Money, cuddling, and blue balls.

I recently got a check from my father as a belated birthday gift.  It was very nice of him and a nice amount, $100.  You can do a lot with $100.  Unfortunately, most of the things that it would be best to use it on aren’t very much fun… car payments, mortgage, groceries, tuition…

Seeing as how it was a birthday gift, and I believe gifts should be special treats, I asked my wife if I could use the money on something fun or if it was going towards bills.  “You know the answer to that”, was her reply.  But in a moment of weakness she said she’d think about it.  Later on I suggested that we could take a little bit of the money and buy her a new dildo.  She responded that the one she has is fine and I let it drop.  Eventually she asked me if I had any special wish for the money and I told her that I’d love to buy her a new dildo, but other than that I’d love to buy a new device.  I told her about the cb3k being on sale for only $82 right now and that was basically half price.  She said that seemed expensive, but I pointed out that it was less than $20 more than my current device (which I mis-remembered, the current device was waaay cheaper).  Again she told me she’d think about it.  In the mean time she has gathered up my paycheck, my cash and the birthday check and is set to deposit them.  She was kind enough to leave me a little bit of cash, which she hadn’t been doing for a while (my dole she calls it).

Yesterday afternoon we had a little private time.  Wearing only the device, I got her toys and joined her in bed.  As she used her mini vibe she commented that it would need new batteries.  I asked her if she wanted me to go get them while she played but she told me it was fine for the moment.  While she played she had me warm up her dildo for her.  She seemed to really be enjoying herself, but eventually she just stopped and said she was too distracted.  After that we just cuddled and kissed and it was very nice.  At All Times just posted about cuddling as well mentioning how his wife appreciated the ability to just cuddle and kiss without it having to lead to something else.  My wife told me the same thing at one point as well.  On this occasion we both knew I wasn’t going to get anything any way, so for me it was so nice to just be able to hold her and kiss her even though she wasn’t going to be having orgasms.

While we cuddled we chatted.  I again asked her if she was sure she didn’t want to get a new dildo.  I pointed out that her current one was 17 years old and that it just seemed to be time for a newer model.  She is perfectly content with it, though.  Oh, well.

She asked me how my new edging regiment had been going.  The first two nights she has told me to edge myself five times.  I told her that unfortunately I hadn’t been able to make it to five times yet.  So far I had only been able to make it to three.  She asked me if I was waiting in between and I told her I was, but I am just starting this again and the length of time I needed to wait to edge myself a fourth time was long enough to basically go completely flaccid again.  She asked me why that mattered and I realized we hadn’t really set up any “rules” but I had somehow figured that once I was flaccid my time allowed for masturbation was done.  My wife thought that was a dumb rule.  If she wanted me to edge five times then I had to edge five times, even if I had to wait half an hour between edgings.  She did note that it was clearly difficult for me to do five edgings since we are just starting again and gave me the number three for that night.

With the thought of my less than stellar, under two minutes of endurance, performance recently I decided that it might be a good measure of my improvement to start timing the edgings as well.  Sadly, I haven’t really improved much yet at all.  I went from flaccid to my first edge in less than a minute.  All three edges were done in 2:47, and that’s including waiting 30 seconds between each edge.  Perhaps I should wait five minutes between each edging and start from flaccid each time.  I wonder how much of an effect that would have.

I’m pretty sure the timer had an effect as well.  I’m in such a submissive mind frame right now from the 38 days of chastity that my lack of stamina is a turn on and the thought of not lasting very long got me to the edge even quicker.  That doesn’t really help my wife out, does it?  Oh, well.  I’ll continue to work on this.  You would think suffering from blue balls all the time would be a better motivator.

Still so busy, but things looking up

Well, it’s been a while between posts again.

Mostly life has just been hectic.  My wife and I are making a greater effort to not let it get us down, though.  There have been a couple of times where she has stopped and made comments about how rough a week was going to be on both of us and how we should try to not get to upset about it.  Basically I think she is just acknowledging that life can be just as hectic for me as for her, and that’s nice.

