Subtle Domination

Due to my having to work this weekend my wife and I spent very little time together, so not much happened.  Last night, though, we tried to make up for it by putting the kids to bed a little early and having dinner together without the kids (easier said than done).

Anyway, after dinner we talked and relaxed and caught up on the weekends events.  My wife started to go to the kitchen for a drink but stopped and turned to me.  “Would you get me a drink, please?  Sorry, I’m learning”, she said.

“I understand, it’s O.K.”, I replied.

From that point on she made a point of not getting up, but instead asking me to get things for her.  It was nice since we hadn’t been able to do anything like that for the last several days.

This morning, however, I was thinking about something else she had said/done earlier in the evening.  I was complaining about my allergies and how they seemed to be worse in the house than outside or where I had been working all weekend.  I recently replaced our airfilter with a high end model and it made no difference.  My wife told me I needed to vacuum more.  I pointed out that I vacuumed twice a week so she told me other things I could do as well.

This was a matter of fact conversation.  There was nothing “dom” about it.  But, looking back, it was subtle domination.  My wife didn’t make any comments like “poor you”, she told me what Icould do to fix it.  She didn’t offer to help, she said “vacuum more”.  And she said it without any inflection.  Looking at it now, although it was subtle, it was far more “dom-y” than her asking me for drinks or lotion or anything like that. 

Here we are at night thinking, “Oh, this is a learning experience for both of us, we still have to work at doing it”, when in reality it’s already second nature for my wife to take for granted that I will clean and she will tell me how, what, where and when.

It’s wonderful!

Later on she was a little less subtle.  As I went to kiss her goodnight she ordered me into bed (although she shortly qualified it with “unless you don’t want to”, lol).  I, of course, stripped and got in bed.  She began instructing me on how to service her and in short order she was enjoying orgasms.  As the feelings began to get too intense she had me stop moving, buried deep inside her.  Before this I felt I would be able to last well past her use for me, but within just a few moments I knew better.  The force of her orgasms brought me closer and closer to the edge.  I told her I couldn’t last much longer and she ordered me to cum.  I did and as I orgasmed she commented on how much cum she could feel inside her.  As I rolled off her I nearly fell of the bed as she didn’t make room for me on my side at all.  I was barely on the bed as she lay there.  “I’m making sure there is going to be a really big wet spot for you tonight”, she told me.  After a couple of minutes I asked if she would like me to get her some water and she told me yes. 

I totally get that the wet spot should be on my side of the bed, but I find it interesting that my wife really seems to enjoy using it as a reminder of our roles.  It’s almost like she reaches her pinnacle of dominance right before she goes to sleep after we both orgasm.

What an amazing wife I have!

7 Responses

  1. I suspect that, if you want a truly engaged femdom relationship, it’s the subtle things that form it’s foundation.

    My wife has 100% expectation of tea and coffee whenever she wants it. It’s small, but it matters.

  2. Hey! Where the heck have you been? I hope everything has been ok.
    Good to hear from you again.

  3. I’ve been busy and stressed, alas. And blogging drops right down the list when there’s other stuff to deal with. It’s getting better, though, and I have enough free time to devote to more … interesting… pursuits. 🙂

  4. Yes great to have you back sub-scribe.

    I love it when my Wife makes me sleep in the wet spot too. Sounds like things are progressing well for you two!

  5. My wife always scoots over to my side of the bed to leave the wet spot. Sometimes I place a MY pillow under her….

  6. She is just marking Her territory.Whether its on your body your clothes or bed clothes.Our mindset should not be I already hoover twice a week but I should hoover as many times as is neccessary to alieve my allergy or as many times as She tells me.
    Why not surprise Her and say to Her this is my third time this week doing the hoovering.Though you have to be careful as it may look like you are chasing after praise for doing something that makes Her and your enviroment better.She should expect a clean house.

  7. Just a thought but I’ve found that a good but quickly removable cock ring that keeps the testicles pulled down works wonders for being able to last as long as my wife needs without her having to let me cum to continue getting her own pleasure from me.

    Google “tie your own cock ring” for one of the best and easiest to remove on those special times when she allows release.

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