Selfish and Lazy

I haven’t been posting very much these last few months, but I have been following other blogs and I’ve been commenting more lately.

There has been a conversation conducted through several blogs that I find very interesting.  The conversation started with the idea that the longer we blog the less we post about kinky things.  In my own experience I think I post less about kinky things because what was once kinky (being told to mop the floor, clean the toilet, etc.) become routine after a while.  Sure, when I first started doing it I couldn’t wait to blog about how I mopped the floor and had an erection the entire time thinking about how I was cleaning and my wife was relaxing.

This doesn’t mean I’m unhappy, just that it’s not really news any more.

Lady Grey has taken the conversation to the next level in her latest post and having thought about this for a while I’ve discovered something about myself.  I’m being very lazy.

I know some of the agreements made in our Arrangement are not being lived up to and my wife, being busy with her career and being a mother and a wife, is not enforcing the rules.  I recognize this and I’m OK with it… for now.

Lady Grey points out that the staleness that sets in is mostly the result of the wife being lazy and not changing things up or enforcing the rules.  This is true.  But I am VERY guilty of letting her do this.  Why?  Well, as I said, I’m being lazy.

If I were to point out to her that she is letting me get away with keeping a messier house than she is used to she might make me work harder.  Right now I don’t really want that.  So I’m being lazy AND selfish.  I admit it.

Frankly, hanging out at the pool with the kids is more important to me right now than making sure the house is spotless.  And with the kids out of school keeping the house clean with them in it is nearly impossible.  While I clean one room they are usually destroying another.  The first couple of weeks of summer break nearly gave me a breakdown.  That’s when I just accepted I couldn’t keep up with the work and embraced the laziness.

At some point my wife saw how much stress I was under and made some suggestions as to what might help.  Unfortunately the only thing that seemed to work was to just accept that I was beaten and to not stress out that the house is messy.  My wife told me that I needed to figure something out because that wasn’t really acceptable.  My reaction to this is to get her to the pool with us as often as possible, preferably with a margarita in her hand.  If she isn’t in the house she doesn’t have to see it’s messy.

Too soon the pool will be closed, but with that the children will be back in school.  Then my wife and I can have one of our chats about our arrangement and we can get back on track.

Until then I’m going to be lazy and selfish.  I’m going to enjoy playing computer games at night instead of mopping the kitchen floor.  I’m going to enjoy watching cartoons with the kids.  I’m going to enjoy hanging out with friends and family at the pool.  I’m going to enjoy my wife sending me to the bar to get her drinks in front of our friends.  I’m going to enjoy the chastity and orgasm control she has over me.  I’m going to enjoy the knowledge that I’ve only had seven orgasms this year.  I’m going to enjoy giving her countless orgasms whenever she wants….


There I go getting kinky again!

Yeah.  I’m just selfish and lazy.  But the summer is halfway over.