Fun despite pink eye

Well, I had a pretty good weekend, for the most part.  I did wake up Saturday morning with my left eye gunked shut.  Pink eye.  One of the kids had it a few weeks ago and I guess it lingered somewhere I didn’t hit with Lysol.  Friday while getting ready for work I got an eyelash in that eye and used my finger to get it out.  I know Friday night I ended up rubbing that I several times feeling like there was something interfering with my vision.  Then Saturday it all became clear.  I wasn’t able to go to work because of the contagious nature of the virus, so I got to stay home and spend extra time with my wife.

After lunch we sat and chatted.  I told her that it kind of sucked that I got the night off from work but I couldn’t even kiss her or snuggle because of the pink eye.  “I think you’ll still be able to service me”, was her response.

It was generally a relaxing day, but she took advantage of our extra time together by indulging in my services more.  At dinner she asked me to refill her drink and get up to get things for her.  It’s always a little strange when she has me serve her in front of the children.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with it, but it’s still a bit strange.  Last night one of the children asked her if he could have seconds.  She said he could.  There was a moment where nothing happened.  Then she looked at me and I understood that I would be getting up to get his food for him. 

Throughout Saturday and Sunday she had me get things for her many times.  If we were both sitting and she was getting up she would give me something to do while she was out of the room.  It was wonderful.  It’s exactly what I was dreaming of a year ago.

Saturday night the children fell asleep earlier than normal.  They’d had a very busy day and at bedtime they just went right to sleep.  Amazing!  My wife went to take a shower and asked me to deliver her a cocktail when she was done.  I checked email and did a few other things until I heard the shower turn off.  I went and made her cocktail and brought it to her.

“How are the kids”, she asked.

“They’re actually asleep”.


“I’ll double check”.  I left and checked on them and indeed they were fast asleep.  I returned to our bedroom and reported to my wife.


She had me wait in the bedroom while she left for a few minutes.  I sat sipping my cocktail and waited patiently for her.  When she returned she said, “we’re going to have sex.  I guess I should have told you that before I left so you’d be ready for me”.  I didn’t really care, I was quickly out of my clothes.  I asked her if she wanted her toy and she told me she did.  I asked if I could wear my cock ring and she again told me “yes”.

“Because of your eye there won’t be any kissing.  I think you should keep it as far away as you can.  But I need your cock.”  She took her vibe and put it to work while I sat watching her.  When she was ready she had me kneel by her head and gave me more of a blow job than I’ve had in I don’t know how long.  It probably lasted only ten seconds, but it was enough that I was close to cumming.  It’s strange to think that she used to be able to go down on me for ten or fifteen minutes and I wouldn’t be able to cum.  I know I couldn’t last twenty seconds now.  Anyway, it didn’t last very long, but it was incredible.  She then put me to work. 

I started out very strong and was feeling very confident since being able to control myself the last time we were intimate.  But then I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  And I was distracted with the thought of pink eye.  And I knew she was enjoying it and getting close but I was distracted, and not in a useful way.  All of a sudden I was going to explode and I pulled out and squeezed to prevent an orgasm.  I did stop it, but kind of lost the erection too soon after that.  I entered my wife again, but the rhythm was gone.  She had me get off of her and put the vibe back to work for a few minutes.  She then told me to finish her off with my mouth.  I did and she had a pretty big orgasm.  She rested a moment before using the vibe again.  I knelt on the bed watching her and slowly stroking myself.  When I was semi-erect she reached over and grabbed my cock.  Despite not yet being fully erect she ordered me with urgency to fuck her.  I did and she had me hold still and ground herself onto my rapidly hardening cock.  She came again sinking her fingernails into my back. 

