Sometimes vanilla IS kinky!

Well, it ended up being a pretty great weekend.  Of course, it was nothing like I imagined, which it never is.  I said at the end of my last post, “I’m really having a hard time keeping my mind from thinking about all sorts of deviant things, lol.  Oh, the possibilities!”.  Of course this was after explaining that I now understand that it’s best to try not to expect anything, that way you are less likely to be disappointed.  Well, I wasn’t disappointed, even if it would have been fun to do all the deviant things I was fantasizing about.

It turned out to be fairly vanilla, well aside from being told to clean the master suite so that it “felt like a hotel room”, and the pre-party orally induced orgasm my wife enjoyed while I remained in the device.  The device remained off the rest of the weekend, although the cock ring stayed on most of the time.

We had a good time at the party and got to know some new friends a little better.  I guess it’s not completely uncommon, but I was actually a bit surprised to see the two other husbands in our little circle we had formed serving their wives.  I usually don’t see too much of that at the few parties or events we attend.  We all sat around a table, but whenever a wife needed a drink the husband got up and got it.  Did a wife want something else?  Her husband attended to it.  It was nice to see.  I’m not implying this means anything, other than the husbands aren’t jerks.

Eventually we left and headed home.  Her toys had been left on my pillow, but as she had told me earlier in the evening while I went down on her, she would not be needing the dildo that night.  She told me she needed a “good, long, hard fucking”.  She did use her vibe a bit to get warmed up, then had me go down on her again for another orgasm.  Finally she told me she wanted me inside her and it was just good old fashioned sex.  It honestly was very much like the sex we used to have years ago.  I held her in the same ways and made the same moves.  After she came she told me I was allowed to cum and soon did.

The next morning we did something we haven’t been able to do for a long time.  We slept in and woke up and had morning sex.  It was very much like the night before, old fashioned sex.  The same pattern we’d had for years.  I go down on her, then we have sex, then she cums, and just like old times, she allowed me to orgasm again.


I hadn’t had two orgasms in consecutive days since… when did I say I started doing this?  It was incredible!  As I lay next to her all I could think was, man, I could enjoy that feeling every day!  I mean, I used to enjoy that feeling multiple times a day!  I mean… Oh… My… God!  What have I done?

It was actually a very enjoyable self inflicted (well, I guess her telling me to cum a second time really induced it) mind fuck.  Yes, I thought about how insane it was to not cum whenever I wanted, but I’m not about to stop what we are doing.  I also know it’s a lot of fun to NOT cum.  Especially for weeks.  You can’t not cum for weeks if you are cumming all the time.

While sitting and watching football last night my wife asked me if I had fun over the weekend.  I assured her I did.  I appreciate that sometimes she just wants to get laid.  I don’t have any problems with that.  I’m sure she was a little worried that I’d be disappointed because she didn’t get all “domme-y” and keep me locked up while she used the dildo.  What is more important to me is that she gets what she wants.  Sometimes she wants it kinkier than other times, and that is great.  This time she wanted it in a very vanilla way.  What’s great about that is that it is so rare for us that it was exciting!  I’m sure she isn’t about to start letting me cum every day, so having that happen in a way could be considered incredibly kinky.  We were doing something “outside the norm”.

As a matter of fact it will probably be a lot more difficult these coming weeks as the memory of how amazing it is to have orgasms only hours apart.  Although I felt incredibly wiped out all yesterday, today I’m horny as hell and ready for more!

Wanting somebody else to know

I’ve often thought about letting a friend or two of ours know about our arrangement.  Frankly it’s been on my mind a lot lately.  There is one friend of ours that I’m sure could handle it, and probably would love the idea.  I’ve brought it up with my wife in the past and she agreed that if we told anyone it would be this one person.  The last time we talked about it, though, she just didn’t feel the need to let anyone know.

I keep wresting with the idea because it probably isn’t  the smartest thing in the world to do.  And yet I really want somebody to know.  Part of it is probably just a further desire for more kink.  If person X, the person my wife and I agree would be the first to know, knew would she expect me to wait on her when she visits?  Would she treat me differently?  Probably not, but in the fantasy world it’s exciting to think about.  I’m not talking about sex or anything either.  I’m talking about her sitting with my wife and asking me to get her more coffee.  Sure, it’s fantasy fodder, but it’s not the only reason I want to let somebody know.

