Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone has a great holiday season!  I’m not sure how much I’ll get to post over the next week or so, so I’ll just leave you with a bit of a kinky update.  It’s my gift to you, lol!

 Friday night we spoke about the changes to my earning release.  My wife was fine with arbitrarily choosing when I would be allowed to have release and excited by the idea that I wouldn’t know when it was coming (no pun intended).  She was a bit concerned about my motivation for cleaning, however, if it wasn’t to earn a release.  I explained to her that my motivation to do well with all my chores was to please her, not to get a good grade so that I can earn my release sooner.  She seemed to understand and it made sense to her and to be honest was very excited about our new system. 

She had told me she had been horny all day, but it seems that talking about denying me for unknown periods of time really put her over the edge.  She told me to meet her in the bedroom and have her toys ready.  She prepared the room with candles and was waiting for me in bed.  She told me to hurry up and strip and I did.  I got in bed next to her and we began to kiss.  She stroked my growing erection a few times and told me to put my cock rings on and present “her cock” to her.  I did as I was told and got on my knees with my cock by her face.  She grabbed my cock in one hand and my balls in the other, gave a slight squeeze and gently sucked on the head of my cock for just a moment, although it was a bit longer than previously.  The feeling took the strength from my legs and I collapsed onto the bed. 

We kissed for a few more moments before my wife became bored and pushed my head, quite forcefully, down between her legs.  She had never been so dominant as she was this night. 

For the next hour or so she used me as she saw fit.  Before she would allow me to enter her she reminded me that I wasn’t allowed to cum.  She used my cock, my tounge, her mini-vibe and at one point even pushed me to the side as she masturbated herself.  She seemed oblivious to any wants or desires I had and her only communication to me was in short comments like “don’t move!” and “harder now!”.  When she was finally finished she had me stroke myself to the edge a few times before telling me that she had had at least six orgasms.  She again told me how she loved her new freedom to have sex just the way she wanted it without caring about my sexual wants and needs (which isn’t really true since those are my wants).

We woke up early the next morning and I gently began to stroke her pussy.  She pushed me down between her legs and minutes later enjoyed another orgasm.

We were both on edge all day.  My wife would whisper in my ear and tell me how much she wanted my cock and mouth at any chance she had.  She nearly made me cum from sucking on my neck in the middle of the kitchen.

By the time we got to bed we were exhausted from Christmas preparations.  My wife, however, still wanted to have at least one more orgasm and very quickly became even more dominant than the previous night.  So much so that I answered her with a “yes, ma’am” which I knew was a no-no.  She briefly scolded me, but was more interested in sex and soon put me to work.  Eventually she had me hold still as she fucked herself with my cock and brought herself to another orgasm.

As she came down she teased me about how I didn’t know when I’d be allowed to cum again and she had just had all those amazing orgasms.

With that we went to sleep.

Merry Christmas!

2 Responses

  1. How do you manage to sleep after an encounter like that?

  2. It was far easier to go to sleep that night than say on a night where she only wanted some oral before she went to bed! I was worn out after that work out!

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