What a wonderful woman…

It seems like I go through cycles where sometimes I feel a more like a submissive and crave kinkiness more than other times.  It’s not that I don’t want to be in a WLM at any time, it’s just that I’m noticing that sometimes I definitely feel more submissive than others.

I seem to be in submissive/kink mode right now.  It’s an odd now that I’m aware of it, the cycle that is.  Last week I was happy to do my chores and serve my wife, but I got defensive about my fantasies here in the blog.  This week I want to spill my guts to my wife about every depraved thought I have.  Of course, I wouldn’t do that, but I did blurt out a question to her on Sunday night right before joining her in bed.  I asked her to be allowed to taste my own cum when she allowed me a release.  I immediately apologised for the imposition and was shushed by my wife.

She then proceeded to use me for her pleasure…


After I don’t know how long she rolled over and said, “Three times is enough for tonight” before dismissing me.  She allowed me to go to another room and edge myself, but told me to be sure I didn’t get carried away.

Yesterday, as I was cleaning up from dinner, she told me what a great time she had.  She then explained to me that her libido has changed a lot, whether it is do to getting older or kids she doesn’t know, but it has changed.  We had talked about that a bit in the past and it appears she is now more comfortable with the change, and understands that although she may not feel like making love at times, once she starts she finds it’s often better than it used to be.  She told me that each of her three orgasms the other night was different and they were all amazing.

I was really glad to hear this.  Not just to boost my ego as a lover (which it did), but because if we hadn’t started this WLM we likely wouldn’t have discovered this and worked it out.  Our arrangement seems to have really brought about great and wonderful changes in our lives!

Now, another benefit of this is that I’m getting more opportunities to pleasure my wife, because she is now willing to give it a try when she isn’t particularly in the mood.  Before our arrangement, if she did this it was solely for me and I could tell.  Now, she is doing it for herself, and if it benefits me, well then lucky me.  That small change of perspective makes all the difference in the world.

I think last night may have been a “let’s give it a go and see what happens” night.  She started by moving to my side of the bed.  “Do you know why we do it on your side”, she asked me?  I replied that it was so I slept in the wet spot.  She continued to tell me how she wasn’t going to sleep in the sticky mess and that it was my place to sleep in it.  After putting me in my place she had me present her cock to her.  She had me hold it with both hands while she teased me with some quick licks and sucks on the head.  They were so brief and light, but so powerful!  She then instructed me to enter her and I did.  She locked her legs around me and used her hand on my back and bottom to control my tempo.  Then she did something that she hasn’t done in ages.  She began pinching my nipples.

Now, in the past when she did this it was because she had either cum already and was pretty much done with sex so she wanted me to cum as well, or she wasn’t into it at all and wanted me to cum so it would be over.  Basically, she knows that if she plays with my nipples I can’t last.

So, seeing how into it she was (as in didn’t appear to want it to be over) I reminded her that if she played with my nipples she would make me cum.  She gave me a wicked look and a wicked smile and as she pinched a nipple she ordered me to cum.  Within a few strokes I did. 

She lay on my side of the bed for a bit, making sure I got a big puddle of a wet spot to sleep in and informed me that I would not be allowed to enjoy licking my cum up that night.  She continued to tease me about eating my own cum, and that I wouldn’t know when to expect it and how she was sure it would be when I wouldn’t want to.

Oooh!  She was so wicked last night!

After getting her some water I was dismissed to the kitchen to mop the floor.

What a wonderful woman I am married to!