I also want people to know because I’m proud of our arrangement.  If person X knew shew would undoubtedly be very excited for my wife and want to know all the details.  She may very well even be envious.  We are both fairly sure she wouldn’t be repulsed by it… she’s not the most vanilla person in the world by any means.  If X knew then my wife could talk freely with her about our arrangement.  Would my wife want to?  Although she says she doesn’t need somebody to talk to about it, she often tells people everything short of the “kink factors”.  She loves to tell people that I’m her stay-at-home husband.  While other women she works with will complain their husbands don’t cook or clean she loves to tell them what I’m making for dinner (or recently made) and what cleaning job I’m likely doing at the time.  Of course, many of these people try to make me feel better and tell me how they know “another at home dad” and how “he’s OK with it” too, assuming that I’m ashamed of my status but probably shouldn’t be too much.

Then again, just telling plain old anybody could be very dangerous.  Person X is like family to both of us, but as for other close friends, well, anything can happen.  Misunderstandings lead to complete fall outs all too often.  One tiny tiff could turn into a free-for-all that leads to exaggerated emails to my wife’s boss and co-workers about how she is a dominatrix or some other crazy stunts.

I suppose we could always search the internet to find like minded couples in the area, but that doesn’t really satisfy the desire for a friend to know.  I don’t particularly want to make new friends just so we can know somebody who knows about our arrangement.  It might be cool to know somebody else locally in a similar arrangement, but I think it would probably lead to a stronger desire to let a friend know.

I realise the smart move is probably to just keep it to ourselves.  But in a few weeks Person X will be in town visiting.  It would be great if she knew.  But she won’t know.  She’ll just know that I’m a very awesome husband who is lucky to have a very awesome wife.  But she already knows that.

This is fun… why wasn’t that more obvious before?

I think my wife and I have recently realized something that should have probably been obvious long ago.  This is FUN!  Aside from all the other benefits we both get from our arrangement we can really have fun with this.

It seems that after our little lull we have both started having a lot more fun with this than before.  Not that we feel like we are playing a game, but my wife seems to be able to joke about things instead of feel like anytime she says something to me that should be “domme-y” it doesn’t really have to be serious.  For example, recently we were discussing dinner and she told me the two options and said, “it’s entirely up to you”.  Then, barely containing laughter she turned to me and pointed and said, “wait, nothing is ever up to you”!  We both had a good laugh as she picked the dinner she wanted.

This could have been played out several different ways, but my wife chose to be playful the way we are about most things.  She didn’t choose a serious tone and look down her nose and tell me it’s not up to me, and she didn’t taunt me with it and bring out feelings of humiliation.  Those other things would have been nice as well, but making a joke about it was just fun.

Of course jokes aren’t the only reason I now realize this can be fun.  It’s also the understanding that it doesn’t have to be serious all the time.  I guess this goes along with my confusion about the idea of a “24/7” type discussion that comes up in blogs occasionally.  I consider my wife and I to be “24/7” because when she agreed to it she agreed that it would be all the time.  That doesn’t mean that something kinky is always going on.  During our little lull very little happened at all, but there was always the understanding that we have an arrangement and that it was to be honored at all times.

So, it now seems obvious to me that our arrangement doesn’t have to be serious all the time.  It’s whatever we are making it at that moment, and right now my wife seems to just be having fun with different aspects of it, nothing particularly kinky or exciting, but things that usually bring a smile to at least her face, if not both of ours.

My wife also seems to be pushing the boundaries a bit more.  I don’t know if this coincides with realizing things don’t have to be serious all the time or not, but she really seems to be a little more open about things right now.  I mentioned this to her last night and she didn’t think too much of it.  She still felt as if things she may say or do wouldn’t necessarily let people in on what we have going on, but to me she is definitely being more open.

Last Saturday night was a perfect example of this.  I got home from work much earlier than expected, just as my wife, kids and mother-in-law were finishing dinner.  The kids left the table and my wife and mother-in-law got up and went to watch some TV.  By way of greeting from my wife I got, “Hi!  You are just in time to clean up from dinner”!    As I cleaned she again pointed out to her mother, “Isn’t it great that (my name) comes home from work and cleans up our dinner”?