As we sat in bed afterwards I was worried I’d disappointed her.  I found that I didn’t have to worry.  Although she was a bit disappointed at first she still had two awesome orgasms, so she was satisfied.  She again told me she was going to have to figure something out about the orgasm control/denial thing because she didn’t care if I came or not, she just wanted me inside her at the exact moment I pulled out because she was at the edge and about to cum and my pulling out spoiled it.  I explained that it had nothing to do with the denial.  I explained that I just read the situation wrong and didn’t realise she was as close as she was.  If I’d known she was that close I wouldn’t have pulled out.  I just thought she needed more time and if I came it would have thrown off the rhythm even more.  So, that was me just reading the situation wrong.  She accepted that and said she was happy. 

She then told me that we really needed to look into getting a metal cock ring for me.  She said the gummy one I use sometimes irritates her, but she like the effect it has on my cock.  She is sure a metal one would be best.  “But I want to buy the other thing first”, she told me.  I wasn’t sure what she meant at first, but she explained that she wants to go out and buy the “gates of hell” chastity device.  “I think it’s a good idea for you to wear it”, she told me.

I explained that this wasn’t something I could go out and buy.  It’s something we have to get over the internet.  She isn’t keen on this because she doesn’t want to start getting trashy fliers and what not in the mail.  I told her the site I planned on ordering from seems to be discrete and trusted by others, but I understand her concern.  If anyone with any experience in this area could give advice it would be appreciated (I’m looking at you, Tom).

So, there you have it.  Despite having pink eye my wife used me for service, for sex and has told me she wants my cock locked up for her keeping.  I’d call that a successful weekend!


And then I say something stupid…

My wife asked me to come to bed with her last night, which is not something she usually does.  By that I mean that she essentially told me to come to bed for sex.  Now, there are times when I know ahead of time that we are going to have sex for sure, date nights, special occasions, etc.  But on any given night there is no guarantee and usually I don’t find out until I go to kiss her good night.  So, it was a pleasant treat to be told to come and service her needs.

It was fantastic.  Very simple.  No toys.  Very straight-forward sex.  And I loved it!  It was just right.  I was also very proud of myself because as she was getting close to her orgasm I thought I was going to have to stop.  I knew if I stopped the chemistry would be gone and it would be a disappointment for both of us.  I also didn’t want to cum too soon, well, at all, really.  Anyway, I somehow was able to refocus my brain on her and it worked.  I pulled back from the brink without having to stop and without having to fall back on unpleasant thoughts or anything like that.  I thought about her and was able to go the distance. 

So, after she came, and I was still riding high on my “I’m a big, macho stud” high I get after sex without release, I nearly ruined it all.  Despite being fairly incoherent at the time I tried to express how proud I was of feeling like I needed to stop, and then being able to over come it.  So I said something totally stupid.  As she lay there feeling great from her orgasm I said, “I almost came before you but I didn’t want to ruin it for you.” 


She replied, “it wouldn’t have ruined it for me, that’s your thing, not mine”. 


I thought she had gotten into the orgasm control.  I guess it’s OK that she indulges me in it, but I thought she kind of enjoyed the power of it as well.  Maybe she does.  I guess she was not quite thinking clearly either, what with having just cum.  Maybe if I had cum she would have enjoyed it, but then had fun scolding me for it as well.  I probably shouldn’t dwell on it.  Anyway, at the time I felt like I’d blown it.  I felt like she wanted to take a step back from the kink.

Maybe she felt that, or maybe it was all in my own head.  Either way she got right back in command.  She gave me a list of things she wanted me to do for her immediately.  I got dressed and did the first thing she had told me, which was get her some water and allergy medicine.  I got them and returned to the bedroom to give them to her.  I stood at the side of the bed and held them out for her.  She sat up and just stared at me for a moment. 

“You aren’t going to kneel for me”, she asked?

I was caught off guard.  I quickly knelt and she then took the water and pills.

“I like it when you kneel for me”.

