This may very well be my last post.

This may very well be my last post.  

I’ve considered deleting this blog for quite a while, but it’s my diary and I can’t quite do it..However, I’m clearly not going to be posting here anymore, save for the random thought, like today.

I feel like there should be some closure for this blog.  It’s gone unkempt for too many months… years…  So here is where we are.

My wife and I are very happy with each other.  We have many trials and tribulations as do any married couple, but at the end of the day we wouldn’t want anyone else to be with.  We don’t live by a credo of wife-led or femdom anymore, yet when my wife wants something and she is sitting she still asks me for it.  If she thinks there is something I should be doing or something I haven’t done she isn’t afraid to let me know.  

But there is a subtle difference between where we are now and where we were.

Before it was essentially an obligation on both our parts. We had made an arrangement and either of us could fail in our commitment.  

What we have found is that removing the Arrangement and just living with what makes us happy (an arrangement with no set rules) is much better for both of us.

There is one setting the Arrangement is still in place, however.  When it comes to the bedroom very little has changed.  If anything my wife has dominated there more than ever.  Maybe it just seems more dominant since we no longer have our Arrangement, but as far as I can tell it’s still all about her in the bed.

Last night I joined her in bed and as is the custom, brought her toys.  She started with the mini vibe (these stories all start the same) and had an orgasm or two.  

I was quite anxious, as the last time we were in this scenario she brought herself to many orgasms as I lay next to her and then informed me she was done.  Granted, she used my mouth for an orgasm or two, but she had not let me know that she wasn’t interested in my orgasm at all that night.  It was the first night of tease and or denial in a long time.

Back to last night… First she used her vibe, then she had me go down on her.  I, of course, was in heaven.  I could tell she had a few orgasms.  She then pulled out Big Purple.  Again I went down on her while she fucked her big cock.  I pulled back a bit to take a breath and she yelled, “NO!”, and pulled my head back.

When she had her fill she made it clear and I laid beside her.  I asked if I might have a chance and she smiled and let me.

I told her I nearly came after she pulled my head tight. I told her it wasn’t the first time I almost came while licking her.  She told me from now on it would be better if I just came while pleasuring her.  She also told me about how good it felt to fuck her Big Purple dildo and how good my tongue felt and how she loves to cum that way.

So, not long after entering her, as she played with my nipples and told me how good the dildo felt, I came and rolled off to her side.

“What’s wrong”, she asked me?

“Nothing!  I just came!”, I replied.

“Oh”, she tried to not laugh.

So that is where we are.  Partners in life and having fun in the bedroom.


If this blog disappears soon don’t be surprised.  I don’t see much reason for it anymore.


Thank you to all who have read and followed.  I’ll still be trolling the other blogs.  

Be happy everyone!