Laying down the law

My wife has remained fairly strict with me.  I’m a bit surprised by it and even a little upset about this past Saturday.  I realised, though, that she must have been very upset with me to be treat me the way she did, so I got over it and then felt bad for being angry about it.

As I’ve let on in my past two posts, I’ve been slacking a bit lately.  Things are getting done, just not always on time or to the standard that is expected.  I don’t really have a good reason for it, but it happened.  Over the last couple of weeks it’s been made clear to me that my wife has noticed and is not happy.  To top it off this has coincided with something my wife introduced a few weeks ago, the Sunday Night Meeting.  It all came to a boil Saturday afternoon and it appears I’ll be paying for it for a while.

I’ve already filled in most of the background in my last two posts, but I forgot to mention the Sunday Night Meetings, so I’ll start with that.  Three Sundays ago my wife asked if I had checked our online calender.  I told her I had not (I usually don’t on weekends) and she informed me that we had a meeting scheduled for after the children went to bed.  Now, at this time I’d already been slacking a bit and I knew it.  I was worried she was going to chew me out about it.  Instead the meeting was mostly about weekly finances, the weeks menu, appointments, etc.  When we were done I told her I was relieved because I thought she was going to start evaluating me (I never know when to keep my mouth shut).  “What a great idea!”, was her response.  D’oh.

At meeting #2 she brought up the fact that I needed to pick up the slack a little more.  That week (as I’ve posted before) she also sent a stern email about neglecting changing the oil on her car.  I resolved to take care of the oil change Saturday afternoon before going in to work and on Friday told my wife how I had everything planned.

Saturday morning my wife and kids went to the gym and I slept in a bit (I work late Friday nights).  When I got up I straightened the house up a bit and did some dishes from Friday night before my wife got home.  After she and the kids were settled I asked if I could take a shower before getting the oil changed so that I’d be ready to go to work if it took too long.  “When do I get to take a shower?”, was her response.  I stammered a bit and told her I’d wait until she’d showered but she told me to forget about it and get going. 

After my shower I went around the house saying ‘goodbye’ and when I got to my wife she looked like she didn’t feel well so I offered a “feel better” as well.  “I feel fine”, she responded.  “Oh”, I said, “is there something wrong”?  This is where she lays into me a bit and although I didn’t say anything I got pretty defensive and upset myself.  She told me she was upset that I’d waited so long to get the oil changed and that because I chose to do it on the weekend I was cutting into family time and that she had suggested that I could do it during the week.  I mentioned that she always took her car to work and she said she could have taken mine.

Now, as I left the house I was thinking, “you could have taken my truck and then I would have been able to take your car to have it’s oil changed, but you didn’t” and “you saying, ‘maybe you could take the car in during the week’ isn’t the same as saying, ‘take the car in Monday while I’m at work'”.  She had made a suggestion but left it up to me.  I chose the weekend.  To me it made more sense.  I see now that if I had done it during the week it wouldn’t have interfered with her at all.  I think we’ll have to talk about how she could have let me know what she wanted more effectively instead of relying on me to read her “suggestion” as “DO THIS NOW AND DO IT THIS WAY”. 

Meeting #3 was not as bad as I thought it would be.  While I cleaned up from dinner she prepped for the meeting by finding out where we can vote early, and by buying a new pair of shoes and a new pair of boots online.  When I finished cleaning and the kids were asleep the meeting officially started.  We worked out our schedules, etc. and she told me about her new purchases.  I told her that she didn’t need to justify her purchases to me or ask my permission and she gave me a “look” and explained that she was aware of that.  She was merely informing me of the purchases and letting me know about the boots because I (like many of you out there I’m sure) think boots are super HOT!  The meeting ended without much comment on my household duties.

I was invited to bed with her a little later.  Things got hot and heavy and a bit kinky at times.  I was wearing the leather cock ring from my device and that was met with some pleasure from my wife.  She enjoyed many orgasms from her vibrator, my mouth and my cock.  She had decided that my cock had been allowed enough pleasure from her, however, and made me stop.  I whimpered a bit as I knelt on the bed and she masturbated.  She asked how long it had been since my last orgasm and I informed her it had been two weeks.  She informed me that I was being punished for my poor service of late, especially for making her so upset about the car.  She allowed me to masturbate on the floor while kneeling next to her bed.  She continued to use the vibe on herself and cum again and again while I edged myself.  Finally she told me that I’d touched myself enough and made me stop while she continued to masturbate.  I was in heaven and hell and buzzing in subspace.  She pulled the sheets back so I could see her and asked if I wanted to lick her some more.  I told her that I did.  She teased me and asked me if I loved licking her pussy and I told her I did and that I wanted to do it all the time.  She turned off the vibe and put it on my pillow and pulled my head between her legs.  “You should ask me to let you do it more often, then”, she told me. 

Eventually she’d had enough and dismissed me to get her water and an allergy pill.  I quickly dressed, being careful not to have an orgasm form the friction of my shorts, and went to get her things.  I brought them back and knelt beside the bed offering the water and pill to her.  She took them and reminded me that I was not allowed to touch myself and that I was being punished.   She then laughed at me and the tent in my shorts and dismissed me from the room.

I think this is the first time she’s used denial as a punishment.  While it’s exciting I almost wish she’d chosen something else.  Then again, I might get what I want and really regret it, or she could come up with something even worse.  I guess I’ll just endure this.  At least it’s something I know I can endure… at least for a while.

7 Responses

  1. AFH – just be grateful that your wife feels confident and dominant enough to pun ish you in this way, I wish my wife would do the same to me. Having teased and aroused you, allowed you to watch her pleasure herself, having you pleasure her, and then tell you that she is punishing you by denying you your orgasm, must be the ultimate demonstartion that your wife is in charge.

  2. So there is a perfect wife out there…LOL

  3. Reading between the lines, it seems that communication and understanding is required to make things work, even in a wife-led marriage. Just because she’s in charge doesn’t mean you automatically get along. You still have friction and issues.

    My wife doesn’t have the role that yours does, and I’m not sure whether I wish she did or not. I also wonder if your wife spanks you for disobedience. I’ve only read this one post, so you probably talk about that other places in your blog.

    Thanks for sharing your life in this way. If your wife or the women readers of your blog want to participate in my interactive random orgasm denial, or if they want ideas for their husbands, please read my blog at

  4. No, Carl, there is no corporal punishment.

  5. […] Laying down the law […]

  6. I’ve scanned your blog and am wondering what you get out of this deal. If your kink is just doing chores then I suppose that’s what you get out of it so you might as well work as a hotel maid and get paid.
    The wife seems to lack interest and committment and doesn’t seem to think outside of the housewife box. She doesn’t see to want to make things better, even for herself, and whining is her only mode of communication.
    Why not go back to watching TV and listening to her whine? At least you’d get some good tube time in.

  7. I found your post utterly charming and funny–meant in a non-offensive way. I love the dynamics of your relationship. If it works for you both, go for it. I’m glad I stumbled on this blog!

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