My partners and I are again working on a project that will take a few months and it’s taking up most of what would be my “free time”, meaning my time I would normally be cleaning the house, etc.  Because of this things are slowly (or maybe not so slowly) falling apart around the house.  This would usually stress out my wife even more but this time she understands that I am working myself very hard right now and unfortunately sacrifices have to be made.  I would rather be spending my time catering to her needs, but if my partners and I can ever get this ongoing project to succeeded it will be a much bigger boon to her than my vacuuming, and she knows that.

On top of this it seems like we haven’t been able to go a week without somebody, or all of us, getting sick.  I’m sure you all know how frustrating that can be.  When you get illness after illness it not only physically beats you down, it mentally beats you down as well.  I start to feel like I just can’t catch a break.  At least today I feel like I’m mostly over a sinus infection.

So, knowing all this I have been wondering about the infrequency of sex lately.  I know I’ve talked about this plenty of times before, but I would say that it really sets the tone for so many other things in our life, kink related or not.  Sex isn’t always just sex.  I’m sure part of the feeling of distance between us that my wife felt in December was due to a lack of sex.  Not that she “just needed to get laid”, but we were missing the intimate connection between lovers.  There is far more to it than that, but that intimate connection is a very fundamental part of sex, and if that is missing (no sex) than I think you feel disconnected.

Of course looking back I think that having more sex also created the desire for more sex in my wife.  And wanting more sex generally led to my wife being actively more dominant and I more submissive.  I’m not sure that my wife sees this, and perhaps we’ll talk about it, but the times where our WLM has been more exciting have been the times where we were having sex a few times a week as opposed to a few times a month.

Last month we had sex on New Years Day.  I was allowed my first orgasm of the year, but having just been allowed an orgasm on Christmas I was again starting to wonder about the orgasm control situation.  After that we didn’t have sex for over three weeks.  After bringing her to several orgasms she pointed out that it had been a long time since I’d cum.  She asked me if I would like to and I took the opportunity to request that she keep me waiting until our anniversary that was coming up.  She pointed out that it would be a long time between orgasms and I told her that I thought I could do it.  I actually expected her to possibly protest a little, or just tell me that she wanted me to cum, which she has in the past.  Instead she seemed almost relieved.  Her response was basically, “good, then we are done here”.  She rolled over to go to sleep and I left to do some work.

Then it hit me.  I was thinking I was asking to be able to wait for essentially six weeks, but I had forgotten one very important thing.  We had been talking that night about our anniversary plans and had decided to put off celebrating our anniversary for a few weeks to make it easier on us (thus more enjoyable).  If my wife chose to she might be able to keep me chaste for up to 9 weeks.  As exciting as that seems in my fantasy world, I was hoping for the closer to six weeks.

Perhaps things are turning around, though, as my wife and I had some kinky fun yesterday.  The kids were occupied with a movie and I had just gotten out of the shower.  She came in as I was just about to get dressed and started locking doors.  I understood her intentions and had to race against time to get my cock ring on.  I was barely able to get it on in time as my cock wasted no time getting erect.

She got into bed and I got her toys.  As we lay together kissing and cuddling she asked if I would be able to fuck her without cumming.  It was a nice bit of teasing on her part and I told her that the pressure from her leg against my cock had me close to the edge already.  She then reminded me that she really likes fucking a cock and at this point I was pretty sure that she intended to use me for as long as she could, and that if I came before her it was too bad for me.  On the one hand I understand that since this is about her that it is power exchange, but on the other I just really wished she would make me wait.

I wasn’t disappointed.  First she took out her mini vibe and started working on her first orgasm.  As she did so she rubbed her leg against my erection and seemed to take pleasure in seeing the reactions it got from me.  After she came she relaxed for a few minutes then asked if I thought I could give her the fucking she needed.  I told her I didn’t know that I could and she asked again, “are you sure” as she reached into the bag of toys to get the dildo.  Realizing I had been wrong and my wife was indeed being wicked I saw I was about to lose out on what has been a rare opportunity… fucking my wife.  I almost begged at this point, “I think I can last a few minutes.  Please…”.  My wife paused to consider, the dildo firmly in hand.  “Well, OK”, she told me.  She then spread her legs and gave me another wicked look that said, “this won’t take long”.  Sadly it didn’t.  Not that I was watching the clock, but it was right there for me to see and I lasted less than two minutes before I had to stop.

“OK, you’re done”, she teased as she picked the dildo up again.