Her explanation to me was that she was just trying to point out to her mother what an awesome husband I am.  But there was a look in her eye that said she didn’t really care if her mom read more into it or not.

While that was the most blatent recent instance it is really the increasing frequency of such instances, especially in front of her mother, that stand out.  While any individual statement may leave something to the imagination of the person she is speaking to, many such statements can make people stop and wonder.  I think this is really another way she was just having fun with our arrangement.

Thankfully she is also having more fun by having more orgasms.  Not only is she taking more advantage of opportunities when she is obviously in the mood, but it appears she is also taking more opportunities to put herself in the mood.  And on one occasion just took advantage of an opportunity.

While her mother was visiting we took a short trip to the beach.  After going back to the place we had rented for lunch my wife told her mother to keep the kids at the pool and we would prepare lunch.  I quickly jumped in the shower to get the sand and salt water off of me and a minute later my wife jumped in with me… errr… jumped me.  She took me to the bedroom and told me to get to work.  Thankfully she had me go down on her first as I was slow to get an erection with the knowledge that the bedroom door didn’t lock and her mother or the kids could come barging in from the pool with little notice.  After bringing her to a couple of orgasms she asked me if I wanted to cum.  While my brain screamed “OH MY GOD YES!!!!” my mouth said, “I want whatever you want”.  Her response was, “Good, it will be more fun to make you wait”.

Moments like that are so wonderful.  They are also often the stuff of fantasy, so as soon as she said it I had a hell of a time controlling myself.  I wanted to just start pounding away while the magical words were fresh.  My mind reeled in the agony and ecstasy of the moment, getting exactly what you love so much and turns you on so much that you just want to erupt in orgasm.  Ahh, I love those moments.

It amazes me to think that we had another one of those moments last night.  We watched a little TV as I folded laundry.  At the end of the show we were watching my wife told me she was going to bed.  I wanted to ask her if I might be allowed to go down on her, but I couldn’t think of the right words, so instead I asked her if I could “help her relax” before bed.  I guess she understood my euphemism and told me to get her allergy medicine and a glass of water and take them to her in bed.  I got them and entered the room and knelt at the side of the bed (did I mention I’m doing the kneeling thing again as she made it clear to me that she enjoys it?).  As she sat up and swallowed the pills she told me that I may use my mouth on her and told me to get her toys.  I got the toys and stripped down to just my cock ring and the device.

I slid into bed and made a move to kiss her.  She intercepted me and redirected my mouth.  Although it was not the first time that I’ve gone down on her while wearing the device it is still a rare enough occurrence as to be another “fantasy” type moment.  And it only got better.

After her first orgasm she got her dildo and had me use it while licking her.  Finally she’d had enough of me and used her mini vibe and the dildo together while I lay off to the side trying not to whimper in subspace to loudly.

After another orgasm I thought she would be done, but instead took my hand and had me grip the end of the dildo while she held onto my caged cock.  The power exchange of the moment put her over the edge as she had a final, enormous orgasm.  When she had gathered herself she told me to edge myself six times before bed, but to do it somewhere else as to not disturb her.

This is so much fun!

A long post about not that much…

Last week my wife told me that she realised she was a week late but quickly realised it was because she’d messed up with her birth control.  Since her period had started she could look back and laugh.  One of the things she thought was funny is that she uses her current form of birth control because she only has to think about it twice a month so it’s harder to screw up – yet she screwed it up.  Another thing she found funny was the irony of the possibility of getting pregnant by letting me have an orgasm at precisely the time she messed up with her birth control.  She found that hilarious.  “Imagine the odds of me getting pregnant when you only get to cum once a month!”, she said.

As funny as the conversation was, especially when she considered suggesting to the Catholic Church orgasm denial as birth control (I told her it probably wouldn’t go over well with the men), what was telling was her comment about letting me cum only once a month.  Is that what she thinks?  Is that how she’s trying to time it in her head?  As I’ve said before I’m actually averaging once every two weeks, but the idea that in her head she’s making me wait much longer is… sexy.  I wonder if it’s a conscious effort to keep me to about once a month or if it’s her calculation of how long she usually keeps me waiting?  It works for me either way… as long as she doesn’t start making me wait a month in between, that is!

