Positive Changes

I mentioned previously some of the stress we recently went through.  It was a good stress, though.  Our house had been damaged so insurance basically paid for a remodel.  Since then we’ve been trying to make more positive changes in our lives.  One of these changes is my wife starting a side business and expanding her consulting work (on top of her regular job).  She was on the fence about taking these steps until I told her I was here to help.  That’s when it clicked for her.  I’m basically going to be her employee.  The new side business will benefit greatly from the myriad of contacts I have.  She was a reluctant joiner to social networking, but I’ve been involved since the start, so I’ve got quite a list of contacts.  The expansion of her consulting will essentially be her training me to do the work she is already doing which she will check and approve before sending back to the clients.

One of the goals we have set is that the income created from these two new sources will make it possible for me to quit my part time job and be at home full time, which would of course lead to me being able to do more work on the other jobs.

I find it interesting that even though we are no longer in our “Arrangement” we are finding more ways to be wife led.  Long before we stopped my wife told me that some of the changes we had made in our lifestyle could probably never revert back.  Looking back now it’s obvious.  I have my daily list of chores, not that she gives them to me, just that I’m the one that cleans and does certain jobs.  If she sees something that she wants to be done she tells me.  In the bedroom it’s the same as it was before, maybe even kinkier.  I think the difference is she is enjoying herself more because she doesn’t look at it as another thing she has to do.  Now it’s just life.  We have no set of rules that we are trying to follow, we are just doing what feels right.  Most of the time that seems to coincide with our former arrangement without having to have an arrangement, if that makes any sense.

So, how will this change things?  I don’t know.  She is already the main source of income for us and now I’m her employee.  She’s the boss at home and at work, which seems to now be the same thing.  

Speaking of changing things, she has also brought up the prospect of expanding the family.  A few years ago I would have agreed right off, but now I’m the one worrying about how it would effect us.  We are still discussing it, and I’m not outright against it, but right now I seem to only be remembering all the stress involved with child rearing.

She first brought up the idea a couple of weeks ago.  It was time to remove her birth control ring and somehow it had disappeared, so for a couple of days she worried she might be pregnant.  It was a mystery until last night.  

Monday night we had some pretty hot but vanilla sex.  Well, she had me talk dirty to her while she used her mini vibe, which was unusual.  She seemed to enjoy listening to me talk about the last time we’d had sex and she used her purple cock and only let me make love to her as an afterthought. As I made love to her she told me to enjoy it because the next time she was going to be fucking her purple cock again.

Last night was big purple cock night.  She pulled out her vibe to get started and put my tongue to work right away.  She had me lick her while she stuck her vibe in her pussy.  I have to admit I was a little distracted by the thought that it would chip my teeth if I wasn’t careful.  The it was time for the purple monster and more tongue work.  As I licked her and fucked her with that giant cock we solved the mystery of the disappearing birth control ring.  It would appear that the purple monster is big enough to push it out.  This made my wife laugh and brought a pleasant little wave of humiliation.  After that my wife pushed me out of the way and fucked herself while using her vibe.  I was just getting in the way.

She finished and pulled the sheets over herself as I slowly masturbated.  Again, I couldn’t help myself and had to ask her if she was able to go a little longer.  She considered it a moment and pulled the sheets aside.  I slid inside her and made love to her for a few minutes, but the dildo had stretched her out and she was quickly becoming too dry.  She said she was willing to let me go longer, but I could tell she was done so I thanked her and rolled off.

We sat and talked a bit and she laughed again about the birth control ring.  She said there should be a warning on the box about the danger of fucking a big cock.  I didn’t say it, but I thought about the guy she fucked in college with a dick that big.  It wouldn’t a very good birth control if she was fucking him now.

Well, that’s enough time spent blogging.  I’ve got to get to work around the house!

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  1. Hi AFH

    Sorry I haven’t been leaving comments recently. As you can probably tell from my blog, things have hit an all time low, and I am finding it difficult to motivate myself.

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