Oh.  Yay!  Was she trying to make up for the comment on OC?  I don’t know.  Maybe she didn’t think twice about it.  Maybe it’s all in my head.  One thing I do know is that these re-affirmations of who is the boss are so important to my mental stability.  I know At All Times would agree with me that without these signs of acknowledgement you start to doubt yourself and the dynamics of your relationship.

I’m so thankful for having a wife who is able to do that for me.

#100 or Another Milestone

100 posts and counting.  I wish I had something more exciting to write about today, but I don’t.  I do feel like writing however, so I’ll talk about what’s on my mind.

We haven’t been intimate since Father’s Day.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  She has asked for two back rubs.  Ugh, I’ve been so stupid horny lately.  Last night as my wife lay down in bed I went to tuck her in.  My good night kiss became a little more then a peck on the cheek and soon I was trying to seduce her with my kisses.  She wasn’t falling for it and after a moment put an end to it.  I asked if there was anything I could do for her and she rolled to her stomach and pulled back the covers revealing her nude body.  “I would like you to give me a back rub”, she told me.  Again I tried to seduce her, this time with my hands.  I tried to give her the most sensuous massage I could.  When she was satisfied with the back rub she simply said, “thank you”, and I was dismissed. 

It’s such wonderful torture.

Earlier in the week my wife gave a little public display of Dominance.  It didn’t seem like a big deal at first.  We were at the gym and I had gone to the water fountain for a drink.  As I turned to leave the fountain I saw my wife behind me.  She was holding out her empty water bottle for me to refill.  OK, that’s not too big a deal.  I turned to fill it, feeling only a tiny bit embarrassed.  When it was full I turned to hand it back to my wife, only she wasn’t there.  She had left to continue her work out.  I of course dutifully carried her now full water bottle to her.  She thanked me and grabbed my ass as she kissed me.  I was completely blushing at this point.  I had to use my towel to cover my erection as I went to attempt to complete my workout.

I’ve also found another way she has kind of publicly “outed” us.  On one of the popular “networking” places she has listed under her favorite activities “watching my husband clean the house”.  Now, I know that isn’t the most obvious of things, but it’s also not the sort of thing you usually find on somebody’s page.  I’m actually a little bit shocked that she would be so bold.

On more of a downer note I seem to have the house cleaning blues again.  I’m just dreading it and I’m behind on my chores for the week.  I’m not whining, I mean it.  But I am definitely noticing a pattern here.  I know once I start chugging through the chores I’ll be fine, but for the lasts couple of days I’ve just been blah about the whole thing.  At least the magic number of days has past since my last orgasm.  It’s been ten days now and I’m on a much better mental plane in terms of orgasm control.  That was seriously a rough week mentally.  Twice I came close to breaking down and having an orgasm while masturbating in the shower.  I’m now fairly confident that I can go the rest of the month without, as will likely be the case.  That would leave me at 12 orgasms for the first six months of the year.  I’m not sure why that makes me proud, but it does.

Alright.  I’m off to make lunch for the kiddo’s.  Then it’s time to get cleaning!

The Laugh

A couple of nights ago my wife requested a back rub from me before bed.  She doesn’t usually indulge in this, so I’m always eager when the chance presents itself.  I’ve been trying to improve my skills some.  It seems like I used to give excellent back rubs, but the technique escapes me now.  Anyway, I was determined to give her a back rub that would make her want back rubs more often.

I used lots of lotion and really got into it.  I tried to let my energy flow into her and push the tension out of her.  After maybe fifteen minutes she was satisfied and I got off of her.  I had become incredibly aroused during the process and as I stood at the side of the bed my wife reached out and grabbed the end of my erection through my shorts, wiggled it a bit, and laughed.  My knees almost buckled.  It wasn’t a giggle.  It wasn’t forced.  It was a wicked, humiliating laugh.  And it added fuel to the fire.  I asked for permission to masturbate and with a shoo-ing motion she dismissed me to another room telling me she needed her rest.  Of course I wasn’t allowed to climax.

