So things have continued along a fairly predictable schedule.  The wife and I have super hot, super kinky sex, I start to wonder if there is a next step coming and then nothing happens for a while.  Then I get cranky that nothing is happening, my wife feels guilty and eventually we find a time when all is right in the universe and we can have super hot, super kinky sex.

I feel guilty for the crankiness and my wife feels guilty for the lack of sex.  But it’s life.  For my part I understand that she works hard and sometimes just would rather get extra sleep than sex and now school is out and the kids are up late, etc.  But sometimes it just feels like apathy.  That’s the hard part.  

I know she feels guilty as well, and I do my best to let her know that I understand her dilemma.  

So, two nights ago we had some hot action go on and in the end I was left denied (although I did ask to be allowed to finish by myself in another room and my wife told me I could, but then I decided to wait) and last night when I offered to ease the stress of my wife’s long hard day, a very long, hard day, I was told she would rather rest, but that she would take me up on my offer tonight.

While things have gone very well since the end of our official Arrangement (in general) I’ve been curious as to my wife’s opinion about the matter lately.  I’ve been thinking of bringing it up, but the occasion hasn’t really presented itself.

Frankly, there are many, many things floating around in my head that I’d love to ask my wife that the situation just never seems to arrive.  One of them is about the guy Nick, who had the 10″ cock in college that she slept with because he had a 10″ cock.  I’m curious how he measures up to the big purple dildo.  And, of course, I get off on the little bit of humiliation.  So, I don’t ask because I’m just being greedy.  She would get nothing out of it.

Anyway, today I though, I wonder if my wife misses anything from the former Arrangement?

Now, remember, she ended it, not me (although I had pretty much quit doing a good job which helped her agree that it wasn’t that great any more).

So I thought, should I ask her?  Would it be smart?  What’s the point?  We mostly do all the same stuff anyway, it’s just that none of it is a “Rule” and we have agreed that we are “equal” in opinion and that she shouldn’t have to make all the decisions…

Really, the change from ending the Arrangement hasn’t been that drastic.  It was an acceptance that we no longer had a 24/7 power exchange relationship, but most of that power exchange remained because it existed prior to our Arrangement.

I digress.

Fast forward to tonight.

I ask my wife if she would like me to rub her feet after we had dinner.  She eagerly agreed.  I rubbed her foot and calf quite thoroughly, or so I thought, until I asked for her other foot.  She responded that I wasn’t done with her first foot yet.  It had already been about half an hour.  I thought I was done.  Wrong.

So then we were distracted by children having to go to bed and bedtime things before I could again rejoin my wife.  At this point she was folding clothes but almost done so I couldn’t help.

As she finished I asked if I could rub her other foot.  She told me she was going to bed.

Here is where the trickiness of our relationship (lately, at least) comes in.  She didn’t say, “no”, and she didn’t say, “yes”.  She said she was going to bed.

So she gets ready for bed and asks me to bring her some water.  I do that.  Then I leave momentarily to brush my teeth (in case I get lucky).  When I get back I sit on the bed and she tells me how tired she is.  I prepare myself for disappointment, and honestly at that moment I wondered why she even bothered to hint at sex the previous night.  So I ask if she still wants me to rub her other foot and she is eager to agree.  As she pulls her leg from under the blanket I see she isn’t wearing panties.

I’m still in my clothes (and wearing my device which I’m sure she knew and we haven’t really talked about in a while) and she guides me as I rub her foot and calf.

As I massaged her I wondered where it would lead.  I was still fully clothed (and in a chastity device that was holding back a straining erection).  As I rubbed her feet I offered to get her toys.  Why wouldn’t I?  It seemed appropriate.  She told me not to stop as I kept rubbing.

When she was done with the foot massage I thought I was done for the night.  That’s when she asked for the toys.

My tongue is not very long.  I’m not surprised how sore it gets from her workouts.

Tonight she told me she wouldn’t need my cock, but felt sorry for me, I guess, at the end and I got to have a turn.

Of course, before that she enjoyed the combination of my tongue, her vibe and the big purple cock for about an hour.  She was almost funny every time she wanted stop and get sleep, but instead she would push that dildo deeper and tell me where to lick.

As we wound down something came up.  As she, after much consideration, let me make love to her, she started telling me how lucky I was.  I agreed quickly and started thanking her for everything  that had gone on not only that week but over the past few months.

How did it end?

My wife started asking tough questions, like, “why don’t I rub her feet more often”?  “Why have I let my service go downhill”?  “Why aren’t I holding you to higher standards?”

She told me she is starting again tomorrow.  I’m really not sure what this means, but I’m afraid it’s a “be careful what you wish for” moment.