Christmas is coming (that makes one of us)

Yesterday was my annual physical with Dr. Hottie (as my wife calls her).  I’m pretty sure I wrote about my physical last year, but I couldn’t find the post for it.  Maybe I didn’t write about it…  Anyway, my Dr. is a very attractive and intelligent young woman.  I had gone for years without a regular Dr. so asked the specialist I have seen for years for a recommendation.  When I called the office of the recommended Dr.’s I was informed that they were not taking new patients, but that they had brought in a talented new Dr. who was.  And that is how I got to be a patient of Dr. Hottie.  So, last year, the night before my first physical since high school, my wife decided to give me a release so I wouldn’t get over excited during my exam.  I’m very glad she did.  This year was a different story.

I was actually curious to see if there would be any noticeable difference in a prostate for somebody who hadn’t had an orgasm in three weeks and only 22 in a year.  Apparently there isn’t.  The Dr. said my prostate was fine.  Side note, last year when she checked my prostate she said, “it’s nicer when a woman does this, isn’t it”?  I was speechless and she continued with, “… smaller fingers”.  A joke and sexual innuendo?!  I love Dr. Hottie!  It’s also very strange to have a conversation with somebody who is not your wife who is holding your testicles and asking if you touch them often.  Granted it was in respect to checking for testicular cancer, but she wasn’t checking while we were talking.  She was just holding them.

Anyway, I’ve got a clean bill of health and when I told my wife about my prostate being fine, even with all of the denial and limited orgasms.  She replied that she hadn’t even thought about the effect of that on my prostate, but was relieved none the less.  At that point I thought she may ease up on the denial out of concern for my prostate.  As I would find out later, no such luck.

The physical was early in the morning and my wife took some time off from work so our youngest wouldn’t miss gymnastics class while I was at the Dr.  I met them at the gym afterward and my wife informed me that she would be taking my car to work so I could check on a problem with hers.  She continued to make requests/demands from me the rest of the day without feeling, or at least showing, that she was self conscious about it.  She was definitely in the zone, so to speak.

My wife has always had the (bad) habit of telling me about surprises she has for me.  I’ve never understood it and have told her many times over the years that it’s not really a “surprise” if I know it’s coming.  She contends that since I don’t know what it is that it’s still a surprise.  I’ve also told her that it is torture for me.  I hate knowing that I’m going to get something, not knowing what it is, at a specific point in time that is not right at that moment.  I think that’s why she likes it so much.  Well, she might not realise it, but she put a new twist on it last night.  We went to bed and she had me get her vibe for her.  While she used it she asked me how long it has been since my last orgasm.  I told her that it has been three weeks.  I continued to share and told her that I’d had 22 orgasms this year, and that the longest I’ve gone between orgasms was five weeks.  This seemed to turn her on and she teased me about knowing all the statistics.  I told her that it’s easy to remember all your orgasms when you have so few.  She continued to tease me and said that it was only a couple of weeks until Christmas and that I wasn’t allowed to cum before then.  “We know you can make it five weeks since you just told me you’ve done it before”, she teased.  Yeah, but what I didn’t tell her is how I was going insane by the fifth week.  Of course, that time I didn’t know if she even realised she was making me wait so long.  It will be different now that she’s stated I will be waiting until Christmas.

After informing me of this she told me to go down on her.  This time I left the device on.  I have to say it’s pretty damn sexy to give oral sex to your wife while in a chastity device.  That is until she says, “get that thing off, I want to fuck your cock”.  Actually, that was pretty hot too.  As I took off the device she used her vibe.  As my erection grew she asked me, “is that thing ready to fuck yet”?  A few more strokes and it was ready.  She had a couple of orgasms, one from intercourse and one from oral before dismissing me.  I asked if I could masturbate as she started using her vibe again and she allowed me to… for about thirty seconds.  She then told me to stop touching myself and leave the room so she could masturbate in peace.  I don’t know how many more orgasms she had, but when I went to bed later she had of course left her vibe on my pillow to wash and put away.

I was so tempted to spy on her while she masturbated.  I wanted desperately to hear her cumming again.  But I resisted the temptation to spy, as well as to masturbate.


Five weeks.  A gift of Christmas orgasm.  Well, at least time has seemed to be flying by recently.  And I’ve got a lot to do over the next couple of weeks.  Perhaps I’ll be too distracted to notice that I’m about to explode.  The anticipation is killing me already.

So, it looks like I’ll be having a total of 24 orgasms this year after all, assuming that I’ll be allowed to cum on New Year’s Eve.  Dammit.  I shouldn’t have even typed that.  Now it’s out there.  I probably just jinxed myself.  What really surprises me is how easily my wife can take the Dominant role at times, while at other times she seems to forget that she can have me do anything she asks of me.  I’m glad that she happens to be in the Dominant role right now as it will hopefully take a lot of stress off of her in this very busy time of year.

OK, now I’m just rambling.  It must be the coffee… or the subspace…

On a roll

Last night as we were throwing together the last of  the Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner my wife stopped to thank me for “not being a jerk”.  She elaborated and explained that so many of the women she knows complain about their husbands.  They complain about their laziness, their attitudes, the way they are treated, etc.  She finished by saying how thankful she was to have a husband who wasn’t a jerk.  I, of course, nearly spoiled the moment the moment when I hugged her and whispered something about also having a husband who loves to serve her.  She replied with an exasperated, “OK”!  I’m sure that one little comment, said with the best of intentions, made her feel pressured.  I got the feeling at that moment that she felt, “jeez, I’ve got enough going on without having to figure out how you can serve me”!

