Brief update pt. 2

Still nothing new going on.  Things continue to be a bit hectic so time spent together is mostly just relaxing.  Nothing too heavy going on, just the usual small pamperings and her appreciative comments.  Comments like, “I love Monday nights… when you mop the kitchen floor”.  It’s kind of a tease, but she also really loves having that I mop the kitchen floor regularly.

Sorry, Steve, I quit the “kneeling ritual” a while back.  I don’t exactly remember when, but it was likely at some point when I was sick.  I was still “tucking my wife in” as she went to bed, but somewhere along the line kneeling stopped being a part of it.  I’m OK with it because it somehow seemed fake, but I’m not sure how my wife feels about it.

This brings me to the last time we talked about our arrangement, which I wrote about a few posts ago.  I told her that I was feeling really good about the arrangement because it felt very “normal” at this point and thus it seemed sustainable for a long time.  Somewhere in that conversation I got the impression that she felt a little different about it.  Not that it wasn’t sustainable, just that it seemed a little too “plain”.  I think she wants a little more, but as I said things have been so hectic I think she just takes what is easy right now.  What’s easy is my keeping the house, my serving her, and my being chaste.  Hopefully we’ll have a little more time in the near future where we can maybe revist our last conversation and see where she feels it could/should go.  As I said, I’m pretty content with where we are, but it would be exciting to see what she thinks about where we could go.

As for chastity, I was allowed my 5th release of the year this past Sunday after 3 weeks of denial.  My wife seemed to really be “in the zone” and had four orgasms in a very short amount of time, two oral and two during intercourse.  As I lay worn out next to her, and she seemed worn out too, she implied she could go on.  If she had told me to I would have, but I’m relieved she didn’t.  I was spent.  I could have offered, sure, but we really are at the point where if she wanted it she wouldn’t have hesitated to tell me to get back to work, or use the vibe on herself.

Well, hopefully we can have that talk soon.  As soon as we do I’ll write about it.  In the mean time I’m just happy when I can find time to even check other blogs.  I’m falling so far behind!

2 Responses

  1. Congrats on the release. Glad you have kept up the blog, it really is a great read and you a great advocate for the lifestyle!

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words. I really love writing, I just wish I had something more interesting going on. I get the feeling my wife would like that too, but life just isn’t allowing her a lot of free time right now.

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