The next night, after dinner I asked her about the laugh.  First she tried to play it off, “it was just so big”.  I told her that I saw something else in the laugh, and it wasn’t about my tented shorts.  She lowered her head a bit and looked up at me.  She quietly said, “it made you feel humiliated”?  I said yes and she appologized.  I told her not to be sorry, that I got over it and enjoyed the feelings that came over me when it happened.  That seemed to please her and she admitted that yes, it was a bit of a wicked laugh because she was feeling, “Sucks to be you” or “Thanks for the back rub, sucker.  Too bad you won’t be using that tonight”.  She took joy in being able to be selfish.

At this point I commented that she definitely seemed to be indulging herself more and being more confident and assertive.  She said that she had been feeling a bit more controlling, but it was my letter to her that really allowed her to “let go” and do and get what she wants.  When we first started this she told me she was sometimes afraid to tell me to do things because it might be too much for me and she didn’t want to “ruin” the arrangement.  It seems the letter I wrote has finally removed the last of those worries and she now feels free to be as domineering as she wants to be, and she feels relieved about it.  She now fully accepts that it’s all about her, and she is going to take full advantage of it.

Lucky me!

What’s interesting, though, is when I asked her if there was anything specifically in the letter that she wanted to talk about she said she couldn’t remember any details at all.  She just got a feeling of freedom from the overall message, but didn’t really dwell on any specifics.  So, hopefully she’ll read it again tonight or some time this weekend.  If she doesn’t, well, I guess that’s her prerogative.  If nothing else the letter let her unleash her inner selfishness to it’s full extent.


Evidence of Selfishness (a good thing)

Just a quick little blurb for today.

Unfortunately I’ve been a bit under the weather the last couple of days.  Nothing too horrible, but it left me with ZERO energy.  My wife has been very understanding and the house has fallen into a bit of disarray.  I tried to do what I could, but most of the time I could barely get off the couch.

Anyway, last night I was feeling much better, but not really top notch yet.  I did a bit of cleaning in the kitchen and my wife helped.  After that I needed to rest again.  We sat and watched TV for a bit and folded laundry.  Eventually my wife looked at me and asked, “do you have enough energy to get up and get me a drink”?

I told her I did and got up to get her a drink.

I thought about that for a bit.  She’d been comforting me a lot, but also seemed a tiny bit whiny about the help as well.  At one point she got up and was cleaning or doing something that I would normally do and she pointed out that she’s been very spoiled lately and was hoping I’d get better soon.  She then knocked on wood.  I realised she meant it.  She didn’t just want me getting better for me, she wanted me to get better so I could server her!  I wasn’t hurt, because she clearly is worried about my health, but I was oddly turned on by the fact we’ve come so far as she can look at my being sick from a selfish position!  It might sound crazy to some, but this is the mind set I’d really hoped she’d be able to reach, and clearly she has.

As if to veryify my suspicion, before we went to bed, as she is standing next to the coffee pot, she asked, “will you be able to make my morning coffee or do I have to do it again”?

I assured her I’d do it and she left for bed.  I soon followed with an erection and a desire to feel well enough for sex.

Thankfully I feel great today (although I’ve got a lot of cleaning to catch up on)!

Father’s Day Treat

I had a great Father’s Day (hope you did too).

It was great for many reasons.  My wife was actually able to combine jobs and relaxation for me, for starters.  One of the kids woke me early in the morning excited about my presents.  My wife informed me that I could go back to sleep and sleep in until brunch.  She was taking the kids out for the morning.  Ahhh, that’s always a nice way to start my Sunday morning.  By the time they got home I was already up and had cleaned up their breakfast mess.  My gifts were set out for me and one was quite obvious.  A new mop.  I love it!  Now, my wife was having a bit of fun with this.  I’d written on the shopping list for the week that I needed a new sponge for the mop and while my wife was shopping (I was at work) she couldn’t remember what kind of mop we had (awesome!) so just bought me a new fancy schmancy mop.  Knowing it would give me a bit of a rush she put it in a gift bag and waited until yesterday to give it to me.  I think this is a perfect example of why this arrangement is working for us.  My wife and I can have fun with it without having to take it too seriously.  I know my wife didn’t get me the mop as a “real” gift, but she was thoughtful enough to present it to me that way because she knew that I’d kind of get off on it a bit.  I also got some new clothes, but to be honest I’m happier with the mop. 