“May I be allowed to go down on you, please”, I was again near begging.

She allowed me to, but her tone let me know that she was just being nice and doing it for me.  What she really wanted was a cock that wasn’t going to cum until she was done with it, and that was in her hand.  Knowing this I did my best to please her and was rewarded by her legs locking my head in place as she came again.

At this point I was done.  She had her fill of me.  Now she could finally get the cock she needed.  She spread her legs and pinned my cock underneath on of them so I couldn’t touch it.  She looked me in the eyes as she fucked herself with her dildo.  It was that amazing look she gives me when she gets off on the power exchange.  The look that says, I get to cum and you don’t, and I like it that way.  I hadn’t seen that look for a while, and perhaps part of the look she gave me was an, “oh, yeah.  Now I remember why we do this”.

As we lay together afterward, her completely relaxed and me shaking with desire, I decided to bring up our anniversary date.  After beating around the bush for a while (insert sexual pun here) I finally admitted that when I requested be required to wait until our anniversary for my next orgasm I hadn’t considered that we were putting it off for a few weeks and that I hadn’t really intended to wait that long.  She, of course, laughed at my dilemma but was kind.  She pointed out that the day of our anniversary was still the same so I wouldn’t have to wait.  Then she continued and pointed out that I wasn’t actually guaranteed to be allowed to orgasm that day any way.  As a matter of fact we weren’t going to see each other that day and we aren’t likely to have much time the following days.  So, she thinks my earliest opportunity will be at seven weeks.  She made sure to stress OPPORTUNITY.  Nothing is written in stone.  She seems to have rediscovered a little bit of her pleasure of power.

I hope she hold on to it for a while.

A Rough December

It’s been a rough month… more actually.  It really started a few weeks before Thanksgiving when our oven died.  That in itself wasn’t horrible, but since then things kept piling up until about 12 days before Christmas.  The day of my work Christmas party our kids were sick on top of all the other stress that had been building up and my wife had reached her breaking point and took it out on me.

She basically felt completely frustrated and alone and in the moment felt like our Arrangement was part of the problem.  She felt that because she was supposed to lead that I didn’t have to deal with all the stress an didn’t do anything unless specifically told to do something by her.  I acknowledged her hurt feelings and let her continue.  She then started into the sources of our stress and how she felt that I hadn’t done anything about any of it and explained all the things that she had done.

I began to feel hurt and angry.  She couldn’t see how much this stress was hurting me as well.  Instead of snapping at her I told her that she had a right to feel the way she did, but then gave her a different perspective.  I started with the oven.  Our old oven was small and wall mounted.  We also had an old, dying stove top.  When the oven died I suggested getting a range to replace the oven and stove top.  To do this I would have to do some work in the kitchen.  My wife ended up disagreeing because she didn’t have faith that I would follow through with the plans.  Instead she just wanted to update and replace what we had… until a salesman essentially advised that we do what I had initially suggested (without knowing I had already suggested it).  With that my wife changed her mind and we bought the range.

With my wife feeling stressed and depressed, however, she remembered it differently.  In her mind I hadn’t done anything until she decided to buy a range, order it and give me a deadline to have the demolition and other work done.  I gently reminded her of this pointing out that it wasn’t that I hadn’t done anything, it had just taken her some time to agree to what I had initially suggested and that I had done everything I had said I would do.  The project isn’t over by any means.  We had agreed that this would be just the start of a kitchen remodel that may take a year or two (since we don’t have the money to do it all at once).

Once she realized that I was right she relaxed a little, but I could tell she was now starting to feel guilty and that wouldn’t help anything.  I also gave her a different perspective on some of the other issues that had been causing us stress and then suggested what the real problem was.  I pointed out the problem wasn’t that she was “in charge”, or that I was “lazy” or any of those things.  The problem was that these issues were piling up and we were both very busy before Christmas and had no time at all to commiserate and deal with what was happening together.  She felt like she was dealing with it alone because she was dealing with it alone, or nearly.  I was dealing with it alone as well.  Hell, I was at work when I got the news that our son required a surgical procedure to correct his vision.  All I wanted at that moment was to be with my family, but I had to work.  In all the stress, and grief and depression my wife only remembered that I wasn’t there.  She didn’t remember why I wasn’t there.  That was secondary to her feeling alone to deal with the news.

