Father’s Day Treat

I had a great Father’s Day (hope you did too).

It was great for many reasons.  My wife was actually able to combine jobs and relaxation for me, for starters.  One of the kids woke me early in the morning excited about my presents.  My wife informed me that I could go back to sleep and sleep in until brunch.  She was taking the kids out for the morning.  Ahhh, that’s always a nice way to start my Sunday morning.  By the time they got home I was already up and had cleaned up their breakfast mess.  My gifts were set out for me and one was quite obvious.  A new mop.  I love it!  Now, my wife was having a bit of fun with this.  I’d written on the shopping list for the week that I needed a new sponge for the mop and while my wife was shopping (I was at work) she couldn’t remember what kind of mop we had (awesome!) so just bought me a new fancy schmancy mop.  Knowing it would give me a bit of a rush she put it in a gift bag and waited until yesterday to give it to me.  I think this is a perfect example of why this arrangement is working for us.  My wife and I can have fun with it without having to take it too seriously.  I know my wife didn’t get me the mop as a “real” gift, but she was thoughtful enough to present it to me that way because she knew that I’d kind of get off on it a bit.  I also got some new clothes, but to be honest I’m happier with the mop. 

We went out for brunch and then went on an errand.  I did a few chores throughout the afternoon but also got some time to myself for relaxing and playing on the computer.  I helped cook dinner and got to clean up afterward.  It was a pretty great day, I have to say.

Now, before I get all NC-17 I have to tell you that I wrote my wife a letter on Friday.  It was a letter thanking her for things but also letting her know what I’ve been thinking/fantasizing about.  I let her know ahead of time that I wrote it because when we talk at night I never remember this stuff.  It’s not that I was afraid to talk about it face to face, it was just stuff that I either forget or the timing isn’t right, etc.  Anyway, in the letter I basically let her know that I’ve been wanting to indulge in more kinky stuff.  I also explain what things interest me and why, but I make it very clear that it’s just what’s on my mind and if any of it turns her off I understand.  This is a no-pressure deal, just putting things out there.

I start off by thanking her for things she’s done and encouraging more of the same (telling me when she’s disappointed, using my service (which she’s done a lot lately), allowing me to masturbate briefly in bed next to her).  I then move on to basically remind her of the chastity device.  The anxiety is pretty much gone now and the idea of being locked up really excites me.  I know it will be a bit of a challenge, but I think that’s part of the excitement. 

Next I brought up something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.  During a talk a few weeks back my wife pointed out that sometimes my orgasm can trigger an orgasm in her.  She said this was one of the drawbacks of orgasm control/denial.  It wasn’t too big of a deal, since she’s been having more than ever, but it’s like taking a tool away from her that she sometimes likes to use.  Anyway, I asked her if after her own orgasms if my cumming inside her “did” anything for her.  Did she get any enjoyment from it, aside from the pleasure of making me cum?  I let her know that I’ve been thinking about it and that I knew that I made her “messy” by cumming inside her so perhaps I should only be allowed to do so on special occasions and the rest of the time be made to masturbate to orgasm.  At this point I also remind her of my desire to consume my ejaculate, to put it nicely.

I then went on to tell her that I would like to buy her new vibrators and a dildo.  She has had a dildo since we first started dating and it is very similar to my size and shape.  She never really liked using it, though.  As she put it, “why would I use that when I’ve got a real cock to fuck me”?  Who am I to argue?  Anyway, I point out to her that we’ve been having a lot of fun trying new things and it might be a lot of fun for her to try out a dildo again and maybe there would be times when I wouldn’t be allowed to make love to her but would use the dildo and or vibrator to help her get off while I’m denied.

I finish by reminding her that I really would like to incorporate kneeling into our routine and by her letting me know she is the “boss” more often.

Now, I know a letter like this could seem very overwhelming, but I wrote it in a very “please don’t be upset” kind of way and let her know that it was essentially fantasy and I understood that.  I also told her face to face that I didn’t write it because I was afraid of talking to her about it or didn’t know how to talk to her about it.  I let her know I just wanted to write down what was on my mind so I didn’t keep forgetting about it.

While I was at work Friday night she read it.  She told me none of it was over the top or turned her off.  That was reassuring.  She did tell me she planned on reading it a few more times, though. 

Well, last night she made it clear that she definitely likes some of the things I wrote to her about.  She enjoyed my serving her and relaxed while I cleaned up the kitchen.  She had me refill her water as we watched TV.  She informed me we would be “going to be early”.  That’s when the real fun started.