One of the points of this conversation we were having Wednesday night was that she had started her period, as I’d previously mentioned.  Because of this I wasn’t expecting any action for the next few nights, although the waiting period (no pun intended) has been shortened by her current contraception (another plus for her).  When Friday night rolled around I got a surprise call from work telling me that I didn’t need to come in.  Shortly after I got a call from one of my friends/business partners telling me he wanted to talk about some things he was working on.  I told him that I would most likely be able to go out and have a drink with him a little later in the night and we could talk about it.  I was of course assuming my wife would want to go to bed early and wouldn’t be interested in sex due to the “time of month”.

I was wrong, of course.

As I went to kiss her goodnight she started ripping my shirt off.  I was able to extricate my self from her clutches and remove the rest of my clothes.  A strange thought went through my head as I got undressed.  It wasn’t that I didn’t want to have sex, it was just that I had been so certain that there wasn’t any chance for it that I’d put it completely out of my mind.  Now that I was being put on the spot it felt strange.  Again, it’s not that I didn’t want to have sex, but for the first time I felt like I was being called on to do a job.  Usually when she goes to bed I’m hoping that she is going to want to fool around, but for some reason it was the last thing on my mind and as I stood naked I felt strange, although in a good way.  It didn’t last long, though.  Soon enough I was in the “hell, yeah!” mind set and feeling very lucky.

She put me through my paces and when I had to take a break she used her vibe.  At one point I thought I was going to lose it for sure and told my wife I was close.  She didn’t tell me to stop which meant she was probably close as well.  I didn’t think I’d be able to hold out so I started apologizing.  She told me not to apologize and I was able to pull myself together a bit and somehow found the fortitude to last a bit longer.  It was just long enough, apparently.  As soon as I started cumming I could feel her start as well.  It was wonderful and only eight days since my previous orgasm.  I was in heaven.  As I rolled to my side of the bed I realised that she hadn’t intended for me to cum.  If she had she would have been on my side of the bed.  Oh, well.  She lay next to me wriggling around, rolling back and forth, sometimes putting her legs over me and sometimes rolling away from me.  Finally she lay on her back and started using her vibe again.  After a few minutes she seemed frustrated and in a very Veruca Salt kind of way whined/commanded, “I want more”!  With that I was awakened from my post-orgasmic bliss and I went down on her.  It wasn’t so much oral sex as her using my whole face.

After she had regained her composure from her last orgasm she addressed me again.  She pointed out that my unscheduled orgasm had left a nasty (and rather large) wet spot on her side of the bed.  She told me to clean it up and make it comfortable for her to sleep.  I cleaned it up as best I could and put a towel over it so she could sleep.  When she had returned to bed she told me to bring her water and her allergy medicine (as I do every night).  When I returned I knelt beside her bed as she took her pill and drank some water (as I always do).  When she was done she handed me the water and I placed it on her night stand next to the bed.  She then laid into me a bit.  She told me how lucky I was to cum and that it was far too soon since my last orgasm.  She implied that it would be a while until my next one to compensate.  She also told me how lucky I was because she thought that I had been slacking in my duties lately and that she was going to correct that.  That was actually a surprise to me, and disappointing.  I’d felt earlier in the week that I’d been doing a great job and felt like the house was in better shape than it had been in a while.

I awoke Saturday morning to a large list of chores.

Saturday night we attended a party for parents of my sons classmates, a “get to know you” kind of affair, although most of them already knew each other.  The host and hostess were fairly wealthy and had a beautiful house full of big screen TVs.  As we were greeted at the door we were informed that the men were upstairs watching football and the women were gathered in another room talking.  That made me uncomfortable, but I wasn’t too worried.  Of course, about 15 minutes into the party, as I stood next to my wife alongside a counter full of appetizers, a woman approached me and asked if I knew that all the husbands were upstairs watching football.  “But the food is here”, I replied.  That seemed to satisfy her.  “And I’m here”, my wife added matter-of-factly.  Touche.

I spent most of the night getting my wife drinks or holding her plate while we chatted with people.  At one point I even took a dirty plate from another woman while she talked with my wife.  Part of it was from my years in the service industry and working private parties, but part of it was me wanting to show off.  I wanted them to see what a good husband my wife had.  We also met a great couple that were clearly wife led, although I’m sure in a more traditional way (but you never know).  My wife actually seemed to get defensive at one point as this other woman talked about how her husband did all the cleaning and how when he goes out of town the house falls apart and she just can’t function.  If it had been two men talking I’d describe it as a pissing contest at one point as they both went on about how little they do around the house and how much they have to do at their jobs.  It was interesting, really.  I look forward to seeing them again.