When it was all said and done we both felt much better.  It was clear that my wife was relieved.  It also served to reinforce the idea that she doesn’t “lead” because of our Arrangement, but we came up with the Arrangement because for better or worse, the final decision is always hers.  It may sometimes feel like extra stress, but probably is no more stressful than when I make a decision for her and she has to second guess it and often disagree with it (at least initially).

Since that conversation things have been wonderful.  We still have all of the stress to deal with, but she knows she isn’t alone in it.  As a matter of fact she has relaxed enough to the point where her sex drive seems to have kicked in to overdrive.  This hasn’t exactly turned into more sex for me, unless you count cleaning her toys as sex… which I don’t.  Not that I’m complaining.  I enjoyed being in my device all day yesterday while she spent an hour in the afternoon by herself just “messing around”.  When she was done she joined me in the family room and hugged me, then cupped my caged cock while looking deep into my eyes.  It was a wonderful moment of power exchange.  Later that night, as she went to bed, I asked if I might be allowed to fool around a bit as well.  She replied, “Just for a minute… I don’t want you getting carried away”.

Having been allowed to orgasm Christmas day I would guess I’m done for the year bringing me to a total of 20 orgasms.  Four less than last year.  Oddly, at this point last year I felt like I wanted more orgasms.  24 seemed too few.  This time I feel like 20 was too many.  Next year I would love to wait six weeks between releases.  I think that would be HOT!!!

Sometimes vanilla IS kinky!

Well, it ended up being a pretty great weekend.  Of course, it was nothing like I imagined, which it never is.  I said at the end of my last post, “I’m really having a hard time keeping my mind from thinking about all sorts of deviant things, lol.  Oh, the possibilities!”.  Of course this was after explaining that I now understand that it’s best to try not to expect anything, that way you are less likely to be disappointed.  Well, I wasn’t disappointed, even if it would have been fun to do all the deviant things I was fantasizing about.

It turned out to be fairly vanilla, well aside from being told to clean the master suite so that it “felt like a hotel room”, and the pre-party orally induced orgasm my wife enjoyed while I remained in the device.  The device remained off the rest of the weekend, although the cock ring stayed on most of the time.

We had a good time at the party and got to know some new friends a little better.  I guess it’s not completely uncommon, but I was actually a bit surprised to see the two other husbands in our little circle we had formed serving their wives.  I usually don’t see too much of that at the few parties or events we attend.  We all sat around a table, but whenever a wife needed a drink the husband got up and got it.  Did a wife want something else?  Her husband attended to it.  It was nice to see.  I’m not implying this means anything, other than the husbands aren’t jerks.

Eventually we left and headed home.  Her toys had been left on my pillow, but as she had told me earlier in the evening while I went down on her, she would not be needing the dildo that night.  She told me she needed a “good, long, hard fucking”.  She did use her vibe a bit to get warmed up, then had me go down on her again for another orgasm.  Finally she told me she wanted me inside her and it was just good old fashioned sex.  It honestly was very much like the sex we used to have years ago.  I held her in the same ways and made the same moves.  After she came she told me I was allowed to cum and soon did.

The next morning we did something we haven’t been able to do for a long time.  We slept in and woke up and had morning sex.  It was very much like the night before, old fashioned sex.  The same pattern we’d had for years.  I go down on her, then we have sex, then she cums, and just like old times, she allowed me to orgasm again.


I hadn’t had two orgasms in consecutive days since… when did I say I started doing this?  It was incredible!  As I lay next to her all I could think was, man, I could enjoy that feeling every day!  I mean, I used to enjoy that feeling multiple times a day!  I mean… Oh… My… God!  What have I done?

It was actually a very enjoyable self inflicted (well, I guess her telling me to cum a second time really induced it) mind fuck.  Yes, I thought about how insane it was to not cum whenever I wanted, but I’m not about to stop what we are doing.  I also know it’s a lot of fun to NOT cum.  Especially for weeks.  You can’t not cum for weeks if you are cumming all the time.

