Embracing her role, and loving it!

I’ve told my wife in our regular conversations about our arrangement that the idea of her assignments really gets me going.  I mean it’s entirely mental.  The term “assignment” in itself turns me on, and then the daily anticipation of receiving the email and finally getting it and reading it and seeing what she expects me to do, hell, it gets me fired up every time!

I told her this because she was a bit hesitant to give me too many assignments as she felt it would take away from my ability to surprise her with my own jobs and make it more difficult for me to receive a grade of “Exceptional”.  I told her that I appreciated her outlook on it, and didn’t want to create more work for her by asking for daily assignments, but damn did it turn me on!

During our talk last night, as I cooked dinner before having to leave for work, she told me that she was horny all day recently after sending me not only my daily assignment, but an extra “handy man” list that she wants completed by the end of the month.  She wanted me to evaluate the jobs and prepare a plan for her approval by today.  She told me she found herself going back to that email and re-reading it and  getting off on it.  I told her I understood and have essentially been doing the same thing at home.

What she was really surprised about, however, was how much she is really starting to get off on being dominant.  The more she uses her power, the more she gets into it and the more she wants to use her power!  She told me that she never expected to get into it as much as she finds herself doing so.  I can completely relate to this as I find myself wanting to submit to her in more ways.

Now, while I understand that I’ve had submissive fantasies and maybe a bit of a submission kink, I don’t consider myself a real submissive.  I mean, I don’t think I would enjoy some of the things I read about in other blogs.  The more extreme things, I guess.  I’d say I’m mostly vanilla.  And yet, the longer we do this, the more I find myself wanting to be told to kneel before her.  I find myself thinking about how I would like it if she would humiliate me a bit, tease me a bit more, deny me longer, etc.  In short, I seem to find myself wanting to be more submissive.

So, at this point it would seem more we get into this, the more we get off on our roles as a Dominant and a submissive and the more Dominant and submissive we become.  If this is true, than I can’t wait to see what lies ahead of us on this journey!

That’s enough for now.  It’s date night tonight and I’ve got to get the house in order before the baby sitter gets here.  Tonight is her office Christmas party at the VP’s house.  She is eager to show her househusband to her new co-workers.  Hopefully I’ll have an exciting post for everyone tomorrow.

3 Responses

  1. At the risk of redundancy, I’m really happy for you.

    I’ve heard that the d/s dynamic is self-feeding when it goes well (when both partners are well-suited for it)…the submissive seeks greater depths of submission, and the dominant seeks greater heights of dominance. Maybe you’re a textbook case.

  2. There is absolutely no doubt that the more you experience submissive feelings, and the more your wife expresses and acknowledges her power she has over you, the more you will crave it, almost like a drug. If your wife is actually enjoying it as well, then you have hit the “jackpot”. I would guess that the majority of married submissive men struggle persuading their wives that this is a good way to go in their relationship, but that the wife never really gets off on it. If you’re wife is actually getting turned on by her dominance, then I can only imagine what a wonderful relationship you are going to have.

    It will be interesting to hear how your wife shows off her new househusband to her work co-workers now that she is really getting into her new role.

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