Latest talk

Well, the wife did something yesterday that she hasn’t done much of in the previous few months… use me for sex.  It was very nice, to say the least.  Afterwards I mentioned to her that when I wished her a “happy anniversary” last week she had mentioned we that we needed to talk about our arrangement.  I could tell at the time it was nothing too serious.  It just sounded like a “we haven’t talked about it in a while” type of thing, but we have both been sooooo busy (for a couple of months now it feels) that yesterday was the first time I could bring it up.

Basically she ended up apologizing for not being more proactive.  I, of course, told her it’s not about her having to do things for me, but she is far smarter than that.  She understands that the Arrangement has to be a two way street.  As she said, “lately you’ve been doing all the cleaning and working around the house and not having sex… if we didn’t have the arrangement it would be the same thing”.  Her point wasn’t that the arrangement is pointless, but if she isn’t involving herself in doing things than it is no different than not having the arrangement.  She of course brought up giving me assignments again, which she hasn’t been doing.  I again explained that it wasn’t supposed to be a chore for her, but her point of view is that it personalizes my regular cleaning routine, plus the things she sees that she wants me to clean I may not see.  The problem is she doesn’t seem to have time to give me the assignments any more.  Not that I’m not cleaning, etc.  She acknowledged my cleaning.  Her point is about her involvement.

She seemed to get a little down at times during the conversation, but pointed out, without any prompting from me, that she didn’t want to take a break or end the Arrangement.  She did say she was going to make more of an effort to be involved, which is a wonderful thing, and the conversation ended on a good note.

To lighten the mood a bit at the end I gave her some orgasm statistics.  For me to have the same number of orgasms this year as I did last year I’ll need to have one every four days for the rest of the year.  She laughed and assured me that wasn’t happening.  She did throw me for a loop when she asked what her stats were for the year.  I was caught off guard and pointed out that it was easy to count my few orgasms to her many, but (I’m a dork) she knows that I track both.  I commented that she is probably off her pace from last year a bit as we’ve had a couple of slow months this fall.  However, when I went back and counted she is actually right on track with last year (of course that’s a rough estimate as I never know exactly how many times she cums).

All in all it’s been a very good week.  Anniversary, her birthday, Thanksgiving, using me for sex… good times!

Back on track (and getting it done right)

Well, I was able to scratch my wife’s itch last night successfully.  I could see in her eyes how much she really enjoyed the higher tempo and harder thrusts that had not really been involved in a while.  I’m sure the several beers I’d had earlier in the night helped greatly in this department, but I won’t complain.  It’s not like I drank the beer for that reason.

Anyway, I really enjoyed it as well.  I was at last able to feel like a big stud as I brought my wife to multiple orgasms.  After she had been satisfied I was (of course) still horny as hell and asked for permission to masturbate.  She allowed me to and feeling very submissive I commented to her that it had been years since I’d had been allowed to orgasm two days in a row.  She pointed out that it would likely be years before I ever did again.  I also mentioned that I had only had ten orgasms so far this year.  This elicited a loud laugh from her as she replied, “Only ten all year”?  She laughed a bit more about it before getting up to finish getting ready for bed.

As she dressed she informed me that she would be emailing me assignments while she was out of town, as well as other instructions, and that I was of course not allowed to touch myself except how I was specifically instructed to.  This was all to be expected, really, but hearing her say it is always wonderful.

She left the room and returned a few moments later to find me still masturbating.  She made a comment about it that implied, “I can’t believe you continue to torture yourself that way when you aren’t going to cum”.  Finally she dismissed me from the room with a small laugh at the enormous tent in my shorts.  I pointed out that it would be a few minutes before the cock ring powered erection would wear down.

At this point she is flying across the country to a conference and I have gotten my first list of jobs, so off I go like a good husband to do what his wife has told him.  It really seems like we’ve been able to get back into the groove again and damn is it exciting!


It seems like there has been a lot that I’ve wanted to say, but when I have the time to write it slips my mind.  Not that I’ve had a lot of time to write.  Things seem to have been really busy lately.  Not busy in the, oh I have so many chores to do to show my devotion to my wife, busy.  Just lots of regular old things going on.