Everything was fine after that.  It wasn’t really as tense as I make it sound, but I kind of felt like it was too close to the edge for comfort.  But I think we were both able to reflect on it.  I (again) realised how careful I have to be when making any kind of statement referring to submissive feelings as they can come across as, “why aren’t you dominating me right now”.  I think she also relaxed about it a bit as she started making requests of me.  At one point, after dinner while we were relaxing and watching some TV, I think she really felt comfortable for the first time in a while with ordering me around.  It seemed to come back to her when I brought her a drink that had  lot of condensation on it.  She looked slightly annoyed and told me to dry it off so I went and got a kitchen towel and dried the drink off.  When I returned my wife said, “you know, if you wanted a towel you just had to get one from that laundry basket that is full of towels waiting to be folded and put away”.

Ahhhhh….  so nice…..

She sat back and relaxed and I began to fold laundry.  She continued to make requests of me the rest of the night, including a nice list of things to do before going to bed (given as she left for bed). 

I went to tuck her in and kiss her good night.  Before leaving I asked if she’d like me to get her toys out for her.  She said ‘yes’ and I got them out.  I asked if she’d like me to leave and she considered it for a moment before saying, “no, I may want you”.  With that I locked the bedroom door and began to undress, just down to my boxer briefs and the device.  She was oblivious to me as I got into bed, already very busy with her vibe.  Well, she was oblivious until I put my hand on her and she pushed it away telling me my hands were cold and I needed to warm them up.  I did my best to warm them up and eventually my wife spread her legs wider and said, “OK” to me.  I thought she wanted me inside her so I took off my boxers and started fumbling with the strap on the device.

“What are you doing”, she asked while my hands were busy under the covers.

“I’ve got the device on”, I replied.

“Leave it on”, she said at the moment I’d gotten it off.

“Oh”, I said.  “I can’t get it back on right now”.

With that she giggled at me a bit while pushing my had beneath the covers.  She rode my face rougher than she normally does.  She did this for quite a while and eventually asked me to get inside her.  I did and she used my cock for a while before telling me to go down on her again where she locked my head between her thighs and gave my tongue a thorough workout.  After her orgasm she rolled to her side of the bed.  Having been two weeks since my last orgasm I thought she might allow me to cum, but I was wrong.  I asked for permission to masturbate and she replied very sternly, “ON THE FLOOR”.  As usual I was able to edge myself a few times before being dismissed from the room to do more chores.

Today I’m horny as hell and riding a nice submissive buzz I haven’t really felt in a while.  It’s so nice.

Patterns (or I feel like I am repeating myself because I am repeating myself)

I was just reading over some old posts when I realised something about myself and the arrangement.  As I mentioned in my last post I think I’ve come to terms with it not being all about the sex while often feeling like it’s all about the sex.  But looking back over old posts I’ve realised that the sex is kind of an affirmation of our arrangement.  There have been plenty of times where we’ve run into problems or I’ve questioned whether we were really “doing this” or if it was all a game.  These doubts can last for days at a time.  Then we have sex, and my wife tells me I’m not allowed to cum or allows me to masturbate for just a minute or two while kneeling on the floor.  After that all my doubts, worries, fears are gone… at least for a while.

I can see the same pattern over time while reading through this blog.  My wife worries about her libido or oral sex or something else or I worry that she’s not really into it or that I’m not really into it and I write about it.  Often my next post will be about super hot sex and my wife feeling/acting more dominant and me feeling more submissive and I’ll end the post by stating how lucky I am to have such an amazing wife.

The sex is an affirmation that everything else we are doing is ‘real’.  I don’t know why, but it is.

So, the last few days I’ve been worried about my wife a little.  Not because she wasn’t feeling horny at night, but because she seemed to be worried about it and probably worried about how I felt about it.  Since we had the same conversation six months ago I’m guessing it’s a hormonal cycle or something like that.  I was fairly certain it would pass, but I was worried that it would be difficult emotionally for my wife.

Knowing this I felt like a jerk when she got home from work last night and asked me how I was and I replied, “Horny”.  I was being honest, but regretted it because I didn’t want her to feel pressured, especially since she just pointed out how her libido was out of synch with my availability.  She didn’t seem upset as she replied, “duh, of course you are”.

I wasn’t expecting anything when she went to bed last night, and I was a bit surprised when she asked me if I wanted to fool around.  First I kind of stammered, “sure, if you do”, but quickly changed that to, “yes, please”!  I got undressed in got into bed.  We snuggled and kissed a little for a few minutes but I got the feeling my wife wasn’t really into it.  Part of me wanted to ask her if I should stop and leave, but I decided I should trust that she wouldn’t do anything she didn’t really want to do.  To be honest, I think that she kind of forced herself to get over her “not feeling horny at night” and asked me to get her vibe.  I got it for her and she spread her legs pinning mine (and my cock) under one of hers.  I watched and gently stroked the inside of her thigh as she used the vibe, eyes closed and oblivious of me.  After a few minutes she asked me to go down on her.  I did and soon my head was locked between her thighs as she had an orgasm.  When she had enough she opened her legs and pushed me away.  I moved back up the bed and as I went to put my arm around her and kiss her she rolled over and told me she was going to sleep.  She allowed me to masturbate on the floor for a few minutes before dismissing me to let her get her rest.

So, there you go.  It’s our pattern, I guess.  Hopefully this is what my wife needed to feel more relaxed about sex again.  I know for me it’s my affirmation that this is real.  I’m a very lucky man.