We went out for brunch and then went on an errand.  I did a few chores throughout the afternoon but also got some time to myself for relaxing and playing on the computer.  I helped cook dinner and got to clean up afterward.  It was a pretty great day, I have to say.

Now, before I get all NC-17 I have to tell you that I wrote my wife a letter on Friday.  It was a letter thanking her for things but also letting her know what I’ve been thinking/fantasizing about.  I let her know ahead of time that I wrote it because when we talk at night I never remember this stuff.  It’s not that I was afraid to talk about it face to face, it was just stuff that I either forget or the timing isn’t right, etc.  Anyway, in the letter I basically let her know that I’ve been wanting to indulge in more kinky stuff.  I also explain what things interest me and why, but I make it very clear that it’s just what’s on my mind and if any of it turns her off I understand.  This is a no-pressure deal, just putting things out there.

I start off by thanking her for things she’s done and encouraging more of the same (telling me when she’s disappointed, using my service (which she’s done a lot lately), allowing me to masturbate briefly in bed next to her).  I then move on to basically remind her of the chastity device.  The anxiety is pretty much gone now and the idea of being locked up really excites me.  I know it will be a bit of a challenge, but I think that’s part of the excitement. 

Next I brought up something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.  During a talk a few weeks back my wife pointed out that sometimes my orgasm can trigger an orgasm in her.  She said this was one of the drawbacks of orgasm control/denial.  It wasn’t too big of a deal, since she’s been having more than ever, but it’s like taking a tool away from her that she sometimes likes to use.  Anyway, I asked her if after her own orgasms if my cumming inside her “did” anything for her.  Did she get any enjoyment from it, aside from the pleasure of making me cum?  I let her know that I’ve been thinking about it and that I knew that I made her “messy” by cumming inside her so perhaps I should only be allowed to do so on special occasions and the rest of the time be made to masturbate to orgasm.  At this point I also remind her of my desire to consume my ejaculate, to put it nicely.

I then went on to tell her that I would like to buy her new vibrators and a dildo.  She has had a dildo since we first started dating and it is very similar to my size and shape.  She never really liked using it, though.  As she put it, “why would I use that when I’ve got a real cock to fuck me”?  Who am I to argue?  Anyway, I point out to her that we’ve been having a lot of fun trying new things and it might be a lot of fun for her to try out a dildo again and maybe there would be times when I wouldn’t be allowed to make love to her but would use the dildo and or vibrator to help her get off while I’m denied.

I finish by reminding her that I really would like to incorporate kneeling into our routine and by her letting me know she is the “boss” more often.

Now, I know a letter like this could seem very overwhelming, but I wrote it in a very “please don’t be upset” kind of way and let her know that it was essentially fantasy and I understood that.  I also told her face to face that I didn’t write it because I was afraid of talking to her about it or didn’t know how to talk to her about it.  I let her know I just wanted to write down what was on my mind so I didn’t keep forgetting about it.

While I was at work Friday night she read it.  She told me none of it was over the top or turned her off.  That was reassuring.  She did tell me she planned on reading it a few more times, though. 

Well, last night she made it clear that she definitely likes some of the things I wrote to her about.  She enjoyed my serving her and relaxed while I cleaned up the kitchen.  She had me refill her water as we watched TV.  She informed me we would be “going to be early”.  That’s when the real fun started.