I guess the main thing lately is how non-kinky it is anymore.  This isn’t a complaint, just something that has slowly dawned on me over the last month.  For the most part I have been getting absolutely no “thrill” out of our arrangement.  Again, this isn’t a complaint.  It’s actually a very nice feeling.  The arrangement is just our natural way of life now.  I don’t expect my wife to be a Domme, and I don’t act submissive.  However our roles are now well established and feel very normal now. 

I’m not sure if my wife has realised this yet, but she did kind of say something along those lines the other day.  My birthday is coming up and I’m working that night.  She told me that she would be taking the children to the museum in the morning giving me some alone time.  She was telling me because she thought I would like that, but wanted to make sure that I wouldn’t prefer to have the kids there on my birthday.  Of course I was glad to have some “alone time”.  Anyway, at one point she said something along the lines of, “I’m not asking for your permission, I make the decisions, but I just wanted to see how you felt about it”.  A year ago that would have made me melt.  Now it’s just matter of fact.  I appreciated the fact that she is comfortable stating that she makes the decisions and that she still wanted to know how I felt about her decision.

When I first realised that I wasn’t getting the submissive buzz as much anymore I assumed it was because we were falling back into our old ways and not following the arrangement.  Slowly I saw that this wasn’t really true.  We seemed to be on a very steady course with our arrangement.  I think I started to understand it better while making love to my wife.  She told me to cum inside her and I did.  Then she told me she wasn’t done and told me to go down on her.  I did so without hesitation.  I also did so without going into subspace.  I was simply making love to my wife.  The fact that I was giving her oral sex moments after cumming inside her seemed perfectly natural.  From that moment on I think I just became more aware of how thorough the transformation has been from our former relationship to our arrangement.

I continue to due my chores and hear about it when things aren’t up to snuff.  Not that my wife bitches at me.  She just points out that things are dirty or need to get done or whatever.  She still emails me assignments as she sees fit.  While her sister and her family were visiting us this past weekend we acted totally normal, which means we were ourselves in our arrangement.  While sitting at dinner my wife would let me know if she wanted more of anything or a drink refill, as well as asking our guests.  I, of course, would get it.  Aside from noticing a pleasant change in my demeanor, I don’t think they suspect there was anything out of the ordinary going on.  They are a very “equal” couple themselves.  My brother-in-law even cleaned up after dinner one night while the rest of us were doing other things.  The next time he attempted it, though, my wife called out to me to not let him and that I should do it.  We just shrugged at each other and he went to find something else to do while I cleaned up.  There was really nothing awkward about it.  It all seemed very “normal”.

So, that seems to be the situation at the moment.  I’m very much wife led and loving it, but it doesn’t feel kinky any more.  I’m sure I’ll have moments of subspace again, and I’m sure my wife will occasionally feel the desire to be more outwardly Dominant.  In the mean time it’s kind of nice to know that at this point everything we’re doing is really all for her.  My proof is in the knowledge that I’m not getting off on it anymore.  At least not in the kinky way.  I’m getting off on knowing she’s happy and being completely in love with her.


For the OC/OD statisticians out there, despite my wife’s suggestion that she might up my regularity of orgasms so that I would have more than 24 this year, I’ve only had one this month and that was two weeks ago.

On a roll

Last night as we were throwing together the last of  the Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner my wife stopped to thank me for “not being a jerk”.  She elaborated and explained that so many of the women she knows complain about their husbands.  They complain about their laziness, their attitudes, the way they are treated, etc.  She finished by saying how thankful she was to have a husband who wasn’t a jerk.  I, of course, nearly spoiled the moment the moment when I hugged her and whispered something about also having a husband who loves to serve her.  She replied with an exasperated, “OK”!  I’m sure that one little comment, said with the best of intentions, made her feel pressured.  I got the feeling at that moment that she felt, “jeez, I’ve got enough going on without having to figure out how you can serve me”!