Sunday, after watching football, I started on more chores my wife had given me.  While I was working in the garage my wife and kids were playing in the back yard.  At one point I heard my wife tell them that she would be back in a few minutes because she had to “go supervise your father”.  It made me laugh.  She came and checked on my progress and satisfied, she left.  Soon one of my boys came to me with a bottle of nice, cold water.  “Mom said you have to drink that”, he told me before leaving.  What would I do without her?  Dehydrate, for sure.

After dinner I put on the gates of hell and started cleaning.  I find that sometimes when I’m just not in the mood to do one of my chores, like washing dishes, if I put on the gates of hell it will put me in the right mindset.  Actually, last night it just really felt good to wear, as well.  It felt comfortable and… well… right.  The way a watch feels “right” on your wrist.  Anyway, we watched a bit of tv after I’d finished cleaning and then my wife announced that she was going to bed early.  I followed her a few minutes later to bring her some things she’d left in the other room and that I knew she’d want.  I also checked to see if there was anything else she needed (like I always do… sometimes I feel this blog is getting redundant).  Anyway, I asked her what else I could get for her and she replied, “when I said ‘I’ was going to bed early, it meant ‘we’ were going to bed early… now get undressed”!  Now, I don’t want to get all “porny” again, but I did want to point out that it feels weird, in a sexy way I guess, to get naked and then have to take off your unlocked chastity device that your wife didn’t ask you to put on but watches as you take it off.  I wonder what she thinks about that…  I’m also still hoping that she will have me keep it on one night and have me take care of her in other ways, or just watch as she uses her dildo, but that’s for another blog entry I think.

The uninvited house guest.

I haven’t really had time to post lately as we’ve had a visitor staying with us, my wife’s cousin who visited at Easter.  It was short notice and we thought he was leaving two days ago.  I think it’s safe to say he has overstayed his welcome.

Not only has he overstayed his welcome because he is generally obnoxious seems to expect to be waited on, or his lack of politeness, or even the fact he hasn’t asked for permission to stay longer or thanked us for putting him up on short notice.  These are all reasons why I’m ready to have him leave.  My wife has also stated her agreement with this.  But I see something else in my wife’s eyes.  I see her annoyance at having to censor herself and at having her sex life curtailed.

Although I can tell she’s censoring herself, she has actually also been far more open in her dominance, which is very interesting.  Sunday night we were getting ready for dinner and the arrival of another guest we’d invited over for dinner.  My wife said that “we” should clean something.  With her cousin in the same room she stopped, turned to me and said, “and when I say ‘we’, I mean you”.  She wasn’t trying to embaress me, I just don’t think she could help herself.  That night, after dinner, we sat and talked.  Well, house guest was in the other room watching football and drinking my beer while my wife and I and our dinner guest caught up with each other.  Here my wife was fairly openly dominant, telling me to refill drinks, etc.  It wasn’t really in an overbearing manner, but still, it must have been obvious to our friend.  Maybe not.  I’ve gotten the impression over the years from some of our closest female friends that they think my wife won the husband lottery.  Maybe they even expect these kinds of actions at this point. 

I’ve cotinued to be the good househusband throughout this prolonged visit.  I’ve cleaned up after every meal, kept the kitchen tidy, loaded and unloaded the dishwasher, washed the pots and pans, swept, prepped coffee for my wife every night so it’s ready and waiting for her in the morning, etc.  I have been given a reprieve from some of my bigger jobs, like cleaning the shower and mopping the floor while he is here.

The new bullet vibe arrived Friday.  I can tell my wife is incredibly frustrated that she hasn’t been able to try it out yet.  Clearly she’s just uncomfortable to have any kind of sex with her cousin in our house.  I can see how sexually frustrated she is every night.  Of course, I am too, but I’m usually frustrated.  But now I’m frustrated for her as well.

I think the fact that she has been so open with giving me commands, while at the same time clearly holding back is just more proof that she is so much more comfortable in her leading role right now.  It is really pretty amazing, and I’m looking forward to our first night together after our guest leaves, which I hope is soon.