While sitting and watching football last night my wife asked me if I had fun over the weekend.  I assured her I did.  I appreciate that sometimes she just wants to get laid.  I don’t have any problems with that.  I’m sure she was a little worried that I’d be disappointed because she didn’t get all “domme-y” and keep me locked up while she used the dildo.  What is more important to me is that she gets what she wants.  Sometimes she wants it kinkier than other times, and that is great.  This time she wanted it in a very vanilla way.  What’s great about that is that it is so rare for us that it was exciting!  I’m sure she isn’t about to start letting me cum every day, so having that happen in a way could be considered incredibly kinky.  We were doing something “outside the norm”.

As a matter of fact it will probably be a lot more difficult these coming weeks as the memory of how amazing it is to have orgasms only hours apart.  Although I felt incredibly wiped out all yesterday, today I’m horny as hell and ready for more!

A new routine

Although I often mention our “talks” about our arrangement, we don’t really discuss it as often as it may appear.  Sure, we can openly talk about it, but it’s not like we do it all the time.  In between, though, when I’m not really sure how to talk about a certain topic, I send out feelers.  I make comments here and there and judge reactions.  I ask certain questions as well.  I need to do this to help figure out what is in my head.  Once I get things figured out enough I can have a conversation about it.

I realised last night that I think my wife is doing the same thing right now.  I think she is making a bit of an aggressive move and is sending out feelers to gauge how I’m dealing with it.  She has made certain comments and asked certain questions.  Nothing too obvious, but it seems to me she is making a mental leap herself and is trying to figure out how it is working in her own mind.

I mentioned in a previous post that she recently used me for oral services while keeping me locked in my device.  It was a fantasy type moment for me and I later told her that.  Since then she has repeated the scene several times.  She also told me during my last release that she found it incredibly sexy to know that my cock is bound while she has amazing orgasms.  She has mentioned it, or made implications about it turning her on a couple of other times as well.  The first time she said it to me I just assumed it was to get the reaction from me that it got, an orgasm.  She had made it clear that she wanted me to cum that night and after her orgasm she doesn’t generally like waiting around for me.  When she really wants me to cum she can generally make it happen pretty quickly.  So, I assumed the comment about how hot she thought me wearing the device while she used me was for effect, not necessarily true.  As I said, though, she has made the same implication a couple of other times.

A couple of nights ago we had a similar oral episode.  She was much more matter of fact about the situation to the point where after I got undressed and asked her if I should get her toys her response could have easily been summed up with, “Duh”.  It is a given at this point (apparently) that I am to bring the toys to bed when she is interested in sex.

As usual she started out with her mini vibe as I lay next to her.  When she was ready she had me go down on her.  After a while, lost in my own little world, I felt her slip in her dildo.  I moved my hand up to use it for her but she pushed it away and told me to “concentrate on my one job”.  I completely lost track of time as I flew through sub space while she writhed in pleasure.  Eventually she pushed me away and came down from her high.  When she could talk she turned to me with a smirk.

“I know you like to quantify everything, but I can’t tell you how many orgasms I just had.  They were continuous most of the time.  They could have been hundreds”.

I’m sure I was shaking visibly as I lay next to her.  I wanted to explode.  I didn’t want the moment to end.  It was the perfect moment where I have the feelings of “all I want to do is cum” and “the last thing in the world I want to do is cum”.  She eventually dismissed me from the room with the duty of edging myself four times before bed.

Last night, about 24 hours later, as we sat watching TV I noticed that my tongue, which had been sore all day, finally felt normal again.  I commented on this to my wife who replied, “Well that’s nothing.  Only 24 hours?”.  I replied that it must be getting used to the workouts.  At this point she tentatively asked me, “Did you have fun last night”?  With that question and some of her comments and implications I believe she really likes what she is doing and is doing it for herself, but wanted to make sure it wasn’t too much for me.  From the beginning she told me that she was a little worried about pushing me to far, something I assured her she couldn’t do.  Not that I can’t be pushed to far, I just know she wouldn’t be interested in any of the things that would be “too far” for me.  Anyway, it seemed pretty clear to me that she wanted to be sure that what she was doing was OK, that it wasn’t too rough on me.  Of course, as I said it is fantasy fodder for me, but it’s nice to know she is concerned.  It’s also nice to know that even though it’s fantasy fodder for me, it clearly something she likes as well, and likes so much that she felt it might be too selfish on her part.  A year and a half ago if i could have constructed a fantasy scene for us to play it would have been this scenario.  In fact, a year and a half ago she asked me to tell her some of my fantasies and I told her this.  I’m sure that knowledge was in her head the first time we did it.  I think she may actually have been surprised at how hot it was for her as well.  I think that’s why she was looking for the reassurance when she asked if it was fun for me too.  When we eventually have our next “talk” I hope she brings this up.  If not maybe I’ll ask her.

