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Well, the wife did something yesterday that she hasn’t done much of in the previous few months… use me for sex.  It was very nice, to say the least.  Afterwards I mentioned to her that when I wished her a “happy anniversary” last week she had mentioned we that we needed to talk about our arrangement.  I could tell at the time it was nothing too serious.  It just sounded like a “we haven’t talked about it in a while” type of thing, but we have both been sooooo busy (for a couple of months now it feels) that yesterday was the first time I could bring it up.

Basically she ended up apologizing for not being more proactive.  I, of course, told her it’s not about her having to do things for me, but she is far smarter than that.  She understands that the Arrangement has to be a two way street.  As she said, “lately you’ve been doing all the cleaning and working around the house and not having sex… if we didn’t have the arrangement it would be the same thing”.  Her point wasn’t that the arrangement is pointless, but if she isn’t involving herself in doing things than it is no different than not having the arrangement.  She of course brought up giving me assignments again, which she hasn’t been doing.  I again explained that it wasn’t supposed to be a chore for her, but her point of view is that it personalizes my regular cleaning routine, plus the things she sees that she wants me to clean I may not see.  The problem is she doesn’t seem to have time to give me the assignments any more.  Not that I’m not cleaning, etc.  She acknowledged my cleaning.  Her point is about her involvement.

She seemed to get a little down at times during the conversation, but pointed out, without any prompting from me, that she didn’t want to take a break or end the Arrangement.  She did say she was going to make more of an effort to be involved, which is a wonderful thing, and the conversation ended on a good note.

To lighten the mood a bit at the end I gave her some orgasm statistics.  For me to have the same number of orgasms this year as I did last year I’ll need to have one every four days for the rest of the year.  She laughed and assured me that wasn’t happening.  She did throw me for a loop when she asked what her stats were for the year.  I was caught off guard and pointed out that it was easy to count my few orgasms to her many, but (I’m a dork) she knows that I track both.  I commented that she is probably off her pace from last year a bit as we’ve had a couple of slow months this fall.  However, when I went back and counted she is actually right on track with last year (of course that’s a rough estimate as I never know exactly how many times she cums).

All in all it’s been a very good week.  Anniversary, her birthday, Thanksgiving, using me for sex… good times!

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  1. Hi, first time I’ve read your blog. This caught my attention, that you tracked your wife and your orgasms. I did that for a time (we’ve fallen a bit off the wagon I’m afraid) but I am curious: what are your actual numbers?
    Over about a two month period, my wife “beat” me 3:1, but there were times when she would have like 7 in a row to my zero. I just thought it was fun to keep track =)

  2. I am at 18 for the year, which changes the math a bit. I was thinking I was at 17 so to be accurate I should have told her I needed one every five days. Frankly, with so little time left in the year the difference is negligible, lol.

    I actually don’t remember my wife’s total, but I’d say our ratio is probably closer to 12:1 or 15:1, somewhere in there.

    We did have one month recently that would be an outlier on the statistical chart. We only had sex three times and each had one orgasm on each occasion.

  3. You are right on the “arrangement”. If you don’t have one, then there is no arrangement. The crucial part is to honor the arrangement, and over time it can simply disappear. Then later you think back, and say, “Well you know. It goes away.”

    On the positive side, your introductory remark prompted me to post my own input on my blog. You might be amused by it.

  4. It’s very reassuring to know that she WANTS to be a part of this and keep it going. It’s not just about some submissive fantasy of mine. It’s something we’ve grown into together and she enjoys it and wants it to continue. But, as always in life, sometimes are more difficult than others. Other aspects of our life are just taking too much of our attention right now. Oh, well. That’s life.

    BTW, great post SP! 🙂

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