Getting back into the groove

Over the last three weeks or so we seem to have gotten back into a nice groove.  I feel like I’m back in a head space where I’m getting everything done as a good house husband should and my wife has been more “aggressive” in having me work or fetch things for her while she relaxes.

I think it really was set into motion a week ago.  Thursday night seems to have replaced Sunday as obligatory sex day.  Of course part of what set our whole arrangement in motion years ago was the idea that she shouldn’t feel obligated to have sex with me if she wasn’t in the mood, but over time we discovered that if she doesn’t set aside time for sex than often it won’t happen at all.  She also figured out that 99% of the time she may not be in the mood, but once she turns on her vibe she gets there in a hurry!

So, we’re having fun in bed, doing the usual things, and I let her know I’m close.  I’m not exactly sure if I should stop or not because although I had asked her a few weeks before to take over control of my orgasms again it hasn’t really been an implicit agreement and so far she had not exercised the right of refusal.  Of course, the other times she encouraged me to orgasm, so that could be looked at as controlling them, but I wasn’t really at a point where I thought we could really discuss it.  I thrust hard into her a couple of times and stopped for a break.  After a moment she pushed me down and was soon grinding on my face.  Then she added the purple monster to the mix and came again.  As she pulled it out I went to enter her again and she seemed surprised.

“You didn’t cum inside me”, she asked?

“No.  Can I enter you again”?

“I’m done.  I had a bunch of great orgasms.  I thought you had cum already so I had you go down on me again”, she said as she got up to go to the bathroom.  I laid on my side of the bed and stroked myself slowly.  “You may continue, though”, she said as she closed the door.

When she returned I was still slowly stroking myself wondering where this was going to lead.

“OK, you’re done”.

Cue subspace.

It was the first orgasm denial she had practiced in I don’t know how long and it seemed to really get us both going.  As I said I hadn’t been sure about the orgasm control, but I stopped masturbating again anyway, so it was the first time I had gone a week in a long time as well.  

All through the next week she became more dominant outside the bedroom.  She asked me what my plans were for around the house (outside my normal cleaning duties) and I told her of two projects that I wanted to get done.  She informed me that she didn’t care as much about those projects and gave me two projects she wanted to get done.  She also had me cater to her needs much more and even began being a bit more open in front of our kids again.  At dinner one of our boys asked for seconds and my wife replied, “Your father will be happy to get that for you” and she gave me a very sexy look.

Last Monday night I was all over her, practically begging for sex.  Her response was, “anticipation makes it better, doesn’t it” and went to bed.

I didn’t have to wait for Thursday this week.  Apparently the anticipation was too much for her as well and she took me to bed Wednesday night.  After warming up with the vibe to a nice orgasm she pulled me on top of her.  I opened my mouth to speak and she told me “No talking”.  After a minute or so, not very long at all she said, “This isn’t really doing it.  I need the purple monster”.  I reached over and got it and got it wet for her.  I inserted it and raised myself over her as if it were me inside her, not it.  After another orgasm she took it out and used my mouth until she was too sensitive from multiple orgasms.  After a short break she had me enter her again.  “I really needed that big cock inside me”, she teased.  I told her I could feel how it stretched her out, being so much bigger than me.  She then encouraged me to cum, teasing me and telling me she wanted to feel it.  When I did she told me, “that was nice” and rolled over.  “Take care of those toys and bring me a glass of water”, she said with out looking at me, and I did.

So, I think it’s been a great few weeks.  I think we both really enjoyed getting back into the groove, but I’m not going to push things.  Right now it’s probably best to just see where it takes us instead of either of us trying to steer it.