Football Sunday’s

Since starting our arrangement football season has been a little strange.  On Sunday’s, or whatever day my favorite team ends up playing, things get all turned around.  My wife enjoys letting me sit and relax and watch football while I do a minimum of jobs around the house and she generally takes care of business around the house.  Usually it will involve grocery shopping and or cooking up a nice brunch and then a Sunday dinner.

Well, yesterday was no different, except that I also had a sore back and was distracted by some other thoughts.  As my wife got dinner ready I was researching something on the computer while trying to also keep an eye on whatever game was on.  She told me she was going to need my help finishing dinner to which I made some grunting noise apparently.  She let me know that my answer was far less enthusiastic than she expected from me.

“Yes, my love.  How can I help you”, she prompted.

I repeated the words back trying to focus on her and not pay attention to that amazing run happening on the TV.

She wanted me to finish the mashed potatoes.  Hmmm.  I’m a pretty darn good cook, but I don’t make mashed potatoes.  She does.  Always.  So I get some stuff out and then stand there looking stupid while she stops what she is doing and tells me what to do.  I do this wondering why she just doesn’t do it since there are probably ten other things I could be doing instead.  When I finish I return to the family room and watch more football.

This was apparently the wrong thing to do.  My wife let me know that when I had finished I should have asked her what else she wanted me to do.  At this point I did my best to REALLY focus and helped her finish with everything and get dinner on the table.

As I was setting the table she made a joke about how my service went to hell a day after she had let me “cum in her sweet pussy”.  She then spent the next few minutes teasing me and getting me all hot and bothered before having to sit and eat dinner.

Now, perhaps it is true that my orgasm the day before had something to do with it.  Personally I think it was more the mindset that had been over the last couple of years during football Sunday’s.  I basically have been allowed to act like any other random hubby instead of her househusband who caters to her needs.  Plus my back hurt.  Mostly I think it was the “alpha” male football thing, though.

Of course her comment/joke to me about my service going to hell after she let me cum flipped my switch and I was in a better mindset for her the rest of the night.  It also sent me into a little fantasy world.  “Yes, my love.  Three weeks is far too soon to be allowed an orgasm.  I think six weeks would be more appropriate.”  To be honest the look in her eye is what really set me off.  Although she was joking there seemed to be something behind her comment.  It seemed to be a calculated joke, not something she had just thought of.

I guess only time will tell.

Just a quick note

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I had changed my attitude about expecting sex.  It was still a pretty new idea to me when I posted it, but I have to say that it has had a dramatic effect on my mental stability.  We are in what I would call a “lull”, but really it’s just life.  Colds, kids, work… the typical things.  It’s not lack of interest, just diminished opportunity.  In the past I’m sure I would have lamented this.  Poor me.  Three weeks with barely any intimacy.  But I have to say that I’m doing great.  Would I prefer more intimacy?  Absolutely!  But I no longer expect it, so I’m not disappointed.  There has even been a few times where my wife has told me that she wanted some action but due to whatever reason we couldn’t.  That probably would have really sent me spiraling out of control before.  Now I’m just content to know that what we have is real and sex or no sex doesn’t change that.  She is the boss and that makes us both very happy.

That’s not to say that I’m not horny as hell.  Because I am.  Really.  Really.  Horny.

Last week she did surprise me a bit.  I had gotten up early to do something and she had told me that I could go back to bed for a little nap.  I took her up on that offer.  A few minutes later she was in bed next to me.  I was so close to sleep.  Next I felt her leg across my lap and heard a familiar buzz.  “Good for her” I thought as I was drifting off.

“I want you to lick me”.

So much for telling me to take a nap.

No longer tired I went down on her and brought her to an orgasm.  She told me I could edge myself and I dared ask the question I’ve been wanting to ask for quite a while now, “will you please edge me”?

At first she seemed a little taken aback, but I’m sure she saw the puppy dog eyes I was giving her.  Then she got a wicked look in her own eyes.  I was expecting her to lie next to me and half heartedly masturbate me for a few minutes.  Instead she straddled my legs.  That was a surprise.  Then she leaned over and wrapped her lips around my cock for a moment.  I assumed it was for lubrication.  Then she completely shocked me by giving me a real, honest to goodness blow job.  Well, as much of an honest to goodness blow job as one can get in ten to fifteen seconds.  That’s how long it took to get me to the edge.  I probably could have lasted a few more seconds, but I honestly didn’t know if I’d be able to stop her or myself in time.  Hell, I’m probably being generous with thinking it lasted 15 seconds.  All I know is that she had a little chuckle at how quickly I got to the edge, “that didn’t take long”.  She totally got off on her ability to tease me with her mouth for a brief moment knowing I wouldn’t be allowed to cum.  It has been years since she had used her mouth like that and now it is fresh in my mind how amazing it is.  And it is fresh in my mind that I will be lucky to feel it again any time soon.