I received my first “inspection” tonight.  My wife came home from work to check out how well I had done my assignments.  Well, I thought it was a simple little assignment and I thought I cleared it with no problem.  Well, guess again.  My wife came through as if she had a little white glove on.  I didn’t clean the back part of the fan blades on the fans in our house.  It seems obvious now, but while I was cleaning them with the vacuum I didn’t even think about it.

My other job was to take out all the trash.  This is normally my job anyway, but my wife wanted it done before she got home instead of right before I went to bed, as I usually do.  Well, I missed one tiny little trash can.  I’ve got no excuse for it.  I used it earlier in the day.  Hell, it should have been #1 on my list after the kitchen trash.

But, I missed it.  So my wife has given me 2 demerits.

However, this has opened up a can of worms she isn’t sure how to deal with.  After talking to her about it, she wasn’t sure if I really wanted to be disciplined, and if I did, how I wanted to be disciplined.  She assured me she had no plans on giving me any type of spanking discipline.

I, once again, told her that I could not tell her what kind of discipline I should receive.  I assured her I didn’t just want to be spanked.  I told her that I wanted actual discipline in the form of something that I would find unpleasant and undesirable.  I wanted a punishment that would motivate me to not have to go through that experience.

She is left at a loss, but told me she will try to find something that would fit this definition.  I gave her two quick examples.  One of a typical “time out”, which she found lacking, and the other of being forced to kneel in an uncomfortable place for an amount of time.  She took a bit of interest in the second suggestion, but didn’t seem convinced, and assured me she would come up with something.

In the mean time she has left me with my 2 demerits and the lack of her sex.  Yeah, she kept me from that as well.  And that’s a hell of a lot.  She was very matter of fact about it.  I didn’t get any sexual contact because of my demerit, but that isn’t my demerit punishment because I don’t have a punishment set up for that yet.

So, any sub male or male in WLM, how does your partner punish you?  What ideas can I give to my wife.  I’m not sure any of the ideas will be taken well, but I’m really curious as to how people get disciplined aside from spankings.