A quick note before I’m off on my trip

Things continue to be hectic as I prepare to leave in two days.  Without going into to many details, things are not going as smoothly as I’d like.  Oh, well.  Not much I can do about it now.

I jokingly appologized to my wife for the housework she was going to have to do while I was gone.  She replied that she wasn’t looking forward to it, and she wasn’t joking.  She made it clear she was dreading it.  The thought of doing dishes was stressing her out.  Knowing that I wasn’t going to be there to pamper her and pick up after her definitely has her down.  She told me that I was going to have a lot to do to make up for it when I get back.  Oddly, I’m looking forward to that.

My wife and I had our first date night in a long time last night.  We went out for dinner where I work and just relaxed and had a few drinks.  I got to introduce my wife to many of my co-workers, so she now knows who I’m talking about as I tell stories.  She got to experience it all and now sees why I love the job so much.  She’s now in love with the place too.

She did seem to get a little possessive, however.  After introducing her to some of my female co-workers she was much more “hands on” with me, openly groping me, kissing me every few minutes, making it clear to everyone that I was hers.  She was also a little more openly dominant.  We happened to see a commercial come on the big screen TV that was showing the Olympics that showed a handsome and fit young man ironing women’s clothes without a shirt on.  At the end of the commercial (I still have no idea what they were selling) it shows him on his knees scrubbing out a toilet, again shirtless.  My wife looked at me after we saw the commercial and she commented a loud enough for a few to overhear that the commercial was directed at me. 

She also had me give her tastes of my food before I ate any as well as tasting the wine I chose to accompany it.  After dinner she handed me her glasses and told me to clean them for her.  After her third drink I could tell she was a bit tipsy and was close to being over the top with all the kissing and touching and bossiness.  Almost.  She managed to keep it out of the “get a room” area, thankfully.

Overall we had a great time.  We talked about my upcoming trip and how she believed I could make it a very successful trip as well.  We didn’t talk about our arrangement at all.  I still haven’t brought up the issue of orgasm control.  Tomorrow it will be five weeks.  If there is no release tomorrow then my next chance won’t be until the six week mark.  Frankly, the idea of being in a hotel room for 5 nights and not having an orgasm is a little hard to imagine.  I equate hotels with sex, I guess, even if it’s just masturbation.  I’m not sure I could control myself.  Just thinking about the hotel room makes me want to masturbate. 


Oh, well.  I’m hoping for some super hot goodbye and good luck sex tonight.  Wish me luck!