The wait is worth it, but it’s not worth the wait.

Saturday afternoon my wife invited me to join her in the bedroom.  I was more than happy to oblige.  I brought her toys, including the new vibe, to the bed.  She seemed a bit skeptical with the new vibe at first.  It really doesn’t look like much, and it clearly isn’t very high end.  She played with it for a few minutes before bringing herself to a nice, big orgasm.

I asked her if she had a nice, big orgasm and she said, “yes… I didn’t mean to, but I did”.  Apparently the new mini vibe is quite a bit more intense than the other mini vibe.  She thinks the chord may get in the way sometimes, but it’s worth the hassle for the strong sensations it brings.

Next it was my turn.  She put her hand on my head and pushed me under the blankets.  I know I mention this every time, but its a detail that really helps to put me in subspace.  It’s such a powerful feeling to be so physically directed to do something that is all about her pleasure.  Of course the tap on the head when she’s had enough is pretty powerful too, especially when followed by, “now, give me your cock”.

I think I did a pretty good job of making love to her.  I know I lasted longer than the last time she wanted to have sex with me.  She was also very kind and broke it up in the middle telling me to go down on her again.  It was obvious she wanted to make sure she had another orgasm before I did.  I got her to the edge with my mouth and heard, “I need your cock inside me NOW”!  After that I didn’t last too long and as she enjoyed a prolonged orgasm I came as well.

“Was it worth the wait”, she asked?

Although I told her it was, I realized that the question wasn’t really accurate.  On the one hand it wasn’t worth the wait.  It was a pretty intense orgasm, but orgasms are the type of thing that could be intense at any given time.  There is no quantitative way to say that this particular orgasm is better, or more worth another particular orgasm.  So, to say that orgasm was worth 50 days of waiting would not be accurate.

The better way to phrase it would be, “Was the wait worth it”.  If that is the question than the answer is a resounding “YES”!  The feelings you experience through long term denial are just amazing, and they are feelings you can’t just experience when ever you want to, unlike an orgasm (well, for most people).  You can only experience what a month of chastity feels like by going through a month of chastity.  So, the wait was well worth it and I hope to be kept waiting for longer periods of time from now on.

As we lay in bed together afterward my wife told me how much she enjoyed the new toy, but also told me how much she has enjoyed the completely one sided sex we’d been having leading up to this past Saturday.  She has really enjoyed having me in my device while she uses her toys and my mouth to have orgasm after orgasm.  I didn’t bring up the question about why giving her oral sex while she uses her dildo isn’t emasculating while using an extender would be, but she made it very clear that she really enjoys my mouth and her dildo in tandem.

Lucky me!

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  1. That’s an interesting way to look at it… I find that, depending on my mood, my desire to actually orgasm is pretty low but I enjoy the denial and the fact that I get to those heights of desperation. And the wait is most definitely worth it every time!

  2. Very interesting stuff! I don’t think I’ve ever gone that long on my own, and I certainly haven’t just ‘given’ to her for longer than a day or two. Maybe I’ll give it a go…

  3. You can look at it this way:
    If it’s really good after being denied for a week, then two weeks must feel better, right? And then a month would be even better, right? And then two months… and then 8, and then…

    Thing is, life doesn’t quite work that way. if it did, then some of us would be waiting for a year and afterward we’d need CPR.

    I’m going to have to mention the “emasculating” thing to Mrs. Edge. She doesn’t appear to feel that way at all.

  4. I know exactly what you mean. To me one orgasm is much like another, regardless of how long the gap between them. In other words its not so much the gap, but what leads up to or how you are given your orgasm.

    There is no doubt that the intensity and emotional impact is increased if my orgasm is preceeded by tease and suggestive arousal. It’s the same with denial, as it’s overall effect is increased the more that your wife gets you aroused and uses you for her pleasure, but not allowing you to orgasm. Lets face it any outward or direct expression of control or dominance by your wife is a turn on or motivator, but denail for me has to be the ultimate.

    • I guess I left out the part that “it’s the journey that counts”. That is a big part of it. Waiting for weeks on end with nothing happening at all wouldn’t be the good kind of frustration, would it. But a week or two of amazingly sexy frustration would be pretty fantastic.
      So clearly it’s how you get there that counts. While the destination might not be as exciting as the journey you do need the destination for the journey to have meaning.

      That sounds a lot deeper than it needs to, lol.

  5. Enjoy your blog – learning a lot.

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