Speaking of quantifying…

I’ve been allowed 13 orgasms so far this year and not counting this month there have been 4 months where I was only allowed a single orgasm.  I told this to my wife last night and her response was, “and?”.  I replied, “nothing, just numbers” and stepped away from that land mine.

Back in synch

I hope my last post didn’t seem to negative.  My intention was to point out that our emotions can get the better of us, even when we know we are not behaving rationally.  It wasn’t an earth shattering moment, just something that I felt like writing about as it’s happened enough times that I’m sure other people can relate to it.  In the end it wasn’t a big deal and my wife has probably forgotten about it by now, perhaps it didn’t even stand out enough for her to think twice about.  On the other hand, even by Saturday afternoon we still seemed to be a bit out of synch with each other.

That was remedied by Saturday night.  I got home from work and we sat down and hung out for a bit.  Well, she sat while I knelt.  It felt good and seemed to put us both in a better frame of mind.  She had me massage her feet and get her things from time to time.  Then she brought me to the bedroom.  After stripping down to just my device she had me “present” myself to her.  She removed the device (a first for her) before having me go down on her.  After some orally induced orgasms she wanted me inside her and soon orgasmed again.  At that point she told me that having waited three weeks (she’s keeping track now?) she would allow me a release.  I was very happy and continued to make love to her.  She then reiterated that I could come NOW.  I started thrusting more urgently but got the tap on my butt that let’s me know when she is done with me.

“If you can’t cum now you can masturbate until you do”, she told me as I rolled off of her, “but go to another room”.

I asked her if I could have my orgasm in her presence and she told me that if I wanted that I’d have to wait.  So I continue to wait.  I don’t know if that was selfish on my part or not.  The idea of cumming by myself in another room is so foreign to me now.  I honestly can’t remember the last time it happened.  It just was not a sexy thought and I much prefer to wait until I can be with her while I orgasm.

I woke up the next morning to find her toys under my pillow.  As usual she had taken the children out allowing me to sleep in a bit.  She explained to me later after I told her that I cleaned her toys and put them back where they belong that she had awoken early and was horny so she decided to have a few more orgasms.  I wanted to point out that she could have woken me up to help out and that I could have had my orgasm then, but she isn’t stupid.  Of course she knew that.  She preferred to take care of herself while I slept next to her with my cock in the device, denied the pleasure she was enjoying.  I was left to clean up duty, left to wait for opting out after she granted me a release.

Before returning home with the children she called and gave me instructions for the morning, things she wanted done before she arrived.

I’d say we are once again in synch and we are both very happy.

This is fun… why wasn’t that more obvious before?

I think my wife and I have recently realized something that should have probably been obvious long ago.  This is FUN!  Aside from all the other benefits we both get from our arrangement we can really have fun with this.

It seems that after our little lull we have both started having a lot more fun with this than before.  Not that we feel like we are playing a game, but my wife seems to be able to joke about things instead of feel like anytime she says something to me that should be “domme-y” it doesn’t really have to be serious.  For example, recently we were discussing dinner and she told me the two options and said, “it’s entirely up to you”.  Then, barely containing laughter she turned to me and pointed and said, “wait, nothing is ever up to you”!  We both had a good laugh as she picked the dinner she wanted.

This could have been played out several different ways, but my wife chose to be playful the way we are about most things.  She didn’t choose a serious tone and look down her nose and tell me it’s not up to me, and she didn’t taunt me with it and bring out feelings of humiliation.  Those other things would have been nice as well, but making a joke about it was just fun.

Of course jokes aren’t the only reason I now realize this can be fun.  It’s also the understanding that it doesn’t have to be serious all the time.  I guess this goes along with my confusion about the idea of a “24/7” type discussion that comes up in blogs occasionally.  I consider my wife and I to be “24/7” because when she agreed to it she agreed that it would be all the time.  That doesn’t mean that something kinky is always going on.  During our little lull very little happened at all, but there was always the understanding that we have an arrangement and that it was to be honored at all times.

