was happy with them.  So, it seems like we’ll be using them from now on.

My wife had me go get us a couple of beers and asked me to stay with her and help her with the crossword puzzle, which I gladly did.  We also talked a bit more about our arrangement.  First, I asked her if I could masturbate, as I still had a raging hard on.  She told me I could and watched as I brought myself to the edge several times.  She then told me she really like the idea of my getting teased this way, and told me that on nights she wasn’t interested in sex that she would tease me this way or have me tease myself.  I told her that I would like that very much.

She also told me that she was going to amend the merit system because I had barely received an acceptable grade for Saturday (my excellent job mopping saving me from an unacceptable).  I agreed that it wasn’t perfect as the two middle grades were essentially the same, so we really only needed three grades.  She disagreed with that, but instead thought the points were what needed to be adjusted.  She feels that the grade of acceptable isn’t really acceptable at all.  Doing just enough to get by should be punished.  She told me that she was going to be changing it so that a grade of unacceptable would put me at zero points, acceptable was -1 point, good was 1 point, and exceptional was 2 points.  When I reached 4 points I will be allowed a release.  We would no longer be using the 4 day system.  With this new system I will not know when I’m allowed release as the points will be kept by her and she will let me know when I have enough points for release.  If the day I have enough points falls on a work night I will have to wait until my next night off as I am only allowed release in her presence.  Quite frankly, this new system has me incredibly excited and turned on.  It isn’t set in stone yet, as my wife wishes to tweak it a bit more, but so far it seems a much better system.

So, we layed in bed talking and doing the crossword as I edged myself.  It was a pretty great night.  After a while my wife tired and went to bed, sending me on my way with my blue balls.

I can’t wait for tonight!

Embracing her role, and loving it!

I’ve told my wife in our regular conversations about our arrangement that the idea of her assignments really gets me going.  I mean it’s entirely mental.  The term “assignment” in itself turns me on, and then the daily anticipation of receiving the email and finally getting it and reading it and seeing what she expects me to do, hell, it gets me fired up every time!

I told her this because she was a bit hesitant to give me too many assignments as she felt it would take away from my ability to surprise her with my own jobs and make it more difficult for me to receive a grade of “Exceptional”.  I told her that I appreciated her outlook on it, and didn’t want to create more work for her by asking for daily assignments, but damn did it turn me on!

During our talk last night, as I cooked dinner before having to leave for work, she told me that she was horny all day recently after sending me not only my daily assignment, but an extra “handy man” list that she wants completed by the end of the month.  She wanted me to evaluate the jobs and prepare a plan for her approval by today.  She told me she found herself going back to that email and re-reading it and  getting off on it.  I told her I understood and have essentially been doing the same thing at home.

What she was really surprised about, however, was how much she is really starting to get off on being dominant.  The more she uses her power, the more she gets into it and the more she wants to use her power!  She told me that she never expected to get into it as much as she finds herself doing so.  I can completely relate to this as I find myself wanting to submit to her in more ways.

Now, while I understand that I’ve had submissive fantasies and maybe a bit of a submission kink, I don’t consider myself a real submissive.  I mean, I don’t think I would enjoy some of the things I read about in other blogs.  The more extreme things, I guess.  I’d say I’m mostly vanilla.  And yet, the longer we do this, the more I find myself wanting to be told to kneel before her.  I find myself thinking about how I would like it if she would humiliate me a bit, tease me a bit more, deny me longer, etc.  In short, I seem to find myself wanting to be more submissive.

So, at this point it would seem more we get into this, the more we get off on our roles as a Dominant and a submissive and the more Dominant and submissive we become.  If this is true, than I can’t wait to see what lies ahead of us on this journey!

That’s enough for now.  It’s date night tonight and I’ve got to get the house in order before the baby sitter gets here.  Tonight is her office Christmas party at the VP’s house.  She is eager to show her househusband to her new co-workers.  Hopefully I’ll have an exciting post for everyone tomorrow.

The List

So, here is the first draft of my official list of chores and expectations from my wife.  Most of it was written by her, but I made a couple of suggestions and chose the days the jobs were to be done.  My wife has already told me that she plans on amending it, but for the time being she felt it was important for me to start a routine. 



  • writing or working on career related business
  • coffee prepped for morning
  • kitchen clean and ready for next meal prep, floor swept
  • all beds made (supervise the children to make theirs)
  • laundry moving through cycle
  • dinner preparations as assigned
  • grocery list up to date
  • special projects as assigned
  • be clean shaved


  • trash and recycling – Wednesday and Sunday
  • cat-box cleaned – Wednesday and Sunday
  • vacuum house – Tuesday and Friday


  • Shower and Bath scrubbed – Saturday    
  • Kitchen mopped – Monday          
  • Kitchen sink bleached – Monday 
  • Sweep office – Thursday   

  I will use the following system to monitor your behavior; it may be adjusted at my discretion:

  • Unacceptable: Performing beneath expectations.
  • Acceptable: Doing what was explicitly demanded but no more.
  • Good: Going beyond what was demanded on at least one occasion.
  • Exceptional: Surprising me with exceptional attention.

 Four days of good behavior are required for release.  An unacceptable day erases a good day while an exceptional day is worth two good days. 


There it is.  Not too bad, I think.  As a matter of fact I received and Exceptional mark for my work yesterday.  My wife was very impressed to see that I had not only completed my daily chores, but that I had indeed gone above and beyond in several areas.  Also, she did not give me an assignment yesterday and was very pleased with the job I chose and how well I completed it.   

Since we were discussing my Exceptional job and the job list I expressed my desire to do more.  I told her that I enjoyed receiving assignments and that it let me know she was actively involved.  I also told her that I understood that she wouldn’t always be able to do it because she may be too busy at work, and the idea is to make life easier for her, not more difficult, so we would have to find a balance.  I told her that I want to be pushed to my limits so we can find out what is too much and what is not enough.  To be honest, I didn’t really deserve an Exceptional mark for yesterdays work because I still sat on my butt for half the day.  Sure, I re-arranged and cleaned out the kitchen cupboards, but I clearly could have done more, and that much work should be expected of me.   

Well, I didn’t tell her that last part because I only now just realised it, but I’ll be sure to tell her tonight. I also told her that I would like to do more for her, as in more directly serve her and more often.  She told me she understood and seemed to make a more concerted effort in asking me to do things for her as the night wore on.  Unfortunately, she has been under the weather the last few days, and we all know how that can dampen the fires. 

On a seperate note:I don’t know about you, but I like the new layout!