Vanilla Quotient

I read a post the other day at Devastating Yet Inconsequential about service submission.  It goes along with something I’ve been thinking about lately.  It’s clear to me that my wife and I have a mostly vanilla relationship.  I was trying to put some kind of percentage on it, which would still be completely arbitrary, but I was thinking about it anyway.  I couldn’t figure out if there was a kink factor to being a househusband.  It’s not mainstream, so that could qualify it as not being entirely vanilla, but it’s not particularly a kink either.

So, I’ve been pondering this a bit and I realised that sometimes it is a kink.  Sometimes it’s just cleaning for the sake of keeping the house clean.  Other times I just don’t feel like cleaning and I fall back on fantasy and think of it as my “duty” to my wife.  That helps motivate sometimes.  Of course, my wife usually doesn’t mind if I skip one of my everyday chores, or rearrange them.  I’m in charge of cleaning so as long as things get clean she isn’t really even thinking about it.  So, it’s not like I fantasize that my wife will beat me if I don’t do it, but it’s still a bit of a fantasy anyway.

Sometimes it’s totally kinky, though, and those are the best times.  Those are the times when my wife takes the children into the family room to watch a movie or play while “daddy cleans up the kitchen”.  Or maybe she’ll take the children to a park and tell me that she “expects” a particular chore to be done by the time they get home.  These times are fun for both of us and they don’t happen all the time, but when they do I know it’s because my wife is having fun with it and she knows that I get off on it a bit.

There are also my “assignments”, my special tasks that she often gives me.  Sometimes the assignments are just extra bits of cleaning she would like to see done, but sometimes they are things that I truly do not want to do.  Not humiliating or painful things.  Annoying things.  Things she knows I won’t do unless she writes it down with a note saying “do this”.  As a matter of fact her habit of leaving me those kinds of chores was one of the clues to me that I had already been living in a WLM without realising it.  Usually they will involve being on hold for long periods of time, or dealing with some other problem over the phone.  I really, really hate those kinds of calls and would gladly pay somebody else to do it.  So, the assignments have a definite kink value.

Now that I think about it, my wife has told me several times that she thinks it’s sexy when I clean.  She was totally ogling me one night as I mopped the kitchen floor and kept commenting on how sexy it was.  Maybe she’s got a bit of a kink for my cleaning.  That would be interesting.

So, how kinky is this whole domestic thing.  I mean, if we weren’t playing around with orgasm control, which is about the only 100% kinky thing we do, would being the househusband be kinky at all?  Does the addition of being in a WLM and orgasm control automatically add a level of kink to a househusband?

I guess since we center most of the fun we have with the WLM around my service that my position as househusband is indeed one of kink.  If you take out the WLM and orgasm control it goes back to vanilla, but since we use it in more of a D/s fashion I’d have to say it’s more on the kink side.

Huh.  It seems so plain and simple now.  Our kinks are basically a WLM where the wife’s sexual pleasure is put first, she decides when I orgasm, she has final word, and I clean.  So, I don’t know…  Let’s say… 70% vanilla.

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  1. My friend,

    Speaking of kink, I want to point out some really kinky behavior that many women have exhibited over the millennia.

    Submitting to a husband who is simply masculine but not necessarily smarter or more intelligent than the wife is kinky. Keep in mind that this arrangement in most cases was not voluntarily entered by both.

    Kinky is a measure of the relationship to the norm. We are in a changing society, and some of the changes are good. Allowing people to rise to their leadership abilities is good. Allowing couples to take their preferred position in a relationship is good.

    As long as the relationship is consensual, we may as well stop worrying about kink. Whatever works there is good, as long as nobody is hurt, especially children.

    Your being different from the so-called norm does not make you guilty. Enjoy it.

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