Full Blown WLM

Well, we talked more last night and it went better than I could have imagined.  I’m not even sure where to start.  I guess I can start by saying she is excited to do this as I am.  She actually broached the topic earlier in the day and it was me who said we could talk about it later.

She was referring to an email she sent me from work yesterday.  In the subject line… Assignment!  She had realised she hadn’t left me with an assignment for the day so emailed it to me.  It was a pretty good one as well.  She wanted me to straighten out the garage in preparation for Christmas decorations and what not.

After she got home (and told me I’d done well with the garage) she wanted to know if that was too big of a job for short notice.  I told her we could talk about it later and she agreed.  So, later, after watching some TV and having a couple of drinks (giving her a foot rub at her suggestion) we brought it up again.  I started by telling her that her using the term “assignment” in itself was a turn-on for me.  I then explained that since this is really brand new to both of us I wasn’t sure what boundaries there were and that I wanted us both to explore that.  I also asked that she try to push to find those boundaries.  She eagerly agreed.  We also agreed that since this was new that nothing was binding.  We would do it as long as we were both happy with it.  We understand that things change and our attitudes about this may change.  I’m happy with that and I think she is too.

I then started talking to her about some of the things I had listed earlier in the day.  I explained to her that I wanted her to expect me to get my assignments done in a timely manner and done to her liking.  Her response to that was essentially “Duh”, lol.  She went on to tell me that indeed I better get it done and she expected things to be done properly, not half-assed, and that if things weren’t done properly there had better be a good reason.  “I don’t want to hear excuses from you, but I’ll be understanding”.  She was dead serious about that.

Now, I don’t remember the exact order of everything we talked about, but this generally got it started.  From here she talked about her new job and how she is now the boss of 4 other people and how she needs to delegate assignments to them on a daily basis, and how it has naturally flowed into giving me assignments.  She explained that her feelings about the whole (hear she realised we don’t have a term for this yet because I have never said wife-led-marriage in front of her) thing has evolved and fits so well with her new job.  When I first tried to introduce this seven or eight months ago I was working four nights a week and the money I made was needed for our financial survival.  Well, with her new job my job isn’t really important any more and she told me that she refers to me as her house husband at work.  She considers my primary job house keeping and child rearing.  So, it seemed serendipitous to her that this whole thing fell into place the way it did.  She told me that as the bread winner of the family this new dynamic is the proper way things should be.  She is no longer in denial about the fact that I’ve always deferred to her final decision and she fully expects that to continue.  I told her that not only will that continue, but that I would honor all of her decisions and that I understood her decisions to be final.  The funniest thing about this part of the conversation is that she pointed out the one time I fought her on a decision and I got final say was a for a new car I bought that I ended up hating.

At some point I brought out my list of “talking points”.  She really liked that I had done that and told me to read her what I had written.  She didn’t ask me to read it.  She TOLD me to read it and was amused and excited by some of the things listed.

She agreed that there should be some sort of discipline for times that I don’t get jobs done properly or times that I upset  her, which though rare do happen.  I actually used the term “accountability” which made her laugh.  She understood it to be discipline, though.  I told her that the discipline was something I couldn’t help her with because I’m biased and she agreed that she would come up with something.

Other things I brought up were the smaller things like being reminded occasionally that she is the boss, and being told to fetch things, etc.  I promised to try not to obsess too much about this new dynamic and that I’d try not to pester her if she doesn’t give me a job or something.  She pointed out that she fully expects me to be pro-active in finding jobs.  Just because she doesn’t give me an assignment doesn’t give me a day off.  She pointed out that there are many things that need to be done around the house aside from daily chores.

Next we talked about how this was about us as a couple, but that I had listed all these things that I wanted to get out of it.  What exactly does she want from it, aside from the benefiting from what I want.  She told me she would think about that as well.

Finally I brought up the kinkier side of things.  Or, maybe she did, I can’t remember, lol.  Either way, it was pointed out that of course her orgasm takes precedence over mine.  I asked her about how she felt about my giving her oral sex after cumming inside her.  I asked if she found it exciting that I’m tasting my own cum while bringing her to orgasm.  She told me she hadn’t even thought about it because quite frankly all she cared about was cumming herself.  I decided to be a bit daring and pointed out that I’d had my own cum in my mouth quite a bit over the last few months and that she hadn’t in a long time.  She thought about it and agreed and then said something that surprised me.  “Yeah, I probably won’t be doing that much.  Maybe once in a while, but I’m not really into it.”  BLAM!  You could have fooled me!  I thought she lovedit!  Apparently this was just one of the things she felt obligated to do in a relationship.  OMFG!  I’m not sure she understands what that does to me.  To be honest, in all of the excitement last night I hadn’t even thought about it much.  It’s kind of just hitting me now.  My freaking heart is pounding.  My wife isn’t going to be sucking my dick any time soon, but expects me to go down on her when she wants it.  Hell, this is getting more Femdom by the minute!

Where was I?  I got a bit caught up there.  Anyway, I think she caught on to a bit of a humiliation thing because she did tease me a bit about that and some other things and suggested that some time in the future she may ask me to straight out eat my own cum. 

Well, from there we went to bed where we had some pretty mind blowing sex and we both came.  This morning we woke early and had the first morning sex we’ve had since the kids were born, I think.  She came, I didn’t.

This is going to be a great day.