Our Anniverary

Well, our low-key celebration was probably even more low key than I expected, but it was nice.  My wife just seemed curious andaccepting of it all, but didn’t seem to really be celebrating anything.  When she got home from work I immediately began serving her (nothing too obvious because the kids were around).  I offered her a drink and got it for her.  We had talked about dinner earlier in the day and she had decided that despite the anniversary celebration we should have leftovers.  This was not a problem.  Actually, it wasn’t technically left-over.  I had pre-grilled extra chicken from when we had fajita’s on Monday night so that we would have it for Tex-Mex part two.  So I whipped up some quesadillas while my wife snacked on chips and salsa.  As I started cooking I told her that part of the celebration was that I was going to cater to her more than normal.  I told her that after dinner I would bathe the kids, get them in bed, andwhen that was done I’d clean the kitchen.  Normally she takes care of the kids after dinner to spend a little extra time with them since she works all day.  Unfortunately it is often stressful as the kids will often get out of control shortly before bed time.

After cleaning the kitchen I sat down in the family room with my wife.  She immediately asked me to get her another drink, which I gladly did.  I returned with her drink and went to get her the card I’d made for her and her gift.  I’d waffled on what I was going to get her but apparently made the right choice.  I got her a gift certificate for a mani/pedi at a local nail salon.  She loved it!  She was very happy but there was also a bit of a “why are you just now figuring out that this is what a good gift is, not the other crap you have been getting me for the last 15+ years” tone to her voice… well, actually she pretty much said that.


She also loved the card.  I went for a Hallmark-esque cheesy factor and I think I pulled it off.  I used the picture to the left for the face of the card and inside the card in fancy-schmancy script font I basically thanked her for working so hard and for letting me serve her.  I vowed to always love, honor and obey her and to always try to put her needs, wants and desires before my own.

After that we talked about our arrangement, which we hadn’t really done in a long time.  I apologized for the occasional bouts of slacking that I go through, and for the poor habits I’d had for the previous few weeks.  I brought up the the “punishment night” and told her that I realised she was upset about how much she had drank that night.  She told me she just really felt horrible because she hadn’t remembered a lot of it the next day, but after talking with me and thinking about it most of it came back to her.  She remembered it being a very enjoyable night, but was just really upset with herself for drinking so much.

I explained to her that I understood that she was upset about the drinking, but I didn’t understand why she let that change anything about our arrangement.  I thought the punishment she had given me was fair and deserved because she had been so upset about the car and I had continued to put it off despite repeated warnings from her.  I thought it was effective and just.  So, I didn’t understand why on the night she admitted that she had drank too much she let the punishment lapse, not only breaking the “no orgasm until further notice” but actually letting me orgasm sooner than I normally do anyway. 

I also told her that I got kind of down about the arrangement after she apologizedto me one night for not giving me more assignments because “I know how much you like them”.  I had to remind her that the arrangement was supposed to make her life easier, not make her stress that she isn’t making me happy by giving me extra work.  I think she felt better after the talk.  I think she’d somehow forgotten that it was all supposed to be about her and when I saw her worrying about my pleasure it made everything feel phony and I felt guilty about it, I guess.  I’m not sure we really got to the bottom of everything going on, but it was nice to talk about our arrangement since we hadn’t done it in a while.

Next I gave her a nice long foot massage while we watched a little TV andrelaxed.  She announced it was time for bed fairly early so we wouldn’t be up too late fooling around, which was nice.  I got undressed and removed my device.  It was a bit chilly so we snuggled close together under the blanket for a while to warm each other up.  We kissed for a bit and I offered to get her toys for her.  I placed her dildo and vibrator on my pillow.  She picked up the vibe and went to work on herself.  I asked if I could touch myself and she told me I had to wait.  When she was done with the vibe she had me go down on her.  When she tapped my head she told me to show her “her cock”.  I did and she grabbed it and looked at me and told me I was allowed to cum, but not until she had and not until she said.  I was relieved to hear that and soon we were making love.  Well, soon my wife was using my cock for her own pleasure, to be more accurate.  It was wonderful.  I held still as she had her orgasm and after a few moments started moving again.  Unfortunately she was a bit tired so I got the double tap on my bottom, signaling it was time to get off.  She told me I was now allowed to cum and I layed back and started masturbating.  My wife sat up and watched me, but didn’t participate.  I stroked myself slowly, relishing the knowledge that I could have an orgasm at my leisure.  I knew my stroking wouldn’t end in frustration and that knowledge and the pleasure of my slowly growing orgasm was heavenly. 

I heard a laugh as my wife pointed out the my head was on the pillow touching the dildo.  I mumbled that I didn’t care what was where as I was so wrapped up in my own pleasure.  I soon realised she was growing impatient.  She told me that when I came I wasn’t allowed to make a mess and that I had to clean it up.  I got on my knees and apologized for taking so long telling her that I was relishing the moment.

“You don’t have to cum, you know”, was her reply.  I wasn’t sure if she meant she could take away the right to cum or if she thought I didn’t want to cum.  I sped up my stroking and said, “please, I do”!

I soon came and caught it all in my hand, which required me to stop stroking after the first or second spurt, unfortunately.  It felt so good to cum after three weeks (my 22nd for the year) but I know it would have felt better and lasted longer if I’d been on my back and continued stroking.  But I hadn’t been sure if by “clean it up” my wife meant “lick it up” or not, so I made sure to catch it in my hands so I could clean it up myself.

So it was a great night.  Not the most kinky or the most romantic, but great nonetheless.

Here’s to another great year in our Arrangement!

4 Responses

  1. Not that I would object to experiencing all of this, but it sounds like a lot of tension. Could you just sort out what she wants and what you may have, and the go at it?

  2. Yeah, there was tension. Things had gotten off track a bit. I think we have started to straighten things out. Things have just been a bit too hectic lately. We really need a little more time for each other and we probably need to get back in the habit of talking about the arrangement more often.

  3. For one that communicates so badly with his wife, you will probably think that this is a bit rich coming from me. I know that we as couples are both different, but I always gringe just a little bit at the thought of sitting down and discussing your “arrangement” as you call it. Are you sure that your wife is comfortable with the whole idea of having to sit down and always discuss your arrangement. Doesn’t it take away the spontinaiety from the whole thing, it always sounds more like some sort of contract that needs renegotiating.

    As I say, I know that this sounds rich coming from someone with my track record, but I just wondered whether you can take discussion too far. Set the ground rules, understand what it is that you are both looking for, and then just prove to your wife through your actions how sincere you are about submitting to her.

    I am finding that the more I am letting jane lead, the more she is responding to her more dominant role. It may take a long time but I feel now that it’s the only real way forward that will lead to a perminent and long lasting relationship where she is in charge. You may have to alter or adapt your own desire of fantasies but if you can then it can be just as rewarding.

  4. Early on our talks were more about how things would work, what our interests were, etc.
    At this point it’s more maintainance conversations, which is what has been needed. It’s more about any thoughts or concerns, and generally it’s focussed on her as I don’t have as much of a problem expressing my oppinions, etc.
    So, what had happened was that she was feeling stressed about things going on in life and let that spill over into some sort of guilt that she wasn’t holding up her end of the bargain and needed to work harder to make me happy. She had let her view get skewed.
    There are always going to be rough times, arrangement or not. We both agreed that our arrangement was definitely a positive enhancement to our already great relationship. Yes, we had some tough times, but we would have had those anyway. The real difference was that some of the good times were even better (for example my wife is having the best sex of her life now that she just concentrates on her own pleasure).

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