Everything was fine after that.  It wasn’t really as tense as I make it sound, but I kind of felt like it was too close to the edge for comfort.  But I think we were both able to reflect on it.  I (again) realised how careful I have to be when making any kind of statement referring to submissive feelings as they can come across as, “why aren’t you dominating me right now”.  I think she also relaxed about it a bit as she started making requests of me.  At one point, after dinner while we were relaxing and watching some TV, I think she really felt comfortable for the first time in a while with ordering me around.  It seemed to come back to her when I brought her a drink that had  lot of condensation on it.  She looked slightly annoyed and told me to dry it off so I went and got a kitchen towel and dried the drink off.  When I returned my wife said, “you know, if you wanted a towel you just had to get one from that laundry basket that is full of towels waiting to be folded and put away”.

Ahhhhh….  so nice…..

She sat back and relaxed and I began to fold laundry.  She continued to make requests of me the rest of the night, including a nice list of things to do before going to bed (given as she left for bed). 

I went to tuck her in and kiss her good night.  Before leaving I asked if she’d like me to get her toys out for her.  She said ‘yes’ and I got them out.  I asked if she’d like me to leave and she considered it for a moment before saying, “no, I may want you”.  With that I locked the bedroom door and began to undress, just down to my boxer briefs and the device.  She was oblivious to me as I got into bed, already very busy with her vibe.  Well, she was oblivious until I put my hand on her and she pushed it away telling me my hands were cold and I needed to warm them up.  I did my best to warm them up and eventually my wife spread her legs wider and said, “OK” to me.  I thought she wanted me inside her so I took off my boxers and started fumbling with the strap on the device.

“What are you doing”, she asked while my hands were busy under the covers.

“I’ve got the device on”, I replied.

“Leave it on”, she said at the moment I’d gotten it off.

“Oh”, I said.  “I can’t get it back on right now”.

With that she giggled at me a bit while pushing my had beneath the covers.  She rode my face rougher than she normally does.  She did this for quite a while and eventually asked me to get inside her.  I did and she used my cock for a while before telling me to go down on her again where she locked my head between her thighs and gave my tongue a thorough workout.  After her orgasm she rolled to her side of the bed.  Having been two weeks since my last orgasm I thought she might allow me to cum, but I was wrong.  I asked for permission to masturbate and she replied very sternly, “ON THE FLOOR”.  As usual I was able to edge myself a few times before being dismissed from the room to do more chores.

Today I’m horny as hell and riding a nice submissive buzz I haven’t really felt in a while.  It’s so nice.

Our Anniverary

Well, our low-key celebration was probably even more low key than I expected, but it was nice.  My wife just seemed curious andaccepting of it all, but didn’t seem to really be celebrating anything.  When she got home from work I immediately began serving her (nothing too obvious because the kids were around).  I offered her a drink and got it for her.  We had talked about dinner earlier in the day and she had decided that despite the anniversary celebration we should have leftovers.  This was not a problem.  Actually, it wasn’t technically left-over.  I had pre-grilled extra chicken from when we had fajita’s on Monday night so that we would have it for Tex-Mex part two.  So I whipped up some quesadillas while my wife snacked on chips and salsa.  As I started cooking I told her that part of the celebration was that I was going to cater to her more than normal.  I told her that after dinner I would bathe the kids, get them in bed, andwhen that was done I’d clean the kitchen.  Normally she takes care of the kids after dinner to spend a little extra time with them since she works all day.  Unfortunately it is often stressful as the kids will often get out of control shortly before bed time.

After cleaning the kitchen I sat down in the family room with my wife.  She immediately asked me to get her another drink, which I gladly did.  I returned with her drink and went to get her the card I’d made for her and her gift.  I’d waffled on what I was going to get her but apparently made the right choice.  I got her a gift certificate for a mani/pedi at a local nail salon.  She loved it!  She was very happy but there was also a bit of a “why are you just now figuring out that this is what a good gift is, not the other crap you have been getting me for the last 15+ years” tone to her voice… well, actually she pretty much said that.


She also loved the card.  I went for a Hallmark-esque cheesy factor and I think I pulled it off.  I used the picture to the left for the face of the card and inside the card in fancy-schmancy script font I basically thanked her for working so hard and for letting me serve her.  I vowed to always love, honor and obey her and to always try to put her needs, wants and desires before my own.

