Following up on new feelings

At All Times made a comment to my last post that got me thinking.  Specifically one part of the comment: 

Can I ask you whether your idea for a “savings scheme” is more about you looking for a way for your wife to deny you your orgasm, so that you will remain unfulfilled, whilst she has had her pleasure, or just a way of getting something that you may not normally expect from your wife.

Yes, my wife has embraced the denial aspect of the dynamic and has come up with a merit system based on Lady Misato’s system.  As a matter of fact, she has incorporated many things from Lady Misato into our arrangement.

Having said that, I thought about this part of your comment and I think it has to do with wanting to be denied for longer periods of time.  I spoke to my wife a bit about this and also told her that I think I’d prefer to not know when I would be allowed to orgasm next.  I said that her merit system could still be used, but that I’d prefer if she arbitrarily chose how long I was to be denied and could even lengthen the time if she wanted to without even telling me.  She seemed to like the idea but told me she would have to think about it. 

Now, I appreciate everyone’s concern about not pushing things to fast, and I understand that.  But my wife and I are communicating very well about this and although some of it may seem a bit fast, we both understand that we are still figuring things out.  So, if I suggest something she isn’t up for she is honest with me and let’s me know how she feels about it.  “Maybe in the future, but not at this point”, is how she has looked at some of my suggestions, such as spanking.  I respect her boundaries and she respects my wish to find mine, so we are pushing a bit to see what I can take.

I’m looking forward to our time together tonight as my wife has told me she is really excited to talk about some things about the arrangement.  It’s become something we really look forward to, these talks.  We both really feel like this arrangement is bringing us closer together than we have been in years.  It’s not that we had grown apart, just familiar.  This is something new and exciting and we are both getting great pleasure from it and we enjoy sharing these feeling with each other and figuring out how we can get more out of it.  It’s a very exciting time for us.

Well, that’s it for now.  Time to get to today’s assignments.  They are fairly easy since I haven’t gotten much sleep the last two nights and my cold has gotten worse.  Ah, beautiful mercy from my Wonderful Wife!


I forgot to mention that we also spoke a bit about how I felt after the release session.  We came to the agreement that I should have waited until tonight (Friday) for my release since she had made it clear she wasn’t interested at all in sex.  Since I’m required to have releases only in her presense and had to work the next two nights I should have had to wait.  This is part of the reason we began discussing more changes to earning release and why I think she will agree to the “arbitrary release” system.  The idea is I’ll still be scored on how I perform my duties each day, but that will effect different rewards, such as teases or chances to please her with foot rubs, etc.  For example, if I’m not doing well enough should she really let me rub her feet?  Another part of my suggestion was that I wouldn’t know if I had earned a release until the moment of release, requiring me to ask permission.  I gave her an example of a situation similiar to my release session the other night (we she said she was really getting into, but the point was she said she wasn’t interested in sex that night) where at the end I ask her for release and she tells me “No” and then rolls over to go to sleep while deciding I had to wait two weeks instead of ten days.  I think that is where she really understood my desire to wait longer.  Until then I had never mentioned having to wait two weeks, and as it came out of my mouth I wondered if I’d said too much. 

Well, we’ll see, I guess.  Like I said, she seemed to like the idea, but we are going to talk about it more tonight.