Almost there…

I’m feeling a lot better today.  Yesterday about all I was able to accomplish was getting the kitchen straightened out.  I missed this weeks mopping, but, oh well.

Today I vacuumed and cleaned the kitchen again from yesterday and today’s use.  I also got some laundry done.

Seeing how much the place has fallen apart in the last few days makes me realise that on the days where I’m feeling “lazy” and I only do the basics, well, that’s a lot.  It keeps this place looking good.  I know I don’t do as much as others out there, but even on my “laziest” of days I now know that I’m doing what it takes to keep this house looking great and running smoothly.

I’m sure my wife will be glad to come home to a house that’s been straightened up a bit.  She sounded so relieved when I told her I was feeling better and moving around a bit today.  I know she was relieved for me, but she told me how stressful it has been for her since I’ve gotten sick.  It wasn’t a guilt trip.  It was acknowledgement on her part on how much I do to help out.  It is now clear we could never go back to the “old days” of me sitting on my ass most of the day “too tired” to help around the house.

I told my wife that one of the first clues I had that I was feeling better was a certain feeling in my private region.  There hasn’t been any action down there since Sunday.  Then I realised I was HORNY!  Woohoo!  I may not be 100% yet, but I know I’m past the worst of it if I’m horny!

It’s going to be a busy weekend cleaning, but I’m looking forward to it.  It feels good to clean again and it’s going to be nice once I get all caught up.  Then, in a couple of weeks, when I’m tired on one of my “whiny Thursdays” (as I’ve now come to call them), I can re-read this post and remember that doing the basics can be good enough sometimes.  It keeps the house clean!

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  1. Glad to hear you’re feeling better. We had stomach flu in December as well. It was a horrible experience, and yes it completely knocked the horn out of me as well!

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