After that we talked about our arrangement, which we hadn’t really done in a long time.  I apologized for the occasional bouts of slacking that I go through, and for the poor habits I’d had for the previous few weeks.  I brought up the the “punishment night” and told her that I realised she was upset about how much she had drank that night.  She told me she just really felt horrible because she hadn’t remembered a lot of it the next day, but after talking with me and thinking about it most of it came back to her.  She remembered it being a very enjoyable night, but was just really upset with herself for drinking so much.

I explained to her that I understood that she was upset about the drinking, but I didn’t understand why she let that change anything about our arrangement.  I thought the punishment she had given me was fair and deserved because she had been so upset about the car and I had continued to put it off despite repeated warnings from her.  I thought it was effective and just.  So, I didn’t understand why on the night she admitted that she had drank too much she let the punishment lapse, not only breaking the “no orgasm until further notice” but actually letting me orgasm sooner than I normally do anyway. 

I also told her that I got kind of down about the arrangement after she apologizedto me one night for not giving me more assignments because “I know how much you like them”.  I had to remind her that the arrangement was supposed to make her life easier, not make her stress that she isn’t making me happy by giving me extra work.  I think she felt better after the talk.  I think she’d somehow forgotten that it was all supposed to be about her and when I saw her worrying about my pleasure it made everything feel phony and I felt guilty about it, I guess.  I’m not sure we really got to the bottom of everything going on, but it was nice to talk about our arrangement since we hadn’t done it in a while.

Next I gave her a nice long foot massage while we watched a little TV andrelaxed.  She announced it was time for bed fairly early so we wouldn’t be up too late fooling around, which was nice.  I got undressed and removed my device.  It was a bit chilly so we snuggled close together under the blanket for a while to warm each other up.  We kissed for a bit and I offered to get her toys for her.  I placed her dildo and vibrator on my pillow.  She picked up the vibe and went to work on herself.  I asked if I could touch myself and she told me I had to wait.  When she was done with the vibe she had me go down on her.  When she tapped my head she told me to show her “her cock”.  I did and she grabbed it and looked at me and told me I was allowed to cum, but not until she had and not until she said.  I was relieved to hear that and soon we were making love.  Well, soon my wife was using my cock for her own pleasure, to be more accurate.  It was wonderful.  I held still as she had her orgasm and after a few moments started moving again.  Unfortunately she was a bit tired so I got the double tap on my bottom, signaling it was time to get off.  She told me I was now allowed to cum and I layed back and started masturbating.  My wife sat up and watched me, but didn’t participate.  I stroked myself slowly, relishing the knowledge that I could have an orgasm at my leisure.  I knew my stroking wouldn’t end in frustration and that knowledge and the pleasure of my slowly growing orgasm was heavenly. 

I heard a laugh as my wife pointed out the my head was on the pillow touching the dildo.  I mumbled that I didn’t care what was where as I was so wrapped up in my own pleasure.  I soon realised she was growing impatient.  She told me that when I came I wasn’t allowed to make a mess and that I had to clean it up.  I got on my knees and apologized for taking so long telling her that I was relishing the moment.

“You don’t have to cum, you know”, was her reply.  I wasn’t sure if she meant she could take away the right to cum or if she thought I didn’t want to cum.  I sped up my stroking and said, “please, I do”!

I soon came and caught it all in my hand, which required me to stop stroking after the first or second spurt, unfortunately.  It felt so good to cum after three weeks (my 22nd for the year) but I know it would have felt better and lasted longer if I’d been on my back and continued stroking.  But I hadn’t been sure if by “clean it up” my wife meant “lick it up” or not, so I made sure to catch it in my hands so I could clean it up myself.

So it was a great night.  Not the most kinky or the most romantic, but great nonetheless.

Here’s to another great year in our Arrangement!

Working through a rough patch

I haven’t been posting lately as I’ve been a bit down and confused.  Things are looking up again, but the last week and a half or so have not been too great.

I guess the trouble started after what appeared to be the fun, kinky night I talked about in my last post.  It seemed like such a wonderful night to me.  I was used and teased and denied and told I was being punished for at least a week.  I was told to wear the device as often as possible.  It seemed great.

