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Last night as we were throwing together the last of  the Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner my wife stopped to thank me for “not being a jerk”.  She elaborated and explained that so many of the women she knows complain about their husbands.  They complain about their laziness, their attitudes, the way they are treated, etc.  She finished by saying how thankful she was to have a husband who wasn’t a jerk.  I, of course, nearly spoiled the moment the moment when I hugged her and whispered something about also having a husband who loves to serve her.  She replied with an exasperated, “OK”!  I’m sure that one little comment, said with the best of intentions, made her feel pressured.  I got the feeling at that moment that she felt, “jeez, I’ve got enough going on without having to figure out how you can serve me”!

Everything was fine after that.  It wasn’t really as tense as I make it sound, but I kind of felt like it was too close to the edge for comfort.  But I think we were both able to reflect on it.  I (again) realised how careful I have to be when making any kind of statement referring to submissive feelings as they can come across as, “why aren’t you dominating me right now”.  I think she also relaxed about it a bit as she started making requests of me.  At one point, after dinner while we were relaxing and watching some TV, I think she really felt comfortable for the first time in a while with ordering me around.  It seemed to come back to her when I brought her a drink that had  lot of condensation on it.  She looked slightly annoyed and told me to dry it off so I went and got a kitchen towel and dried the drink off.  When I returned my wife said, “you know, if you wanted a towel you just had to get one from that laundry basket that is full of towels waiting to be folded and put away”.

Ahhhhh….  so nice…..

She sat back and relaxed and I began to fold laundry.  She continued to make requests of me the rest of the night, including a nice list of things to do before going to bed (given as she left for bed). 

I went to tuck her in and kiss her good night.  Before leaving I asked if she’d like me to get her toys out for her.  She said ‘yes’ and I got them out.  I asked if she’d like me to leave and she considered it for a moment before saying, “no, I may want you”.  With that I locked the bedroom door and began to undress, just down to my boxer briefs and the device.  She was oblivious to me as I got into bed, already very busy with her vibe.  Well, she was oblivious until I put my hand on her and she pushed it away telling me my hands were cold and I needed to warm them up.  I did my best to warm them up and eventually my wife spread her legs wider and said, “OK” to me.  I thought she wanted me inside her so I took off my boxers and started fumbling with the strap on the device.

“What are you doing”, she asked while my hands were busy under the covers.

“I’ve got the device on”, I replied.

“Leave it on”, she said at the moment I’d gotten it off.

“Oh”, I said.  “I can’t get it back on right now”.

With that she giggled at me a bit while pushing my had beneath the covers.  She rode my face rougher than she normally does.  She did this for quite a while and eventually asked me to get inside her.  I did and she used my cock for a while before telling me to go down on her again where she locked my head between her thighs and gave my tongue a thorough workout.  After her orgasm she rolled to her side of the bed.  Having been two weeks since my last orgasm I thought she might allow me to cum, but I was wrong.  I asked for permission to masturbate and she replied very sternly, “ON THE FLOOR”.  As usual I was able to edge myself a few times before being dismissed from the room to do more chores.

Today I’m horny as hell and riding a nice submissive buzz I haven’t really felt in a while.  It’s so nice.

7 Responses

  1. Great entry AFH, it’s such a nice feeling to be used like that by your wife and then dismissed, no wonder that you were on a submissive high the next day.

    Your wife sounds very much like mine in that she ia happy (ish) to play along as the dominant wife, but only to a level that she is comfortable with. Anything to overtly dominant, or when you spoil the moment by saying something like “he loves to serve”, and she lets you know that she doesn’t see it in quite the same way.

    Most wives would actual prefer to have a supportive, helpful, loving and attentive husband, I am sure that they are always comparing husbands to their friends. What they don’t want to admit to is that they are dominant, strict wives, somehow heartless and harsh, amking their husbands do what they want.

    I think that this is one of the most difficult hurdles to jump for your wife, to accpet that she has this power over you, and being comfortable using it.

    Do you think that your evening would have gone the same way if you hadn’t made that comment, tasks, laundry etc. ? I guess subconciously you were looking for a reaction or just trying to get an affirmation that she felt the same way. I know how easy a trap that is to fall into.

  2. My wife actually seemed a little more into the overt dominance early on. I can recall conversations where she would talk about what a rush she got from telling me to do things knowing that I’d do them just because she told me to.

    She also has told me that it’s tough to get in that mind set when she is busy at work, which she has been for months now, and I can understand that. There are a lot of nights where instead of relaxing while I clean up after dinner, or do some other chore, she does work on her laptop.

    There have also been times where she has talked about having a “submissive husband”. But I’d say that usually she just refers to me as her “loving” or “adoring” husband.

    I guess I subconsciously I was probably looking for a little confirmation about being her submissive husband, but at the moment it just seemed like a “cute” thing to say. I do think it resulted in her feeling more comfortable telling me to do things, and if I hadn’t said it either less would have been done, or she would have done more herself (like folding the laundry).

    Maybe that could be the topic of a future conversation. Is there a way I could give her the confidence to ask more of me without making her feel uncomfortable or pressured. We can all use reminders and encouragement from time to time. What would be an appropriate way for me to do that? That’s something to think aobut.

  3. I’m not sure I know the answer to that question. I guess the only way to make her feel comfortable is keep letting her see that she is in charge and that you are not only willing, but also enjoy submitting to her in the way that you do. I am not sure how long it will take, everyone is different, but eventually she will get so use to taking charge and being in control that she will one day be more comforatble with it. Whether she will ever enjoy it to the extent that would like and look more actively to express her dominace is another matter. I guess this could actually take years.

    I am actually coming to the conclusion that for most men in our situation, it is unlikely that we will ever truly be satisfied. For this to be so, I would like to feel that it was just natural for my wife to be the dominant partner and for her to express that postion naturally and without an effort. For as long as she has to “force” herself, or if she is so influenced by outside factors like work that it makes it an effort, then it suggest to me that it isn’t yet coming naturally to her.

    I think that is the key. Once you can feel that whatever your wife does is natural and comes easy to her, then you will truly feel that you are wife led. Until then my friend, I think that there is a danger that we will both feel that we are still leading this, and therefore not wife led.

  4. Obviously, we are not there for your day to day life but it seems to me that you are tiring your wife with your near constant groveling. If your submissiveness requires her to always be thinking of things for you to do then it’s a burden on her, not a relief. You will make her feel better if you do things she wants before she tells you to, or before she even knows she wants them.

  5. Thanks for taking the time to reply, but not only are you not here for my day to day life, it would seem you’ve never read my blog before you replied to this post.

    However, your last statement has given me something to think about and will likely be my next post.


  6. Well, I haven’t read it since its inception but I have been reading it for about 2 months.

  7. Sorry. When you said, “it seems to me that you are tiring your wife with your near constant groveling” I just assumed you had only read one post as I’d have to strongly disagree that I grovel at all, let alone tire her with near constant grovelling. I wouldn’t say that trying to be cute with a comment about “serving” would qualify as grovelling.

    Anyway, one of the themes of this blog, I’d say, is the struggle with the idea of service for selfish reasons and the idea of wanting to make my wife’s life more pleasurable. I think I do a pretty good job of recognizing when I’m being selfish, and regardless of whether I screw up or get it right I try to write about it (especially if I screw up).

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