I gave her a few minutes to get ready for bed and by the time I arrived she was laying in bed waiting for me… and masturbating.  Usually it takes a while for her to get warmed up, but she told me she’d been horny all day.  We kissed while she continued to play with herself.  After a few minutes she asked for her toy (bullet vibe).  I got it out and while she used it I put on my cock ring.  I hadn’t used it in a while and it seemed like a good time to wear it.  While my wife held the vibe to her clit she told me to show her how hard my cock was.  I knelt by her head and presented myself to her.  She sat up and teased me with her mouth for a moment before telling me she was ready.

It didn’t take long before she was moaning and digging her nails into my back and ass.  Eventually I just held still as she ground herself against me bringing herself to an orgasm.  I held her for a few minutes before pulling out.  As she came down from her orgasm I saw her hand grasping around for her vibe.  I handed it to her and she put it back to work.  I kissed her hand and her thighs for a bit before moving up to kiss her beautiful face.  She told me she had the end of the vibe in her pussy while she played with herself.  I asked if I could use my tongue and she let me.  I went down on her and gently licked and sucked her clit while holding the vibe just inside her pussy and against my chin.  Ohhhhh…. guh!  She came hard while holding my head against her pussy.

We lay quietly for a while before she started playing with herself again.  I slowly stroked myself wondering what she had planned next.  As her breaths quickened she looked at me and said, “you can go ahead and cum, it is your day after all”, and went back to working on her own orgasm. 

As I started to masturbate I thought about the letter.  At that point I knew she had at least agreed with this one aspect.  She no longer felt obligated to make me cum inside her.  She didn’t have to worry about getting up and getting cleaned up before going to bed. 

It didn’t take too long before I was at the edge.  I let her know and soon I was shooting all over my chest and stomach.  It had been 18 days since my last orgasm and it felt wonderful (and made quite a mess).  Her moans got louder as I came and moments after my orgasm she was nearly yelling from her third.  She told me that sometimes my orgasm can trigger an orgasm in her, but I don’t think either of us thought it would happen while masturbating!

After we had both come down from our post orgasmic bliss she turned to me and told me to get cleaned up.  I licked some cum from my fingers but went to the bathroom to get a towel and clean off.  When I returned my wife pointed to the floor at the side of her bed.  I knelt down and actually began to get another erection.  HOLY SHIT!!!  She issued me some orders and my head spun in joy.  My wife just enjoyed three orgasms while indulging me in my kinks and at 36 years old I had an erection within minutes of an orgasm.


This morning as I got on the computer and checked email I found an assignment for today.  It’s something she’s only recently entrusted to me.  So, that’s all for now as I’m off to wash her delicates.

I know I am truely blessed!

5 Responses

  1. Happy Fathers Day…..!!!!!! I love the idea that your wife bought you a mop for a present, hope you are making good use of it, whilst she relaxes. You raised the issue about eating your own cum. Whilst I must admit that he idea of being “forced” to do something like this by your wife is somehow a bit of a turn on, the being forced bit, not the actual act itself, as soon as I have orgasmed, any thought of actually going through with such an act loses is shine so to speak. Maybe if you were actually being encouraged to do so, it would be different.

  2. It sounds like a lovely day.

    I think it’s important to recognize other forms of sexual expression that lead to orgasm as just as valid and delightful as plain old PIV sex. Sex with other women has taught me this, but it’s taken me a while to apply the lesson to my interactions with men.

    I’ll be interested to read the “more kinky” stuff you want to try.

    And I love that she got you a mop for Father’s Day. I could go off on a whole essay about why that is, but suffice it to say that it made me smile.

  3. What a day you had!

    I got a big kick out of the mop. That sort of thing sends a powerful message. In your case, it was a fun message. I remember my dad putting a bow on a vacuum cleaner and putting it by the Christmas tree for my mom to find the next morning. Somehow, I don’t think she saw the “fun” in that at all!

    Happy belated fathers’ day.

  4. Congrats.

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone!
    It was a pretty great day. The mop wasn’t a “serious” gift, but my wife knew I’d enjoy it multiple levels… then again, after some comments the last couple of days, maybe it was more serious then I first thought…

    AAT – As for comsuming, I actually like the taste. The problem is unless she is somehow involved, either teasing, encouraging, commanding, it seems like it isn’t involved in the sex act anymore and is just a weird thing I want to do.

    Omnivore – I’m not even sure if I know what “more kinky” stuff I want to do. Some of it was already listed, but some things like spankings she’s already told me she won’t do, but I’d very much like to have it involved in our arrangement. I try not to think about the things I know she isn’t interested in as much so as to keep from obsessing about it.

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