The problem, apparently, was that my wife had drank a bit too much that night and didn’t remember everything.  I think this led to her feeling very guilty about the whole thing.  That Thursday I was horny as heck and looking forward to our night together.  As she was changing out of her work clothes I told her how I’d worn the device constantly since Sunday night except for showers and my one shift at work.  I told her how I’d been doing everything she’d told me to do, etc.  My timing was very good as she hadn’t had time to decompress from work or anything else.  She let me know and I apologized.  She wasn’t mad, she was just letting me know.  Then she asked if all of this was punishment about the car.  I told her it was and that I thought it was a very fair punishment.  This is when she admitted that she didn’t really remember issuing the punishment.  I think this left her feeling very guilty.

That night when we went to bed she encouraged me to orgasm after she had hers.  Not only was this too early for my “punishment”, it was sooner than I normally was allowed to orgasm.   So, she was in a funk and feeling guilty and I guess she thought it would fix things if I got to cum.  Instead it left me feeling confused and crappy and in a funk as well.

Things deteriorated over the next few day.  On the surface I continued to do all my housework but I felt pretty resentful about it.  I didn’t do a very good job.  I started getting bitter about some things.  My wife stopped taking the lead on things and at some points even seemed to get upset if I wasn’t stepping up and taking the lead.  But it was very inconsistent.  At times it really felt like she wanted the spoiling but didn’t want the trappings that came with it.  She wanted me to be the leader and the follower.  She didn’t want to ask me to do things for her but she wanted me to rub her feet.  There just seemed to be lots of little things that probably weren’t really that big a deal, but they were really getting on my nerves.

Two things really got to me, though.  One of them was fleas.  We had a hell of a time with fleas this summer.  We have a couple of indoor cats but they weren’t really the problem.  We were bringing the fleas in, not the cats.  Walking through my back yard one day I looked down to find five fleas on my socks.  Anyway, I was vacuuming three times a week, sometimes, and spraying and washing and trying to take care of the cats.  My wife took care of the ‘once a month’ liquid you put on the cats.  Eventually we took care of the problem and there were no more fleas, or at least they weren’t bothering anyone… until last week.

I noticed the cats were starting to scratch a lot more and seemed miserable.  Then, one night at bath time my wife called out to me and complained that one of our kids had flea bites all over him.  This of course made me feel horribly guilty.  How the hell did the fleas come back in such great force so quickly?  As I washed dishes and cleaned up the kitchen I thought about it.  When my wife came into the kitchen I’d asked her if she’d possibly missed giving the cats their medicine.  She told me that she hadn’t treated them for the last two months.

I fumed.  Why the hell would she bitch at me about fleas when she was the reason they’d gotten bad again.  If you want me to give the cats the medicine than tell me.  But don’t expect me to know that you haven’t been doing it.  And the argument that I should be ‘proactive’ and have done it myself doesn’t work because she told me she was doing it.   Aaarrrrggggghhhhh!

The other thing that set me off had to do with disciplining the children.  One of the rules she set when we started this was that I would not defer to her when it came to the children.  I am the at home dad so if anything I should be deferred to.  But in general we wanted to keep even ground in this area.  Well, one night during this week one of our children was just being a monster at bed time.  He was throwing a HUGE tantrum and I went to try to sort things out and get him away from my wife and give her a break from it (I’d been in another room cleaning).  She had told him that she was going to ignore him until he stopped screaming, calmed down and talked to her in a reasonable voice.  He was having nothing of that and was screaming and raving at being ignored.  I tried to pick him up and take him to another part of the house and try to calm him down when I was yelled at to leave him alone and get out of the room.  I left and again fumed.  This time my wife could tell I was angry.  Of the very few fights we’ve had in our relationship she knows when she’s crossed the line because I stop talking and leave the room.  I will not let myself be goaded into saying nasty things.  I come from a household where that is what happened all the time.  I’ve had a lot of training saying very mean things.  I would never do that to her.  But I have been pushed to that edge before.  That’s why I stop and leave.

