What I meant to say was…

Well, that last post went off on a tangent I wasn’t expecting when I started writing it.  So, I guess I’ll finish up today with what I had intended to write about.

Anyway, I’ve been allowed four orgasms so far this year.  The last three took place within a two week time frame.  I have no idea how many orgasms I’ve been privileged enough to give to her, but, just in the on the time frame of those three it was many!  She used me many times on our anniversary weekend at the hotel before allowing me an orgasm shortly before leaving the hotel.

Now she is enjoying denying me again.  I’m glad.  I’m nervous, and horny, but glad.  Last night when we went to bed, I felt that I needed to be a little more dominant than usual.  I think that helped her get warmed up, but within a few minutes she began exerting her control again.  I was still feeling quite the stud and was giving her a better time than I feel I had in a while.  She was moaning and writhing and clearly enjoying.  I was able to hold of orgasm for quite some time, but eventually I started getting close and had to slow down a bit.  I told my wife I needed to slow down for a moment and with her eyes closed she gently shook her head as she pushed mine down.  She then rode my tongue for a while bringing herself off over and over until she was too sensitive.  I was nearly shaking with desire and lust as she rolled over and enjoyed the afterglow of the orgasms.  I kissed my way up her body, from her beautiful bottom, up her back and to her neck.  I then held her and tried to keep my body from shaking (or humping her leg).  I asked  her if I could masturbate a bit and in a very sexy voice she told me I could for a few minutes.

As I edged myself over and over she told me that it may be a while before my next orgasm.  She told me that if I showed her exemplary performance everyday that perhaps I might be allowed to orgasm as soon as this weekend.  But I had to be perfect.  She teased me a bit more and then told me I’d been allowed to pleasure myself enough.  It was time for her to get some sleep and time for me to mop the kitchen floor.  So, off I went with aching balls to wash the pots and pans and mop the floor, while my wonderful wife fell gently to sleep in post orgasmic bliss.

I’m blessed!

Over the few weeks my wife and I have talked about the assignments she used to email me from work.  Work got to be too busy for her and she just didn’t have time to send out personal emails anymore.  We were both a bit disappointed by this, as we both seemed to get pleasure from them.  She enjoyed having a way to express dominance in a way that gave her time to think about how she was saying something, so it let her feel sexy when she said it, or, in this case, emailed it.  I enjoy it, and I’m still figuring this out, actually, partly because it breaks up the routine of chores I do with something new that she wants me to do, partly because I like reading her dominant orders to me, and I just realised last night that it actually makes me feel more submissive, somehow.  It makes doing everything else feel a bit more sexy, like when we were first exploring this. 

Anyway, she figured out a way around this.  Sunday night she drafted some assignments for me and just didn’t mail them out.  Now she has a list to pick and choose from as she desires and we both get enjoyment out of it.  To be honest, I didn’t realise how much I had missed it until yesterday, when I received the second assignment for the week.  Reading her dominant tone and seeing the jobs she wanted me to do just put me in a good sub mindset. 

I’ve had several erotic dreams about my wife lately.  On our anniversary weekend, as we lay in bed together, she asked me to tell her about them.  I told her that one of the dreams I’d had a few times already.  Each time was different, but the set up was the same.  She was going to go off on a business trip and wanted me to make her cum over and over before she had to leave and be without me.  But she had me use vibrators and dildos and rode my face and used every part of me but my cock, which was locked in a chastity device.  I had been hesitant to tell her about that part.  I know the basis for the dream is because she will be leaving town for four nights in a couple of months, and one time while we were looking on-line for cock-rings she saw a locking Gates of Hell chastity device.  I told her I thought it looked sexy and explained what it was for.  Her response was, “Oh, so if I go out of town and I don’t want you playing with yourself I’d put that on you before I left”.

So, I know why I’ve got it on in the dream.  And it’s sexy.  But I was a bit hesitant to tell her.  She seemed a little put off by it as well, which is why I was hesitant.  I only really mentioned it because she kept saying, “and what else happened”, in between kissing and fondling, and I was running out of details.

Now, I’ve had some other sexy dreams about my wife as well, most involving teasing me and edging me.  But I had another chastity dream recently.  I don’t know why, but I felt compelled to tell her about it as we were getting ready to make love.  This time, since I thought we got the awkwardness of the device out of the way, and I’d established that it was just part of the dream, I mentioned it right off the bat.  My wife pulled back from me and said, “Look, I’m not sure about locking you up.  I’ll have to think about it”.

“Whoa!  It was part of a dream!  I don’t know that I want to have it locked up!”  I was a bit panicked, but it was true.  I have thought about being locked up before, and while the idea seems sexy, it kind of freaks me out.  I don’t know that I could do it.  To be honest, my wife has ended up fully embracing most aspects of the wlm that we’ve tried out, and it’s clear she doesn’t want to go back to the “old days”.  The idea that she might really like having me locked up and want to do it all the time really scares me.  Sure, a bit of play might be nice, but what if she really liked it?!?!

Well, that was a bit rambling.  I think I had it all a little straighter in my mind yesterday before being side tracked by cuckold flashback.  I guess what I’ve been trying to say is we are having fun with this and my wife seems to be making progress expressing dominance and I’m finding a new burst of energy in submitting to her, while still being her big, strong husband.