I gave her a few minutes to get ready for bed and by the time I arrived she was laying in bed waiting for me… and masturbating.  Usually it takes a while for her to get warmed up, but she told me she’d been horny all day.  We kissed while she continued to play with herself.  After a few minutes she asked for her toy (bullet vibe).  I got it out and while she used it I put on my cock ring.  I hadn’t used it in a while and it seemed like a good time to wear it.  While my wife held the vibe to her clit she told me to show her how hard my cock was.  I knelt by her head and presented myself to her.  She sat up and teased me with her mouth for a moment before telling me she was ready.

It didn’t take long before she was moaning and digging her nails into my back and ass.  Eventually I just held still as she ground herself against me bringing herself to an orgasm.  I held her for a few minutes before pulling out.  As she came down from her orgasm I saw her hand grasping around for her vibe.  I handed it to her and she put it back to work.  I kissed her hand and her thighs for a bit before moving up to kiss her beautiful face.  She told me she had the end of the vibe in her pussy while she played with herself.  I asked if I could use my tongue and she let me.  I went down on her and gently licked and sucked her clit while holding the vibe just inside her pussy and against my chin.  Ohhhhh…. guh!  She came hard while holding my head against her pussy.

We lay quietly for a while before she started playing with herself again.  I slowly stroked myself wondering what she had planned next.  As her breaths quickened she looked at me and said, “you can go ahead and cum, it is your day after all”, and went back to working on her own orgasm. 

As I started to masturbate I thought about the letter.  At that point I knew she had at least agreed with this one aspect.  She no longer felt obligated to make me cum inside her.  She didn’t have to worry about getting up and getting cleaned up before going to bed. 

It didn’t take too long before I was at the edge.  I let her know and soon I was shooting all over my chest and stomach.  It had been 18 days since my last orgasm and it felt wonderful (and made quite a mess).  Her moans got louder as I came and moments after my orgasm she was nearly yelling from her third.  She told me that sometimes my orgasm can trigger an orgasm in her, but I don’t think either of us thought it would happen while masturbating!

After we had both come down from our post orgasmic bliss she turned to me and told me to get cleaned up.  I licked some cum from my fingers but went to the bathroom to get a towel and clean off.  When I returned my wife pointed to the floor at the side of her bed.  I knelt down and actually began to get another erection.  HOLY SHIT!!!  She issued me some orders and my head spun in joy.  My wife just enjoyed three orgasms while indulging me in my kinks and at 36 years old I had an erection within minutes of an orgasm.


This morning as I got on the computer and checked email I found an assignment for today.  It’s something she’s only recently entrusted to me.  So, that’s all for now as I’m off to wash her delicates.

I know I am truely blessed!


100,000 hits and counting!

Wow!  Thank you all for reading my blog.  It really gives me the confidence to keep up with it as often as I can.  Heck, if you leave a comment I’ll thank everyone individually!

In other news:

My wife really seemed to enjoy having me serve her and issuing me orders all of last night.  It’s the most she’s done in one night so far, I think.  Starting at dinner time and ending at bed time she had me wait on her hand and foot.  It was wonderful.

Before sitting down to watch the final episode of Top Chef (technically it was already on, but we were DVR-ing it and like to let it record a while before watching as to skip the commercials) we chatted a bit.  I suggested to my wife that it might be fun to do things she enjoys on Fathers Day.  She was a little perplexed by that, but I explained that it would really be about me since I get off on that.  Well, I didn’t put it in those words, but maybe if I had she would have understood it better.  Then again, we were killing time, so…

Anyway, I also explained to her my problem with last year’s Fathers Day.  I told her it wasn’t really her that was the problem, but the confusion in my own head with what was going on.  The point, however, was to explain how if we were to do it in the context of our arrangement now it would have been totally sexy, and that is what I’m going for.  I’m not sure she totally understood, but I think she appreciated my telling her.

Well, that’s all for now.  She’s given me some chores that I need to get done!