When things had settled down she came and appologized to me.  She told me that she was worried about my hand that had been hurt recently and that she didn’t want me to hurt it again trying to pick up our son and calm him down while he was flailing.  She also said she didn’t want to reward his tantrum by paying it attention.  She realised it had come across wrong to me.

So, we found ourselves in a very awkward spot.  I can’t say what my wife was feeling or thinking, but I had started feeling far more aggressive and angry as well as confused and depressed.  I didn’t feel remotely submissive but was bummed that we wouldn’t make it to our one year anniversary for our WLM.

One of the problems, as I saw it, was that my wife had stopped “leading”.  As much as this is “all for her” our arrangement is based around being “wife led”.  It’s one thing to anticipate needs and to do things without being told, but the leadership needs to be there.  Susan’s Pet put it well in a recent post.  He explained that the power is there for his wife to use or not use.  He cannot force her to use it or act on it in any way.  The only interaction with that power is to submit to it.  If the power is not being used than there can be no submission.

Also, it seemed at times that she had started making it all about me instead.  She apologized to me at one point for not emailing me more assignment during the day because she “knows how much I like that”.  It’s not supposed to be about me.  It’s nice to know that you realise things I like and don’t like, but the assignments are supposed to be about you telling me to do things that you want done.  That’s what I like about them.  If it takes effort for you to do something that you think I will like, well, that’s not any fun for me because it’s not fun for you.  I don’t know when or where she lost this idea.  I know that she used to get it.  We had talked about it plenty of times.

So, I thought that perhaps we had reached the end of this experiment.  At the very least we’d seemed to hit a roadblock that I wasn’t sure we could pass.  I was OK with that.  I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get back into a submissive mindset if I’d tried.

Now, having said all that it’s not like I started jerking off and going out with the guys and leaving the house uncleaned.  As thought about how I’d lost the submissive edge I still let my wife have control of my orgasms.  I still did my househusband jobs.  I still got things for my wife if she asked. 

Last night she asked me if I wanted to make love.  I joined her in bed expecting some very vanilla “old fashioned” sex.  I expected her to cum and not say anything as I came after that.  Thankfully, as soon as I wet down on her she started taking control.  After a few minutes of intercourse she had me go down on her again and had a nice, big orgasm with her legs wrapped around my head.  I rolled to my side of the bed and masturbated while she rolled around in post orgasmic bliss.  When she had regained her composure she rolled on top of me and rode me to another orgasm.  I was close myself and was sure she was going to let me cum.  As I got to the edge she stopped me and rolled off as I humped the air in frustration.  She let me masturbate a few more minutes before telling me to stop with the hope of, “maybe you can cum tomorrow night”.

I strapped on the device and mopped the kitchen floor.

Whew.  OK.  She’s making the effort to restart things.  I’ll make it as easy for her as possible.  We probably need to talk about what happened.  Maybe not, though.  Maybe we should just let it fade away.

Laying down the law

My wife has remained fairly strict with me.  I’m a bit surprised by it and even a little upset about this past Saturday.  I realised, though, that she must have been very upset with me to be treat me the way she did, so I got over it and then felt bad for being angry about it.

As I’ve let on in my past two posts, I’ve been slacking a bit lately.  Things are getting done, just not always on time or to the standard that is expected.  I don’t really have a good reason for it, but it happened.  Over the last couple of weeks it’s been made clear to me that my wife has noticed and is not happy.  To top it off this has coincided with something my wife introduced a few weeks ago, the Sunday Night Meeting.  It all came to a boil Saturday afternoon and it appears I’ll be paying for it for a while.

I’ve already filled in most of the background in my last two posts, but I forgot to mention the Sunday Night Meetings, so I’ll start with that.  Three Sundays ago my wife asked if I had checked our online calender.  I told her I had not (I usually don’t on weekends) and she informed me that we had a meeting scheduled for after the children went to bed.  Now, at this time I’d already been slacking a bit and I knew it.  I was worried she was going to chew me out about it.  Instead the meeting was mostly about weekly finances, the weeks menu, appointments, etc.  When we were done I told her I was relieved because I thought she was going to start evaluating me (I never know when to keep my mouth shut).  “What a great idea!”, was her response.  D’oh.

