Fun despite pink eye

Well, I had a pretty good weekend, for the most part.  I did wake up Saturday morning with my left eye gunked shut.  Pink eye.  One of the kids had it a few weeks ago and I guess it lingered somewhere I didn’t hit with Lysol.  Friday while getting ready for work I got an eyelash in that eye and used my finger to get it out.  I know Friday night I ended up rubbing that I several times feeling like there was something interfering with my vision.  Then Saturday it all became clear.  I wasn’t able to go to work because of the contagious nature of the virus, so I got to stay home and spend extra time with my wife.

After lunch we sat and chatted.  I told her that it kind of sucked that I got the night off from work but I couldn’t even kiss her or snuggle because of the pink eye.  “I think you’ll still be able to service me”, was her response.

It was generally a relaxing day, but she took advantage of our extra time together by indulging in my services more.  At dinner she asked me to refill her drink and get up to get things for her.  It’s always a little strange when she has me serve her in front of the children.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with it, but it’s still a bit strange.  Last night one of the children asked her if he could have seconds.  She said he could.  There was a moment where nothing happened.  Then she looked at me and I understood that I would be getting up to get his food for him. 

Throughout Saturday and Sunday she had me get things for her many times.  If we were both sitting and she was getting up she would give me something to do while she was out of the room.  It was wonderful.  It’s exactly what I was dreaming of a year ago.

Saturday night the children fell asleep earlier than normal.  They’d had a very busy day and at bedtime they just went right to sleep.  Amazing!  My wife went to take a shower and asked me to deliver her a cocktail when she was done.  I checked email and did a few other things until I heard the shower turn off.  I went and made her cocktail and brought it to her.

“How are the kids”, she asked.

“They’re actually asleep”.


“I’ll double check”.  I left and checked on them and indeed they were fast asleep.  I returned to our bedroom and reported to my wife.


She had me wait in the bedroom while she left for a few minutes.  I sat sipping my cocktail and waited patiently for her.  When she returned she said, “we’re going to have sex.  I guess I should have told you that before I left so you’d be ready for me”.  I didn’t really care, I was quickly out of my clothes.  I asked her if she wanted her toy and she told me she did.  I asked if I could wear my cock ring and she again told me “yes”.

“Because of your eye there won’t be any kissing.  I think you should keep it as far away as you can.  But I need your cock.”  She took her vibe and put it to work while I sat watching her.  When she was ready she had me kneel by her head and gave me more of a blow job than I’ve had in I don’t know how long.  It probably lasted only ten seconds, but it was enough that I was close to cumming.  It’s strange to think that she used to be able to go down on me for ten or fifteen minutes and I wouldn’t be able to cum.  I know I couldn’t last twenty seconds now.  Anyway, it didn’t last very long, but it was incredible.  She then put me to work. 

I started out very strong and was feeling very confident since being able to control myself the last time we were intimate.  But then I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  And I was distracted with the thought of pink eye.  And I knew she was enjoying it and getting close but I was distracted, and not in a useful way.  All of a sudden I was going to explode and I pulled out and squeezed to prevent an orgasm.  I did stop it, but kind of lost the erection too soon after that.  I entered my wife again, but the rhythm was gone.  She had me get off of her and put the vibe back to work for a few minutes.  She then told me to finish her off with my mouth.  I did and she had a pretty big orgasm.  She rested a moment before using the vibe again.  I knelt on the bed watching her and slowly stroking myself.  When I was semi-erect she reached over and grabbed my cock.  Despite not yet being fully erect she ordered me with urgency to fuck her.  I did and she had me hold still and ground herself onto my rapidly hardening cock.  She came again sinking her fingernails into my back. 

As we sat in bed afterwards I was worried I’d disappointed her.  I found that I didn’t have to worry.  Although she was a bit disappointed at first she still had two awesome orgasms, so she was satisfied.  She again told me she was going to have to figure something out about the orgasm control/denial thing because she didn’t care if I came or not, she just wanted me inside her at the exact moment I pulled out because she was at the edge and about to cum and my pulling out spoiled it.  I explained that it had nothing to do with the denial.  I explained that I just read the situation wrong and didn’t realise she was as close as she was.  If I’d known she was that close I wouldn’t have pulled out.  I just thought she needed more time and if I came it would have thrown off the rhythm even more.  So, that was me just reading the situation wrong.  She accepted that and said she was happy. 

She then told me that we really needed to look into getting a metal cock ring for me.  She said the gummy one I use sometimes irritates her, but she like the effect it has on my cock.  She is sure a metal one would be best.  “But I want to buy the other thing first”, she told me.  I wasn’t sure what she meant at first, but she explained that she wants to go out and buy the “gates of hell” chastity device.  “I think it’s a good idea for you to wear it”, she told me.

I explained that this wasn’t something I could go out and buy.  It’s something we have to get over the internet.  She isn’t keen on this because she doesn’t want to start getting trashy fliers and what not in the mail.  I told her the site I planned on ordering from seems to be discrete and trusted by others, but I understand her concern.  If anyone with any experience in this area could give advice it would be appreciated (I’m looking at you, Tom).

So, there you have it.  Despite having pink eye my wife used me for service, for sex and has told me she wants my cock locked up for her keeping.  I’d call that a successful weekend!


6 Responses

  1. Dude – Srsly.

    Actually, I enjoy getting the occasional catalog from The Stockroom – it comes in a very discreet manila envelope, with an innocuous return address.

    Frankly, I don’t ever recall getting trashy fliers. I do get regular email updates, which are much less expensive to send out – catalogs and fliers cost money to print and post.

    I just checked them out – they’ve got a good selection for you.

  2. Thanks Tom!

  3. Personally I recommend, never gotten anything except for my order from them.

  4. My one experience with The Stockroom – many years ago – was 100% positive.

    Aside from that I think it’s the simple every-day things like getting a cocktail or second for the kids that are the most satisfying – I mean, you can do those 10 times a day, rather than having her full attention on your submission occasionally during the day.

    Thanks for an inspiring (and frank) post.


  5. the way you are allowed to serve your Wife is wonderful. thanks for this great entry.

  6. Thanks for the comments and recommendations. I chose a different company than any suggested. The version of the locking gates of hell that they make really caught my eye. I read their privacy policy and decided to trust them. I figured that in a business with such a specific niche you probably wouldn’t want to lose a single potential customer.
    My wife stood next to me as I completed the order and when I finished she actually gave me a mini high-five. She is definetely excited about this.’
    That’s a little scary.

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