Moving ahead slowly but surely…

I felt a little bummed out last weekend.  Because of an unfortunate and untimely and uncontrollable situtation, the wife and I were not able to be intimate on our nights together.  I was bummed out because not only did it mean that I would go another two weeks between orgasms (if I’m lucky and she doesn’t follow the suggestion I gave her last time…) but more importantly I was bummed because I couldn’t give her any orgasms.  I was feeling bummed because my new job wears me out to the point where I just don’t get all the things done around the house that I want to and that I had been doing before the new job.   Of course the job trade off is that I’m happier at the new job and the money is better.

Anyway, I was feeling like this just wasn’t meant to be.  Sure, my wife will always be the boss because that is more my nature than hers, but I was just feeling like the wife-led-marriage thing wasn’t going to work.  But Tuesday night I was in for a pleasent suprise.  Once again my wife seemed to enjoy asking me to get up and get her things and being in control of the remote.  At one point she got up to get something and I asked her what she was getting and she said “something for you”.  “Oh, well” I thought.  “I can’t expect her to not get up and stretch her legs, so I guess she can get up for me.  Besides, it’s her perrogative.”  But I also wondered what she was getting as I didn’t seem to be in want of anything at the moment.

She returned with the foot lotion which she gave to me as she put a foot in my lap.  Yay!  She didn’t ask or suggest it, she went and got the lotion and TOLD me without saying anything that she wanted a foot rub!  I was in seventh heaven!  At that point I knew I could make it two weeks if not three without an orgasm.  As long as she finds ways to let me spoil her I will be sooooo happy!  If I can’t give her an orgasm then she should get the best foot rub I can possible give her, so I put every bit of love I could into that foot rub.

It’s funny, a few months ago when I gave ownership of my orgasms over to my wife (even if she didn’t really accept ownership) I wrote a little contract out that I ended up not giving to her.  I re-read it yesterday and it made me laugh.  One of the first things I mention is that I should be limited to no more than 3 orgasms a week and no less than 1.  HA!  Having made it 15 days between my last two and knowing it will be at least 14 between my last and my next, the idea of 3 in a week is crazy!  Although all I can think about right now is having an amazing orgasm with my wife, part of me hopes she holds me to my “you must have three orgasms before I can have one” rule, in which case this coming Tuesday would be my earliest orgasm, which will make it 16 days between orgasms.  But, if she does hold to the rule, it will probably not be until at least the Sunday after that, since we generally only have intercourse twice a week on an average week.  That would push it to a full 3 weeks between orgasms.  And all without the use of a chastity device.  Speaking of chastity devices, a couple of months ago the idea seemed maybe a bit kinky and fun for a day or so, but now actually seems like a very intiguing and sexy idea.  It really suprises me that my attitude towards it has changed so quickly.  I guess it has to do with the self denial and intoxicating feelings that come from denial.

Anyway, I guess I’ll just have to accept that for the time being the 24/7 aspect of being a “house boy” so to speak, isn’t very realistic.  However, I can embrace and appreciate the time we have together and concentrate on spoiling her as much as I can in that time.  I also need to appreciate that part of what makes her happy is being able to spoil me occasionally.  🙂