At meeting #2 she brought up the fact that I needed to pick up the slack a little more.  That week (as I’ve posted before) she also sent a stern email about neglecting changing the oil on her car.  I resolved to take care of the oil change Saturday afternoon before going in to work and on Friday told my wife how I had everything planned.

Saturday morning my wife and kids went to the gym and I slept in a bit (I work late Friday nights).  When I got up I straightened the house up a bit and did some dishes from Friday night before my wife got home.  After she and the kids were settled I asked if I could take a shower before getting the oil changed so that I’d be ready to go to work if it took too long.  “When do I get to take a shower?”, was her response.  I stammered a bit and told her I’d wait until she’d showered but she told me to forget about it and get going. 

After my shower I went around the house saying ‘goodbye’ and when I got to my wife she looked like she didn’t feel well so I offered a “feel better” as well.  “I feel fine”, she responded.  “Oh”, I said, “is there something wrong”?  This is where she lays into me a bit and although I didn’t say anything I got pretty defensive and upset myself.  She told me she was upset that I’d waited so long to get the oil changed and that because I chose to do it on the weekend I was cutting into family time and that she had suggested that I could do it during the week.  I mentioned that she always took her car to work and she said she could have taken mine.

Now, as I left the house I was thinking, “you could have taken my truck and then I would have been able to take your car to have it’s oil changed, but you didn’t” and “you saying, ‘maybe you could take the car in during the week’ isn’t the same as saying, ‘take the car in Monday while I’m at work'”.  She had made a suggestion but left it up to me.  I chose the weekend.  To me it made more sense.  I see now that if I had done it during the week it wouldn’t have interfered with her at all.  I think we’ll have to talk about how she could have let me know what she wanted more effectively instead of relying on me to read her “suggestion” as “DO THIS NOW AND DO IT THIS WAY”. 

Meeting #3 was not as bad as I thought it would be.  While I cleaned up from dinner she prepped for the meeting by finding out where we can vote early, and by buying a new pair of shoes and a new pair of boots online.  When I finished cleaning and the kids were asleep the meeting officially started.  We worked out our schedules, etc. and she told me about her new purchases.  I told her that she didn’t need to justify her purchases to me or ask my permission and she gave me a “look” and explained that she was aware of that.  She was merely informing me of the purchases and letting me know about the boots because I (like many of you out there I’m sure) think boots are super HOT!  The meeting ended without much comment on my household duties.

I was invited to bed with her a little later.  Things got hot and heavy and a bit kinky at times.  I was wearing the leather cock ring from my device and that was met with some pleasure from my wife.  She enjoyed many orgasms from her vibrator, my mouth and my cock.  She had decided that my cock had been allowed enough pleasure from her, however, and made me stop.  I whimpered a bit as I knelt on the bed and she masturbated.  She asked how long it had been since my last orgasm and I informed her it had been two weeks.  She informed me that I was being punished for my poor service of late, especially for making her so upset about the car.  She allowed me to masturbate on the floor while kneeling next to her bed.  She continued to use the vibe on herself and cum again and again while I edged myself.  Finally she told me that I’d touched myself enough and made me stop while she continued to masturbate.  I was in heaven and hell and buzzing in subspace.  She pulled the sheets back so I could see her and asked if I wanted to lick her some more.  I told her that I did.  She teased me and asked me if I loved licking her pussy and I told her I did and that I wanted to do it all the time.  She turned off the vibe and put it on my pillow and pulled my head between her legs.  “You should ask me to let you do it more often, then”, she told me. 

Eventually she’d had enough and dismissed me to get her water and an allergy pill.  I quickly dressed, being careful not to have an orgasm form the friction of my shorts, and went to get her things.  I brought them back and knelt beside the bed offering the water and pill to her.  She took them and reminded me that I was not allowed to touch myself and that I was being punished.   She then laughed at me and the tent in my shorts and dismissed me from the room.

I think this is the first time she’s used denial as a punishment.  While it’s exciting I almost wish she’d chosen something else.  Then again, I might get what I want and really regret it, or she could come up with something even worse.  I guess I’ll just endure this.  At least it’s something I know I can endure… at least for a while.