Discovering new feelings

I woke up feeling pretty crappy today.  I think I’m getting whatever cold my kids have.  It’s not much fun, but I’m feeling a little better this afternoon.

I didn’t really get an assignment today because my wife’s boss had to step out and that meant my wife had to run a meeting and because of this she hadn’t had much time to come up with an appropriate job.  Plus, when she found out I wasn’t feeling well she decided she needed to go easy on me.  So, she told me to sweep the kitchen floor “which you’ve probably done already anyway…”

Well, I hadn’t, but now it’s swept and mopped.  The dishes are clean with a load in the washer and next it’s on to folding clothes.

But enough about that.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around everything right now.  So many different things send my head swimming, in a good way!  I’m guessing the most extreme of these (like when it hit me about not receiving oral sex anymore) is what is referred to as subspace.  It really felt like the high you would get from a drug.  But this is occurring on much smaller levels as well.

We went to buy a Christmas tree yesterday, and while I was paying for the tree my wife drove our SUV over to the loading area.  I loaded it on top and when I was done I asked my wife if she wanted me to drive.  She said she was fine.  So, I hopped into the passenger seat.  No biggie.  She probably drives about half the time anyway.  I didn’t think anything of it.  Until she started to back out.  There was apparently a cart or something partially blocking the way.  The gentlemen loading his tree up next to us was kind enough to move it.  But the backing out process was still tricky.  So the gentlemen helped guide her out… all while her husband sat in the passenger seat.  It was just a weird little personal thing going on in my head.  I’m sure the other guy was just full of Christmas spirit and what not, but it was still playing tricks with my head.

My wife kept me aroused most of the day.  She was constantly feeling me up or grabbing my ass.  She would grab me and kiss me and suck on my lip.  She literally had my knees shaking.  She clearly loved the effect it had on me.  By the time I left for work I had some serious blue balls.  And the effect continued throughout my shift at work.  I’d think of something she said or did and it would give me an erection and after that my testicles would ache, which in turn would make me think of the control my wife has over me, which gives me an erection, etc. etc.  It was a bizarre loop she had somehow unwittingly set up for me and I loved it!

I love hearing about her new job.  In her old job she just worked with a few other women.  In her new job she’s the boss of four people and although I don’t know how many people are in her immediate surroundings it’s sounds like she is in contact with a great amount of people throughout her day.  So, she’s still getting to know her new co-workers and her superiors, for the most part.  Now, when she mentioned to me that when she is asked what I do she tells people that I’m a househusband it didn’t really register that much.  But it is really becoming a central thought in my head.  When I meet these people (which will be at a big VP’s upcoming Christmas party) my wife is going to be this person with a fancy job title (I’m purposefully being vague) and I’m going to be known as her househusband.  Ooomph!  It’s not as wild a ride as the oral thing, but thinking about it definitely puts a glazed look in my eyes.

I’m really enjoying these new feelings.