So, it now seems obvious to me that our arrangement doesn’t have to be serious all the time.  It’s whatever we are making it at that moment, and right now my wife seems to just be having fun with different aspects of it, nothing particularly kinky or exciting, but things that usually bring a smile to at least her face, if not both of ours.

My wife also seems to be pushing the boundaries a bit more.  I don’t know if this coincides with realizing things don’t have to be serious all the time or not, but she really seems to be a little more open about things right now.  I mentioned this to her last night and she didn’t think too much of it.  She still felt as if things she may say or do wouldn’t necessarily let people in on what we have going on, but to me she is definitely being more open.

Last Saturday night was a perfect example of this.  I got home from work much earlier than expected, just as my wife, kids and mother-in-law were finishing dinner.  The kids left the table and my wife and mother-in-law got up and went to watch some TV.  By way of greeting from my wife I got, “Hi!  You are just in time to clean up from dinner”!    As I cleaned she again pointed out to her mother, “Isn’t it great that (my name) comes home from work and cleans up our dinner”?

Her explanation to me was that she was just trying to point out to her mother what an awesome husband I am.  But there was a look in her eye that said she didn’t really care if her mom read more into it or not.

While that was the most blatent recent instance it is really the increasing frequency of such instances, especially in front of her mother, that stand out.  While any individual statement may leave something to the imagination of the person she is speaking to, many such statements can make people stop and wonder.  I think this is really another way she was just having fun with our arrangement.

Thankfully she is also having more fun by having more orgasms.  Not only is she taking more advantage of opportunities when she is obviously in the mood, but it appears she is also taking more opportunities to put herself in the mood.  And on one occasion just took advantage of an opportunity.

While her mother was visiting we took a short trip to the beach.  After going back to the place we had rented for lunch my wife told her mother to keep the kids at the pool and we would prepare lunch.  I quickly jumped in the shower to get the sand and salt water off of me and a minute later my wife jumped in with me… errr… jumped me.  She took me to the bedroom and told me to get to work.  Thankfully she had me go down on her first as I was slow to get an erection with the knowledge that the bedroom door didn’t lock and her mother or the kids could come barging in from the pool with little notice.  After bringing her to a couple of orgasms she asked me if I wanted to cum.  While my brain screamed “OH MY GOD YES!!!!” my mouth said, “I want whatever you want”.  Her response was, “Good, it will be more fun to make you wait”.

Moments like that are so wonderful.  They are also often the stuff of fantasy, so as soon as she said it I had a hell of a time controlling myself.  I wanted to just start pounding away while the magical words were fresh.  My mind reeled in the agony and ecstasy of the moment, getting exactly what you love so much and turns you on so much that you just want to erupt in orgasm.  Ahh, I love those moments.

It amazes me to think that we had another one of those moments last night.  We watched a little TV as I folded laundry.  At the end of the show we were watching my wife told me she was going to bed.  I wanted to ask her if I might be allowed to go down on her, but I couldn’t think of the right words, so instead I asked her if I could “help her relax” before bed.  I guess she understood my euphemism and told me to get her allergy medicine and a glass of water and take them to her in bed.  I got them and entered the room and knelt at the side of the bed (did I mention I’m doing the kneeling thing again as she made it clear to me that she enjoys it?).  As she sat up and swallowed the pills she told me that I may use my mouth on her and told me to get her toys.  I got the toys and stripped down to just my cock ring and the device.

I slid into bed and made a move to kiss her.  She intercepted me and redirected my mouth.  Although it was not the first time that I’ve gone down on her while wearing the device it is still a rare enough occurrence as to be another “fantasy” type moment.  And it only got better.

After her first orgasm she got her dildo and had me use it while licking her.  Finally she’d had enough of me and used her mini vibe and the dildo together while I lay off to the side trying not to whimper in subspace to loudly.

After another orgasm I thought she would be done, but instead took my hand and had me grip the end of the dildo while she held onto my caged cock.  The power exchange of the moment put her over the edge as she had a final, enormous orgasm.  When she had gathered herself she told me to edge myself six times before bed, but to do it somewhere else as to not disturb her.

This is so much fun!